So today I met Gulliermo del Toro today and my friend Alex recently drew Gulliermo as Totoro so of course I got a picture of him with the picture and I just can’t even right now.

This mother fucker asked me if I had watched Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D and I said yeah then he says was it fucking worth it and I was like it was so fucking worth it and he was like I fucking know. So yeah. From the man who made the movie, watch it in fucking IMAX 3D if you can!!!


Dream: ” I know you, your name is Lillian.”

LT: ” You are correct, your majesty. Though in your current form I am not sure if I should say ’ Nice to meet you’ or ‘good to see you again.’”

Dream: ” Both it would seem.”

LT: “May I offer you some tea?”

Dream: ” Yes, thank you.”

You can not tell me that Dream would not have regular meetings with LT, I mean she is like his most loyal subject!

Lillian/ LT belongs to the fabulous Chloe ( her fabulous comic.)

Dream belongs to Neil Gaiman.

I own nothing but the scribbles.

I’m including the WIP, for the lols.