A lot of people asked for this one (you all sinners), so I decided to took my time and made an animation. And that’s why it took me almost 3 week (so sorry for being late!)

I was going to colored it but photoshop is crashed on me tonight. So…maybe later…who knows. There are some obvious mistakes cause like…this is my 5th animation?but is a good practice and i actually enjoy doing them.

Kiss art challenge

(I’m not taking more requests, I’m just finishing the ones I’ve previously had)

hey alistair theirin is so important to me!!! he keeps going forward and he cares about the warden even if he’s going through such a hard time to the point he thinks his life is useless and he should have died! !! he tries to educate himself and keeps an open mind and he tries to be as kind of possible in a world that has never been kind to him !!! he’s so important and i love him

currently in the process of going through ALL MY HQs to remove my old idiotic url from them lol and basically every time i open one i just end up staring at Gerard’s HQ face for 10 mins until my vision gets blurry due to tears in my eyes bc how is he so beautiful????