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I have a question about the mermaid au, why do the (from what ive figured out sorry if this is wrong) witches (so far yuri and phichit) have bumps (what are they called?) on their noses? Im just curious and I like it trust me!! (Sorry xD) I just wanted to know, thank you for your time!! \(⌒▽⌒)/ ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ and thank you for existing!

No worries! Those aren’t actual bumps, it’s my weird way of trying to get across that Yuuri and Phichit have round/soft noses. (Does that make sense? Does my style make sense? Who knows!!!)

Prisoner - J-Hope Smut

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Hobi x You

Smut based off the song Prisoner by The Weeknd.

His hand lingered on mine for a while as he stared deep into my eyes. Pupils relaxed, hands soft, and lips parted. He was staring deep into my soul and tearing out everything I ever was. I could have died in that moment and I would have been happy. His beautiful expression and the burning passion in his eyes forever sketched in memory. I grasped at my heart nearly ripping my cotton shirt as I thought about him while lying in my bed. Jung Hoseok was becoming a problem, meeting up every now and then for casual sex started to feel not so casual. Selfish we were, eating each other up in lust for our own benefits. But there was something more for me. I hated to admit it and there was no way I could tell him because he probably does not feel the same after all.

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