The Academic Commoner #1

…a weekly summer dispatch

Hi! My name is Alexandra Nicome, I am a Senior Art History major and student worker in the Reference Department. I work at the “Research Help Desk” during the school year and have joined the staff for this summer. I’ll be posting weekly until the beginning of Fall Semester about the quirks of a reference student’s work.

The Reference Department is a wonderful place to work because we interact equally with books and patrons. This summer, I’ve truly enjoyed sifting through sources and searching for books with students, visitors, and members of the community. However, as the quiet person that I am, sometimes I need a good silent moment with the library books. With a balance of curiosity and introversion, I’ve cultivated a love for the “New Books.” The Reference Department features incoming titles in Azariah’s Cafe: the “New Books” section can be found atop the divider and inside the western bookshelves. The library brings current and compelling reads into the collection, and I always look forward to exploring what’s new in scholarship and literature.

Many books arrive with well designed book covers–when we send the titles into the main stacks, the jackets are removed. If you’re interested in good design, come look through our collection during orientation week and take a book jacket home with you!