Bryan's Terms of Agreement for dorm rooming

1) we wont be hanging out often at all

2) try not to stay in room too often

3) keep ur stuff sanitized and somewhat organized

4) u bring a guitar or uke cuz we’ll be jamming

5) u bring at least 2 good gamecube controllers ill bring other 2

6) no sex unless with me

7) no alcohol in our room no smoking

9) dont whip out ur dong unless permitted

10) more to come


4/26 - Davis Noodle City

Ran Aggie Stride 5K with Fil. Saw my ECS 122A TA and bzhao. Actually saw quite a few other people but didn’t say hi. At the end of the race, this white girl with a headband running next to me was like “Come on, just half a mile left, you can do it” I was too tired to respond. I almost threw up hell yeah. It’s good to feel the physical pain again, brings back cross country memories. I didn’t get nervous before the race like I always do, but then again I didn’t even know the race was about to start. Having the marching band blasting at the end makes it pretty epic to finish like you’re in a movie or something. Ke couldn’t make it so I wore his bib under mine and somehow I beat him by 2 milliseconds LOL. 

Then Fil drove us to downtown to Hometown to get pork rice bowl, we walk there and the owner, who looks like Ms. Ju, walks out. 

“Are you guys open?” 

“Nooo,  we’re always closed on Sunday, you can go to Dumpling House across the street, it won’t be as good haha but if you want oriental.” 

Fil did some small talk and then we went over and Dumpling House was closed so we went to Davis Noodle City. 

I got 22:14 which is an improvement of last year, 23:15, which is weird since I actually trained last year, but then again last year the weather was way hotter. 

Overall: 147 of 2408
Male 19 to 29: 102 of 209
All Male: 125 of 258

idk what All Male means though, because it’s def not all the males that particpated.