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Why are they apologizing to Suho?

  • He trained the longest (7 years).
  • He’s the leader.
  • He has to speak as a representative for the whole group. 

SM has been using Suho as middle man lately. During the Kris scandal everything seemed to be on Suho’s shoulders.  He had to make the first statement, he had to step up and face the public alone on behalf of the members and he apologised to the fans countless times. Now with Baekhyun’s dating scandal following just a month later fans feel sorry bc Suho is under pressure from the company yet again to show a good image. He’s trying to keep his members positive with all the hate that’s coming their way, he’s trying to keep the company that put him as the leader content and he’s trying to keep the fans happy. Fans are both apologetic bc he doesn’t deserve this much difficulty just 2 years into his career and grateful bc he is a genuine person.


“Today, Taeyeon was looking for someone at the airport who could speak Korean, and I must have looked Korean to her and she asked me to pass on a message. That she was so sorry to her fans… she kept telling me that she was sorry and sorry* and to pass it on. I thought I should pass it on exactly as I heard to everyone so I am writing this. #SONE

*She uses two different forms of the word "sorry”. The second is more respectful than the other, which kinda hits both people younger than her and older than her.

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A Pretentious Prick Prodding at: The Validity of Byuntae
  1. The SMTOWN world tour is just around the corner. SM could be wanting to build up hype.
  2. Baekhyun is a known SNSD fanboy. This just fits too perfectly with fanfictions and whatnot.
  3. Another SNSD member dating? Does anyone else find it weird that there’s this onslaught of SNSD dating rumors? And JUST SNSD. Tbh I think SM wants more publicity for SNSD because they’re their prized girl group, and they’ve already done enough for EXO.
  4. SM knows EXO fans would go ape shit. Like sure, we have the, “Oh, I’m so happy for them!” comments from international fans. But I highly doubt sasaengs would be happy about this, and SM/EXO would get so much shit for this from them.
  5. JYJ’s comeback is soon. I repeat, JYJ’S COMEBACK IS SOON. SM probably wants to draw attention away from it because, let’s be real, has SM ever let JYJ off the hook?
  6. Kris’ lawsuit. To the extent of my knowledge, I don’t think SM has said much about his lawsuit other than that they’re puzzled and trying to figure things out. They could be trying to cover up that situation, including the fact that Kris is working with a Chinese director, with this.
  7. Aren’t paparazzi supposed to get grainy shots? Not the pictures from the car, the ones pointing out Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s matching items. It’s just so obvious, it’s like they wanted us to spot it.. Now, maybe the two are actually dating and wanted SM to hurry and release an official statement, but SM could also have told them to do it because they control almost all their movements. More on that speculation in the next point.
  8. Eyes. In one of the shots from the two of them in the car, Taeyeon’s eyes seem to be focused directly at the camera. So why would the two of them be so elaborate about this if they knew that the camera was there? Going back to #7, maybe they wanted us to know. Or it could be SM.
  9. “Confirmation”… or nah. SM’s confirmation was very quick, almost too quick. They released a statement a few hours after the rumors started swirling,  whereas (going back to #6) they’ve been beating around the bush for Kris’ lawsuit.

Yes, these are all speculations. And yes, I admit this is a negative reaction. But I don’t hate/dislike either Baekhyun or Taeyeon. In fact, rather than bitterness or hate, I feel uneasy. A lot of you on here are making jokes or congratulating them, but Korean fans (namely sasaengs) rarely operate that way.

If this turns out to be true as in the two of them have genuine feelings for each other and are a real couple that developed over time on their own, that’s great. But this was almost too well done. With everything that’s happening, this is the perfect time to release a dating rumor. And if it’s a media stunt, I don’t like it at all because that means SM takes us all to be gullible and also don’t mind endangering (seriously. This isn’t even an exaggeration.) their artists.

(By the by, if you don’t know yet, the pretentious prick is me LOL)

I find it hilarious how some people are honestly trying to analyze the situation and find reasons why it couldn’t be true that Taeyeon and Baekhyun are dating.

I’ve been a BaekYeon shipper for a long time and honestly this is one of the ships that I actually believed could really happen, not one that I made myself believe could happen.

Baekhyun has never really straight up admitted to crushing on Taeyeon but the way he stared at her made it super obvious! Taeyeon wasn’t as super obvious as Baekhyun but she still showed that she was interested in him.

In 2014, it became super obvious, at least to BaekYeon shippers, that these two were close.

Say what you want, fact is Baekhyun and Taeyeon are together now.

Personally I’m glad Baekhyun found himself a nice, beautiful girl who has class. Taeyeon is a nice girl and she doesn’t deserve any hate that she’s getting. I’m an EXO fan and I know that some people in our fandom can be crazy but seriously imagine if you were happily dating and all of a sudden started getting hated on for having a boyfriend when really it should be nobody’s business.

As for Baekhyun, he may be a total idiot sometimes and he may seem like an immature child to some people but if he loves something or someone I don’t think he’d let mean comments effect the ways he feels about it.

Anyways, my point is that you don’t have to like Baekhyun and Taeyeon together and you don’t even have to support them, that doesn’t make you a bad fan. What makes a person a bad fan is attacking and hurting a person who your idol loves.

If you’re attacking Taeyeon for dating Baekhyun (or vice versa) that makes you a bad fan because it doesn’t only hurt her, it hurts Baekhyun that someone he loves has to go through that.