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• Mike gets flustered easily when he’s flirted with.


• Scott knows how to do magic.

• Kids at fazbears call Byron ‘poppa bear.’

• When the guards go to the beach, Jeremy brings flippers, goggles, and a snorkel. He goes snorkeling for sea shells cause that was something him and his mom did when Jeremy was little. Imagine he makes the shells into necklace/bracelets for the other guards/byron.

• Jeremy is addicted to pain killers

• When Jeremy is cold he shakes like a Chihuahua

• In Jeremy’s room, he has a small Christmas tree.

• Jeremy is a Disney princess, for some reason Woodland creatures love him.

• Jeremy is a vegetarian, he wants to protect all the little critters.

• Jeremy wants to be transgender (MTF) but he knows his father will practically disown him. That’s why Jeremy feels so comfortable in dressed.

• after the guards get Jeremy out of his abusive home Jeremy finally gets to wear dresses and be comfortable without judgement. He also starts HRT.

• As an alternative to cutting, the guards buy Jeremy a sketch pad. Instead of hurting himself he starts painting his emotions.

• the guards even buy some of Jeremy’s Art to help him save money for his HRT or a potential sex change surgery.

• Mike is surprisingly good with kids.

• Scott loves to bake, on the guards birthdays he brings in cupcakes.

• During the guards break time, they order pizza instead of eating the pizza from fazbears. They all eat it out in the parking lot. Byron still hasn’t caught them.

• Fritz can eat an entire large pizza on his own.

• on Halloween the guards are allowed to dress up.

• on Christmas, all the guards dress as elves and Byron dressed as Santa.

• After Jeremy gets out of his abusive home he gets medication for his anxiety.

• Scott snorts when he laughs.

• Mike scares all the other guards on Friday the 13th.

• Jeremy has very soft hands and takes care of his nails.

• Most of the time Jeremy has his nails painted.

• Mike has glasses but refuses to wear them

• Scott looks really damn good in a top hat

• Byrons hair is naturally curly and thick and he hates it.

• Byrons really self conscience about the excessive hair on his body.

• Jeremy really likes tea.

• Fritz melts when given a forehead or nose kiss.

• Mike cries over sad movies.

• Jeremy gets mistaken for a girl sometimes but he gets excited when he does.

• When Byron was little he used to be anorexic.

• The other guards let jeremy paint their nails.

• Scott has his belly button pierced.

• Mike has an outtie belly button.

• Mike has a guns n roses tattoo on his chest.

• Jeremy has a birthmark in the shape of a heart on his hand.

• Byron has freckles all over his body and only a few on his face.

• Scott was a chubby child.

• Jeremy has/needs Braces.

• Scott was born in England and has an accent (which he chooses to hide)

• Fritz has self harm scars.

• Jeremy shaves his under arms and legs.

• Mike doesn’t like to be touched by people he don’t know.

• Byron has tried multiple times to quit smoking.

Some of these suck *rolls away*


Haru: I bought mackerel, Rin
Rin: I said barbecues are for MEAT, we don’t need it!
Rin: … and actually, where on earth did you find that hat!?

My Australian BBQ edition artwork contribution to the @feelourhearts campaign! I feel bad that I had no skill, tools or time to do a better job (I wish I could colour things!!), but at least I got to contribute something to this amazing campaign! (which by the way, was delivered to KyoAni this morning - keep an eye out for updates later on the FOH accounts!)