if you show too few “I like you” signals people don’t know you like them and if you show too many people think it’s Weird and you’re not allowed to just say “I like you a reasonable amount!” to people because that’s Weird too. You just have to guess what the right amount is and then try to guess if they’re picking it up. Who designed this.


SUPER CRAIG: Whoa wait, Wonder Tweek?


TWEEK: Ugh! Knock this hero bs off for a second!

CRAIG: Uh… Tweek? How did you break free?

TWEEK: That doesn’t matter right now.

MYSTERION: Why haven’t you untied the others?

TWEEK: Shut up SHUT UP I’m not TALKING to you right now!!!

TWEEK: C-Craig…

TWEEK: I… I want to tell you something.

TWEEK: And I’ve been wanting to tell you all day.

TWEEK: And… and I almost did, earlier, but then fucking CLYDE had to go and FUCK SHIT UP–


TWEEK: But… I’m not… I’m not really mad about that anymore.

TWEEK: Not after everything else that’s happened today.

CRAIG: Babe we already discussed this over text, remember?

CRAIG: Everything’s fine.

TWEEK: No, Craig, everything is not fine.

TWEEK: I’ve had a really, really bad day.

TWEEK: Everything has sucked ass.

CRAIG: …You didn’t have fun on our date?

TWEEK: N-No! I did!!!

TWEEK: But everything since then has gone to shit, and I can’t find myself feeling anything but… pent up anger!

TWEEK: I’m mad at everything stopping me from expressing how I feel!

TWEEK: I’m mad that today wasn’t perfect!

TWEEK: I’m mad that nothing went as planned!

CRAIG: Dude, what are you talking about?

TWEEK: I’m so, so so so sorry, Craig.

TWEEK: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

TWEEK: And I don’t know if you feel the same way as me or not.


TWEEK: But uh.


TWEEK: hh hh

TWEEK: Okay I’m sorry but I’ve wanted to do this like, all day, and I know this is probably the worst place in the world for this and it’ll probably suck I mean I’ve never even DONE this before and I’m sure you have oh god oH go D–




TWEEK: Oh, wow.


TWEEK: Oh my God I feel so much better!

TWEEK: That was so easy!

TWEEK: Why did I wait this long???

TWEEK: I can’t believe Cartman was actually right about something for once, holy cow!

MYSTERION: Alright buddy we’ve all had our first gay kiss.

MYSTERION: You’ve had your moment.

MYSTERION: Can you please untie us all now?

TWEEK: Hghhh!

TWEEK: I almost forgot, of course!

CRAIG:      .         , ,oh my god ,

WONDER TWEEK: [sniffle]


MOSQUITO: Man… this sucks… (h.heh..,.)

MOSQUITO: What are we gonna do…





MOSQUITO: Uh I mean like. We’re just playing super hero, you don’t need to cry about it…

WONDER TWEEK: This is about more than just stupid game at this point, man! [sniffle sniffle]

MOSQUITO: What are you talking about?

MOSQUITO: Is something bothering you that much?

WONDER TWEEK: I can’t even tell anymore!

WONDER TWEEK: I’m angry and sad and I’ve had my day ruined, I’ve probably scared Craig away from me, and now I have to sit here and watch him… talk to some other guy on a huge fucking screen while I’m tied up, helplessly! 

WONDER TWEEK: Why do I care?!

WONDER TWEEK: Even though I was mad it was almost still fun to have to go find where Craig was kidnapped!

WONDER TWEEK: At least I felt like I could still do something!!!

WONDER TWEEK: [sniffle] But I just want things to stop making me so sad and angry…!! hhHHHhhHhgHH!!!

MOSQUITO: Aw, dude…

MOSQUITO: It’s gonna be okay.

MOSQUITO: I’m sorry about everything I did, honest.

MOSQUITO: Everything I did was really stupid and you didn’t deserve it.

MOSQUITO: It sounded like you were having a good day up until I fucked it all up…

WONDER TWEEK: No… W-well, I mean…

WONDER TWEEK: Yeah, you did…

WONDER TWEEK: But I’m not even mad at you anymore…

WONDER TWEEK: I just wanted to be mad at something…

WONDER TWEEK: I know you didn’t mean anything bad by it…

WONDER TWEEK: I know you’re just really fucking stupid.

MOSQUITO: Thanks for understanding.

WONDER TWEEK: I just… just…


WONDER TWEEK: D-dude, are you touching my arm? 


MOSQUITO: I’m keeping adequate bro distance, I promise bro.

WONDER TWEEK: You’re touching my gloves, stop doing that.

MOSQUITO: I’m not touching you, my hands are tied too!

WONDER TWEEK: Then what’s–




WONDER TWEEK: What the hell are you talking about?!


MOSQUITO: She’s being a naughty little bitch!

WONDER TWEEK: Just tell me what’s ACTUALLY happening, hHHH!

MOSQUITO: She’s chewing through your ropes!



MOSQUITO: Oh man maybe now I can get off my precious little booty, it’s getting so numb–


WONDER TWEEK: I gotta go get Craig first.



MOSQUITO: Oh wait.

MOSQUITO: ……………………………….. ;^)

MOSQUITO: I get you.


MOSQUITO: I get what you’re gonna do ;^) ;^) ;^) ;;;;;;^)

WONDER TWEEK: Stop winking.

WONDER TWEEK: I’m. I’m not gonna–

MOSQUITO: No, no it’s okay, we can wait a couple minutes.

MOSQUITO: Go save your smexy little hubby ;^).

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Mosquito, I don’t like what you just said, and I don’t want you to say that again forever.


WONDER TWEEK: I’m gonna go save Craig.


PROF. CHAOS: I kinda expected a lil more fight outta you fellers, but since y’all asked so nicely…

PROF. CHAOS: Me and General Disarray here are the brains of this operation.

PROF. CHAOS: Or, actually no everybody here’s pretty smart actually, but uh…

PROF. CHAOS: We’re the head of the group.

GEN. DISARRAY: That makes us the most evil!

PROF. CHAOS: The name of our chaotic reign has spread across the world already, so I’m sure you already know all about us.

PROF. CHAOS: But since we’ve got some fresh blood in the group, I’ll let them introduce themselves to you!

FASHIONISTA: Normally I’d wear gloves, but a certain little somebody painted my nails earlier today!

FASHIONISTA: Speaking of which…

FASHIONISTA: Just between you and me, my charm works extra well on stinky little bugs ;)~

DOOMSDAY: doomsday made a no-no

HONEY-BEE: I got my costume idea from Bumblebee!

HONEY-BEE: Y’know, like from Teen Titans?

HONEY-BEE: I was thinking about how Tok– I mean Tupperware’s outfit was kinda like Cyborg, and I thought it’d be really cool if I took some inspiration from the show, too!

HEARTBREAKER: This is really fun!

HEARTBREAKER: I didn’t really wanna be evil at first, but I’m making a whole lot of new friends!

HEARTBREAKER: I hope my guardian angel isn’t too mad at me for this…!

PEDAGOGUE: You know, ignorance is the greatest enemy of all.

PEDAGOGUE: I consider myself more of an educator than a villain, if I’m being quite honest.

PEDAGOGUE: After all, I did attend Yardale, and I had a 4.0 grade average.

THE MOLE: Ze pitiful little super heroes fight alongside God, and zat? 

THE MOLE: I cannot stand for.

PETE: We just like being oppositional.

HENRIETTA: But we’re not dressing up in douchey little Party City outfits like the rest of you.


TICKER: I keep my bombs in my scarf, so for the love SHIT– FUCK– d-don’t light me on fire!

DREADED TRICIA: [flips you off]

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: It is I, Damien! Prince of Darkness!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: All mortals kneel before the feet of the son of Satan!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Unlike all the rest of you puny H.O.E’s, I have real powers!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Such as a fire attack, that inflicts burn for two turns! Hahaha!

PROF. CHAOS: Since you all are so enthusiastic about this blog’s new owner, why don’t you send in some questions for all us here at the H.O.E. headquarters?

PROF. CHAOS: You might as well before your precious Mosquito and all his other little super friends meet their demise!


PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Do you mean that incessant little blonde boy?

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: If you are asking why he is not here, it is because he is dead!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Dead, and gone forever! Hahaha!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: …I do still talk to him, however!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Born in a world too cruel for his kind, he was bound to meet his demise!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Too kind, ignorant, and gentle-natured, he surely went to heaven when his time was due.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: He was the only kid at school that didn’t make fun of me!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: He’s a stupid little twerp with girly hair, and he always smelled a little too fruity for my demonic nose…

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Knowing of his fate, however, I still found it in my blackened heart to save him from salvation!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: So I pulled a few strings before his death.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: The first string…

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Was pulling him down into the depths of Hell.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: The second string…

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: I could not just keep him as is, lest he succumb to eternal hellfire and torture!

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: It’s easy to watch somebody from afar, set in a perpetual state of misery and sorrow.


PRINCE OF DARKNESS: I wanted to see his agony up close and personal.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Thankfully, fallen angels are treated just a little differently in Hell, as opposed to the wicked and damned…

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: And lastly; The third, most important string…

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: Perhaps the easiest string to pull of them all.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS: I made him my friend.