SWRV on the Streets. #TheTeam Holiday Edition [1 of 3]

What are all of your names?

1. (B)randon (Z)achariah (J)ohnson: BZJ, BZ.

Where are you from?

2. From Cheltenham, PA . CHEA!

3.What are you best known for in the streets?

A CREATOR, hype dude with a creative mind who dosen’t really care about nothing but his family, friends, movements, and enjoying life. Anything else you wana know just gotta ask the streets about BZ oh and put a beat on when I’m a little drunk and it a rap. We as black people all freestyle and at parties or just chillen wit my people I like to go in. And I can’t forget my blog MIND OF COOL RUMORS

4.What 3 things do you want for Xmas?

Shit! What I “want” for Christmas, it’s more like need. I need a Mac laptop, iPad, and 3 thousand bucks.

5.What are your top 5 memories from 2010?

+ Losing this race to my homie chris to see who could get the most girls.

+ Merging with my sneaker boutique, Orange Line, team.

+ Merging with my SWRV team.

+ People stealing my ideas and making it seem like they created them.

+ Creating the Jean Jacket Creations.

6. Why do you create?

The idea To make something come to life from little pieces I cherish and have interest in is dope to me. Creating is something I have no control over it pops up in my brain and I make it come true. The idea of creating and coming out with dope creations is Crazy ill!

7. What is one of your favorite pieces of art experienced this year?

One of my best art experiences I’ve seen was the music video with Dexpistols/ NEW JACK HOUSE ft John E - ( RADIO EDIT). The video came out in early June and I posted  it on my blog then , in my opinion by far one of the best music videos I have seen.

8. Give the world some dope life advice from your TV.

Anything you can do can have serious repercussions on future events. - Doc / Back To The Future.

Shoutouts to:

First I have to give a big Shoutout to my two Homies,mentors, partners Jamerson and Suzi #SWRV. The guidance and support is love. my Orangeline team, My tumblr family Really-dope, MuseumEsque, and PUSH THE MOVEMENT.My Staycool family and myself.

Photo © Uzi