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Wren’s final twist: He is going to kill Ezra | Theory

It’s a long post with theories/proofs of why Wren is in the A Team. If you only want to read the Ezra’s death part, go after 6th point.

Theory video:

1. Marlene said that Wren will be part of the final twist of the show, so he’ll be related to AD’s plot or Charlotte’s murderer. Obviously he’s not AD but knows him/her & helps.
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2. Wren has always been part of the A Team. He knew Charlotte very well and he was the one who let Charlotte escape Radley to play the game outside being Cece. He worked there so he knew her real name wasn’t Cece. 

3. The famous drawing of that family with a woman in a red coat. He didn’t drew it, my bet is on Bethany. Also, the farm concept is important in the series: Andrew’s family farm, the stables where Jessica went with Bethany, Mellisa went there too…

4. My bet is he’s the son of Byron’s brother, Scott Montgomery. Byron mentioned his brother had mental problems and Wren mentioned his father also had them. I don’t think he’s Mary’s son because the plot of two family-related person having a relationship again…… His mother is british and he lived with her until he went to Rosewood to work in Radley so he could be with his dad. All of that before Alison’s dissapparence. While working there, he met Charlotte and they became closer and closer until being best friends or lovers. He also met Bethany and Mona. 

5. Wren helped Mona and Charlotte with the game (no, Charlotte never stole the game, Mona shared it and helped her). Wren was a big help since he could go outside everyday/anytime. Wren became closer to Melissa at the beggining of the series so he could knew everything about the girls. Making Spencer fall in love with him was part of the game. In season 4, Spencer was with Toby so he used Hanna. Wren’s in the A Team because he want to know who killed Charlotte and teamed up with AD.

6. In 4x10 ‘The Mirror Has Three Faces’, Hanna meets with Wren because she wants him to help her get into Radley to talk with Cece. Wren doesn’t want her to do it and says he’ll try. She leaves and someone calls him. That person is not A (Charlotte), it’s AD! (I’m doing a theory about his identity. Yes, HIS). AD has to take care of Hanna and the girls being near Radley/Cece and Wren has to do the same but INSIDE Radley.


In 7x15 we see Spencer introducing Wren to Ezra because she thinks they’ve never met before and I think she’s right. They didn’t met before, in person. But you could tell by Ezra’s face that he knew him. And Wren knew him too.

Actually, in Ezra’s lair (in Ravenswood) there’s a picture of Wren (and Spencer?) with a note that says “Wren in Radley”. Ezra knew him and investigated him.

And since he investigated him, he knows that Wren being there isn’t good news. That’s why he doesn’t go to Nicole’s, because he wants to know what’s Wren doing in Rosewood.

Wren also knows that Ezra suspects something and he’ll be watching his movements.

Ezra will find something big and important about Wren, he’ll find Wren’s in the A Team, that he was closer to Charlotte and he wants revenge. And Wren will knew Ezra found out everything so he’ll appear after Ezria’s wedding and will kill Ezra.

In 7B promo, we can see a person with shaved head with a gun. And we see Aria opening a door. 

In both pictures you can see that the doors have the same pattern and frame. 
Wren will kill Ezra before or after he tells everything. And why I know he’ll die?

If you zoom this picture and focus on Aria’s hands, you can see a ring in the marriage finger. Also, they’re on a cemetery.

That’s the same scene. Alisons’ wearing the black blazer. You can also see some graves behind her. And in the picture of the five girls, the way the girls look at Aria…This has “Ezra’s death” vibes everywhere.

And finally….

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ with a black rose….That means one of the liars will have death around her. That liar is Aria.


Another proof? The blood. 

What do you think about it?


Fashion design in the early 19th century is called ‘Regency style’ - named from Britain’s George Prince Regent who ran the country when his father, King George III became mentally ill and unable to perform his duties. The detested and debauched Prince Regent became king in 1830.

Ladies’ clothing styles of the early 1800’s are characterized by the Empire waist dress and classical Greek lines; the styles worn by characters in Jane Austen novels.

Included in the Regency period is the Romantic era, influenced by a new romantic sensibility typified by writers like Lord Byron and Sir Walter Scott.

I love old literature, because it’s almost guaranteed they’ll be great - otherwise they would’ve died with their authors.

(Granted everyone has their taste - I won’t like every classic work, but still)

Things I Hated about Alien Covenant || HUGE SPOILERS ||

• Not an actual Prometheus follow up. More like “Prometh-uh, shit nvrmd, Alien: The Bold & The Beautiful it is”. So many questions ignored or lazily tied up.

• Michael Fassbender steals the show. Again. But why maybe…? I mean, did no one making/writing this movie think maybe other members of the crew should be a little more fleshed out? No one? Just me? Ok cool.

• Gay rapey David 8 confirmed. Calm down, tumblr. I know Fassy-on-Fassy action gets you all hot and bothered but I didn’t see/hear any consent going on. Plus, incest (self-cest) is yuk. #notafan #yesiamkinkshaming

• Also, this movie made me hate Michael Fassbender. What is the opposite of thank you? #daddyno #imcrying

• Shaw deserved better. WAY better. Disappointed that the studio apparently wimped out on giving her story a proper go. Amazing opportunity/story wasted so we could watch Michael blow on Michael’s flute. Awesome.

• TOO MUCH DAMN BLOOD. Ruined the classic eerie H.R.Giger aesthetic.

• “You know what I like to do right after helping my friends escape a planet harboring an evil alien that murdered almost the entire crew and threatened the safety of our +2000 colonists? Shower sex!”

• The Science vs. Faith theme was never explored outside of a few of Oram’s clunky, cartoonish throw away references. This was a big part of Prometheus and it was sad to see it basically swept under the rug for no reason. I suspect heavy edits.

• Went a little too hard with the “everyone is dumb and makes bad decisions” trope. Ripley was at least one voice of calm and reason in the originals. No one in this crew is a true skeptic however and all the “ooh, lets get closer to that horrifying thing! Yes David, I totally trust you 100%!” stuff just came off as cheap and annoying.

• Daniels was just okay. I love the actress but her character was basically a prop in this Fassbender-fest. Hopefully better things await in the next installment for her?

• “The Engineers? Oh THOSE Engineers! …Yeah…we kinda sorta killed them all. It’s whatever though. No one will miss them.”

• They forgot the time-honored formula: Suspense > Gore. What few good scenes of suspense they did have were undermined by David’s monster hard-on and pseudo-philosophizing. Talk less, breathe and quiet panic more.

• Walter is too pure, too good for this universe. Petition to make him the Jesus to David’s Satan so he can be resurrected and he and Daniels can build that log cabin like they were always meant to.

• DAVID FRANK-F*CKING-STEIN MONSTER-ED THE XENOMORPHS. You’re saying they weren’t the result of evolution/natural selection? That an emo robot made them because he was bored/salty? Maybe no? Maybe that’s hugely unnecessary and even slightly disappointing? What’evs.

• Obvs this is purely just my opinion but I think, as a whole, Alien Covenant was a step back for the franchise. I’m open to hearing dissenting views on the subject though. Who knows, maybe a director’s cut will redeem it for me.

Aria's Uncle as A.D./CeCe's dad

Okay so….
Just a theory but:

Aria’s uncle is a contender for A.D. in my opinion.
This is why I think so:

1) Byron mentioned than he has mental health problems. For example when Mike has depression he refers to his concern that he will become like his brother.
2) If his brother did have depression it is possible that he went to Radley in seek of help etc.
3) He could have easily met Mary Drake there if they were there at the same time and had CeCe
4) Aria’s family were the first family shown at the start of the series + Aria used to do the ssh thing which was suspicious (but also possibly coincidental)
5) Apparently Tyler Blackburn said “it’s not someone we know, but we kind of do” and we’ll have to just see
6) CeCe’s dad would have a big motive to find her killer
7) He could have changed his name could begin with an ‘A’ and he chose the ’D’ as in Drake
8) Wasn’t A at Byron and Ella’s wedding? Possibly because he’s a relation to Byron and wanted to see them get married
9) It could explain why Aria wasn’t a target for the bottle spin
10) Spencer and Aria both meet CeCe Drake together - as we know Spencer is CeCe’s half sister (same mother) and Aria could be CeCe’s cousin (Their fathers are brothers) - showing that those 2 were both related to CeCe, which is the importance in them seeing each other.
(Haha Or it could be Byron - he has affairs with people’s names beginning with M)

I know it’s such a far out/random theory that Byron’s brother is A.D. and/or CeCe’s dad but this show is crazy af still.

You asked me to recommend some books for your perusal. I will do so in as few words as I can. If you like poetry let it be first rate, Milton, Shakespeare, Goldsmith, Pope (if you will though I don’t admire him), Scott, Byron, Campbell, Wordsworth, and Southey. Now Ellen don’t be started at the names of Shakespeare and Byron. Both these were great Men and their works are like themselves. You will know how to chuse the good and avoid the evil, the finest passages are always the purest, the bad are invariably revolting, you will never wish to read them over twice. Omit the Comedies of Shakespeare and the Don Juan, perhaps the Cain of Byron though the latter is a magnificent Poem, and read the rest fearlessly, that must indeed be a depraved mind which can gather evil from Henry the 8th, from Richard 3rd, from Macbeth and Hamlet and Julius Caesar. Scott’s sweet, wild, romantic Poetry can do you no harm, nor can Wordsworth’s nor Campbell’s nor Southey’s, the greatest part at least of his some is certainly exceptionable. For History, read Hume, Rollin, and the Universal History if you can (I never did). For Fiction - read Scott alone, all novels after his are worthless. For Biography, read Johnson’s lives of the Poets, Boswell’s life of Johnson, Southey’s life of Nelson, Lockhart’s life of Burns, Moore’s life of Sheridan, Moore’s life of Byron, Wolfe’s remains. For Natural History read Bewick, and Audubon, and Goldsmith and White of Selborne. For Divinity your brother Henry will advice you there.
—  Charlotte Brontë’s recommended reading list to Ellen Nussey in a letter dated 4th July 1834.
My mom's PLL theory

My mom wanted me to post this to see what people think. She thinks that because there was a gap between when we saw Charles as a kid and when we saw Charlotte as an adult that there is a chance that CeCe wasn’t really Charles/Charlotte, and that the real Charles is still alive. She believes it is Wren, who is really the son of Byron’s brother Scott who had mental problems, and he met CeCe when he went to Radley for potentially the same problems. We both agree that whoever A.D is they have been running things the whole time and were telling even Mona and CeCe what to do. Its also obvious that the masked person in the dollhouse was a man, clearly not CeCe. My own personal part of the theory is that Mary Drake had “relations” with Scott Montgomery and had Wren/Charles in Radley and that he was adopted a family who moved to England, where he met and befriended Archer Dunhill, who fell in love with CeCe.