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So in the Beauty and the Beast AU Dave and Karkat got a little tired of feeling like Rose and Kanaya weren’t listening to their amazing (terrible) advice on plot points so they decided to group together and write their own story about a guy who has to race against time

Dave starts thinking about how to write his Bro in there and it starts to get Too Real ™ when he starts comparing some of the shit he went through to the story so they have to take a break for a bit while Dave starts to come to terms with his past

So basically Karkat is actually one of the servants and Terezi is actually Prince Charming but Dave starts to realize that the Prince seems more interested in the Town Wench and parties aren’t really his thing anyways so he chills in the kitchen where he meets Rose and Karkat because Dave’s never been that good at following what the plot tells you to do anyways

[EDIT] Kanaya is the fairy god mother who falls in love with another servant because plot consistency means nothing (also mayor is basiically Jacques) 


ohhh look Scourge Sisters!! 

I’m trying to form my own headcanons on how I envision each troll - somehow Vriska and Terezi came easiest to me. They’re both fun for me to draw, honestly!!

Digital colors on traditional ink lines.