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I’ve got a thing for models, 2015

saucy namjas divided per agency ^^


-Shon Minho, beside being super hot, his smile is freaking adorable ♥

-Nam Yoon Soo, ‘97 liner, the youngest in this agency, cute and fluffy model

-Jung Dohyun, new model of the angency, he’s super cool isn’t he?

YGK+, in the past kplus, but they have a partnership with YG since 2014

-Byun Woo Seok, super damn hot with killer smile

-Choo Sung Hoon, aka Sarang daddy

-Jang Ki Yong, I know this face 2k15, aka third wheel in We broke up

-Nam Joo Hyuk, to me he resembles Baro… just sayin’ d (^‿^✿)

-Park Hyeong Seop, proud baby Dumbo ♥

Model turned actors aka ‘I dunno what agency they belongs to but they deserve to be on this list’ (☞゚∀゚)☞

-Bang Sung Joon, don’t worry, I haven’t forget about you sir

-Kim Young Kwang, sweet gummy smile

-Song Jae Rim, faboulous

-Lee Soo Hyuk, extremely hot *I dunno… what more can I say* 

-Lee Hyeon Jae, purrfect drummer in Shut up flower boyband *one of the reasons to watch that drama lol*

-Lee Jae Joon, JOONJAE~ ヽ(´∇´)ノ (∇´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ


Bye for now  ˵ ⊚ ◡ ⊚ ˵ 

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These two are friggin’ adorbs together in this show!! 

'Rigged awards'

I love both groups but right now it’s sad to see both exo-ls and armies being immature , the netizen voting wasn’t rigged EXO won because their fans voted and BTS won best album because they produced and wrote a lot of fucking amazing lyrics and songs not because of sales. I understand its upsetting when you see your faves work hard and they don’t win but there is no need to get so nasty to each other, there is no problem between BTS and EXO but some fans are trying to make one, Suho even mentioned BTS when giving his speech. Follow their lead and be respectful at least please no drama. When I saw some fans (not saying this was just exo fans) turn off their light sticks during BTS performance I was disgusted with the childish way people were acting. I hate seeing the fans of two groups that mean so much to me fight I feel like no matter who I defend the other fandom will be mad. This drama is unnecessary we should just take the loss/win maturely and try and spread positivity I don’t think either groups would want this fighting and anger between everyone. Hopefully one day we can all try to support each other or at least be respectful to other groups and fans. Congratulations to EXO and BTS and all the other hardworking groups and artists who won 😊

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I fucking finished that Satans crated scarlet heart Kdrama and I’m not even kidding like I have NEVER cried so much, I swear I was literally sobbing throughout the whole episode.
I fucking hate that drama I’m soaking in tears and snort and my heart hurts and I hate everything but at the same time I want to live my life to the fullest bc ‘life is fleeting, it is all short and in vain’ or whatever that quote is.

If an idol has acne, Oh well!
If an idol his not super skinny, Oh well!
If an idol has short hair, Oh well!
If an idol has long hair, Oh well!
If an idol has tan skin, Oh well!
If an idol leaves a group, Oh well!
If an idol has dyed hair, Oh well!
If an idol starts dating, OH WELL!
If an idol breaks down, Oh well!

Stop acting like they are some all perfect gods! They have flaws and things that don’t fit your standards and that’s okay! It’s what makes them human; people like me and you. Give them the respect you’d wish for yourself or the people you love. They need the treatment people should get but not treatment gods would get. If we continue to put them on these high places we are doing more damage than helping.

Pleas remember they are people!