Okay so first off ignore the really shitty banner, and second, Thalia and I would like to present our Tumblr Award Winners !!

Best URL:

  • themarkofathena
  • ghostlynico

Best Theme

  • qhostking
  • leozhang

Best Edits:

  • praetorofnewrome
  • themarkofademigod

Best Overall:

  • castellanpride
  • demigd

Thalia’s Favorite:

  • bytheangelo

Ammie’s Favorite:

  • leovaldaez

Congratulations to the winners and here are your prizes:

  • URL graphics
  • promos whenever you want for a month
  • a spot on our blogs (best overall and our favs)
  • follow back from both of us if not already
  • cream puffs
  • friendship (u have to be friends w/ us sorry u dont have a choice)

Hello demigods, here we are, Thalia and Amanda, to inform you that we already choose the ten members of demigodstrust (check the post here). If anyone still have doubts about what this network/blog is here is a little text to explain:

Demigodstrust is a blog, like yours like mine, but with a few differences, one you aren’t the only one in the blog, we are a team, we cooperate to make the blog what he is, a 100% percy jackson of blog full of posts, edits, news, headcanons etc etc. Every member has to post/reblog at least sometimes in the week. We also will have a group, to decide stuff, ask for promos, ask for help, talking etc etc.

Here are the chosen ones:

If you’re chosen (first congrats wow, it was really hard to chose only ten out of 122) please wait for us to contact you, we’ll send you a message so you can join the blog, your fanmail must be open so i can message you, and here are your prizes:

  • a spot in demigodstrust

  • friends

  • glory

  • nothing else haha 

art by burdge