B28 WANTS TO CAST YOU (this weekend)! #castings #DC

B28 wants YOU to be in a webcast!

A Washington, DC area publication is beginning a sweet new series on GIVING BACK.

To help, B28 is looking for a few good volunteers in the Washington, DC area to donate their time and energy to the cause of webcasting.

The 3-minute web spoof is called “Give More You.”

We’re looking to cast the positions you see below this Sunday, January 15th.

Give More You” is a 3-minute webcast about 2 would-be volunteers that want to give back to Generic Cause, but only find trendy, less personal ways to be of service.

Male / 18-30 Years / African American
HOWARD is an extremely tech savvy IT professional. Enjoys using this knowledge to create solutions for disaster relief efforts.

Female / 18-30 Years / African American
VICTORIA is very personal. Enjoys working with people, delivering goods and services directly

Either Gender / Any Years / Any Ethnicity
ORGANIZER is very committed to Generic Cause. They, however, would not risk the safety of volunteers to go on-site with affected populations.

Either Gender / Any Years / Any Ethnicity
3 TEXTER/FACEBOOKER/TWITTERers who are mindlessly updating via these means about Generic Cause.

Either Gender / Any Years / Any Ethnicity
1-2 EXTRA VOLUNTEERS to mist, towel, offer refreshments to the social media volunteers.

If interested, please e-mail with your name, contact information, location and briefly express your interest in participating OR fill out the form below. 

Thanks in advance! I’m way too excited to work with you!

#WWED: 5 Screenplay Contests to Watch + 5 Screenwriter Resources to Check Often, #B28WriterWednesdays

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You’ve been writing, and writing, and writing…

Now it’s time to earn some benefits for all that labor!

Here are 5 screenplay competitions B28 has its eye on and 5 more resources that you should visit often for the newest opps in screenplay duels nationwide.

1. Canadian Short Screenplay Competition
final deadline: 12/31
late deadline: 1/31
fee: $55; $75
award: $1500 + purchase agreement

 2. The Movie Poet
final deadline: 1/31
fee: free!
award: writer feedback; web promotion

3. L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival + Movie Magic Screenwriter Screenplay competition
final deadline: 1/10
fee: $75 (80-130 pg screenplay or half-hour pilot)
award: $2500 + VIP passes to L.A. Comedy FF + Mosaic Media Group mtg + 10 free script pitches

4. CineStory Screenwriting Awards contest
Regular deadline: 1/15
Fee: $55
Award: $5000 + 12 month fellowship + CineStory Writers’ Retreat

5. 2012 Page International Screenwriting Awards
Early entry: 1/15
Fee: $39
Award: $25,000 + promo svcs

More Competitive Greatness

under construction.

In the eminent words of Dr. Frankenstein: “SHE’S ALIVE!!!”

Ok, not exactly Mary Shelley’s words, but we are indeed closing in on the revival of bytwenty8, replete with all the wonderment suggested in the subtitles.

Stay tuned for the relaunch. Until then, keep posted for updates on pending madness via @bytwenty8 over on yer Twitter.