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So now that Windblade’s been out for a few days, I kinda wanted to share my favorite panel in the whole comic. I had a TON of fun with this whole scene, picking out different types of drinks and glasses for the bots. I delight in things like this so THANK YOU Mairghread for letting me draw drunk bots. 

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Liam's PR. Now he's saying that Zayn's music is his favorite of all the boys' solo efforts. Mending fences? But his promo is truly the kitchen sink approach. So different than Harry who was almost dull in his repetitiveness by the end, but he certainly stuck by a script. Liam, on the other hand...

Liam, on the other hand, is talking about tea bagging ( I WON’T LET THIS GO UNTIL I GET SOUND BYTES GIVE ME THIS ONE THING)

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for your voltron requests could you draw lance braiding alluras hair?

I hope this is okay Anon, I took a few liberties. But when I saw hair braiding my brain immediately went “DE-AGEING DE-AGEING!!”

I imagine Lance would get put in charge of taking care of Allura (since he’s the best with kids) while the rest of the team figures out a way to reverse the change. That’s Pidge’s t-shirt btw. It says BYTE ME. hur hur. 

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*hands colin a book of computer puns* here you are! And also, have some bonus puns! -If a dog was computer literate, would his bark be worse than his byte? -Is it just me or does anybody else find pressing F5 refreshing?

Colin: HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh boy! I’m going to have fun reading these! Thank you so much!



Colin: Why was the computer cold?

Tony: ……….


Tony: oooohh MMYYYYY GOOOOOOD!!! 

People writing articles about how Moriarty set this crazy thing up for Sherlock after his death, like…did you even watch the show?  This had nothing to do with Moriarty’s plans.  He didn’t set shit up.  Eurus invited him to Mindfuck Palace and said “here make some reaction gifs and sound bytes for me so i can fuck with my bro in like five years” (why wait five years??????) and because she can control minds and idk possess people apparently he did what she wanted. Like…he had literally nothing to do with anything that happened in this godforsaken episode.  Moriarty’s presence was absolutely unnecessary.


Finished Commission for a Youtube Channel!! 

Thank you so much Fried Bytes for commissioning me!! You girls are super cute and funny and I’m glad I could contribute to your channel!

Anyone looking for a fun new gaming channel should def check them out!! I’ve been binging on their videos for a few nights lmao–> FRIED BYTES