Sometimes I read a book, and I want some more time with the characters, but not necessarily a whole series. There are so many fictional worlds I want to discover, so many personalities to love, that if I get bogged down in a series sometimes I feel a little caged.

That’s why I love companion novels, or duologies — two’s company, after all. There’s something about two pieces that just fit together, like an old-school “Best Friends” heart necklace. Writing Ashes to Ashes and leaving it open-ended was exciting, and knowing that I’d complete Callie and Thatcher’s story with Dust to Dust helped me seek resolutions for all the characters and plan an ending that would satisfy.  

Here are three other duologies that I admire:

Time Between Us & Time After Time, by Tamara Ireland Stone.

Anna’s from 1995 Chicago and Bennett is a time-traveler from 2012 San Francisco — talk about communication issues. Watching them fall in love and try to stay together through time puts “long-distance” challenges in perspective.

Just One Day & Just One Year, by Gayle Forman.

This romantic duet will make you want to travel and lose your heart in an adventure far, far away.  

Jumping Off Swings & Living With Jackie Chan by Jo Knowles.

Hear from characters on both sides of an accidental pregnancy who deal with fallout of decisions made. Knowles paints a full, rich picture of lives interrupted, broken and made whole again.

What are your favorite duologies and companion novels?