I wanted to draw out the Insanimice OCs that are currently made since we got out newest member: Bryus! (the little panicking boy on the bottom.) each of these lovlies are so cute! and I can’t wait for more of them to to come out!. 

If you don’t know who these buddies are, or where they come from, well they are from the story called Control Freak.

Nadia (far right) and Control freak by: Superphatpsychosis

Rilds (top) by: Superflymiceguy

Byrus (left) by: Captainspartan

Wyrm (center) by: VirusofHope

Time for me to make an OSR Fanfic directory for those in need of new fanfic to read

 Since I already updated Lost on Nourasia, it seems like apt time to check out some new fanfic for my OSR buds:

  • Lost on Nourasia: written by your’s truely and updated now. Molly gets sent to Nourasia by forces that seem to be beyond her power and tossed into a struggle of mythology and power.
  • Second Chance: Ongoing; Eva is given a second chance to save her mother and change the events of OSR.
  • Love at the Great Race: Finished; What if Canaan did not call Aikka back at that one scene under the tree?
  • Love on Earth: Sequel to LatGR; Molly starts training with her newfound powers and finding her knights and her people.
  • War for Byrus: Finished; Molly and Aikka are about to be wed, but a war breaks out on Byrus, and Aikka is forced to go there to stop the Crogs.
  • Calling for Help: Sequel; after finding out about Molly, Aikka goes to Oban to seek help from Jordan.
  • The Elysian Chronicles: Nature’s Way: Those Left Behind: Enemies and Allies: Loyalty: Legacy:  The first OSR fanfic I fell in love with and it’s a really awesome series to check out. A must for every OSR fan.
  • And Only Space Stood Between Them: A brand new Mokka centric fic.
  • Magic of the Star Maiden: OSR AU where Eva spends time on Nourasia before she goes to Oban. There’s a dragon in there too.
  • Aftermath of Oban: After the events of Oban, Eva must deal with the consequences of the race of Oban and dealing with her feelings for the Prince.
  • Guardian Legends: The galaxy deals with a new threat that may destroy it unless someone takes on the mantle of a new power that may or may not stop them.
  • Spanner in the Works: An AU where Rick goes to Oban with Eva, after he realizes that she’s still in trouble.
  • Just like Your Mother: This is really cute, just read it.

So that’s all of the one’s I’m going to share today, so go on and read them, bookmark them for later, because these are must reads.