byron douglas


Asha Douglas
Byron Bay, Australia
Canon EOS 6D

Do you have a method of work that you stick by? Or inspiration that you use as a starting point?

I find the best place to draw inspiration from is the natural environment and use that as a key to most of my shots. Different conditions and scenic locations present many opportunities to mould a shot. As of late i have tried to develop a style focusing on individuals in nature and want to further this with future travels into next year. I guess i have become more focused on conveying a moment than a ‘still shot’, and i’d like to develop this with foreign locations yet to be determined!

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500px: @ash_doug86
Instagram: @ashadouglas


Whitley was about to become a public figure head so of course she had to be groomed. If she had married Byron all eyes would’ve been on her at all times and she would have to act accordingly.
I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing, I think he was just preparing her of things to come. Everything she said, did wore etc would’ve been under constant scrutiny. And like I said before Whitley knew what being with Byron entailed, when she agreed to date him and when she agreed to marry him.
i feel like if Byron didn’t think the “bad parts” of her were something he could’ve lived with then he wouldn’t have taken it that far with her. He saw a lot of things in her that Dwayne didn’t. I just feel like Byron was just more willing to nurture Whitley in ways Dwayne wouldn’t (or couldn’t. given the fact that Dwayne was only 23 and still a baby himself) gautelen