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Mcflyeon’s Top Male models and body builders

Attila Toth

Attila Toth

Bryant Wood

Zander Hodgson 

Calum Von Moger 

Matt Newman 


Danny Kaganovich 

Connor Rudelhoff 

Connor Strongman

Dylan Mckenna, David Laid and Qwin Vitale 

Quinn Biddle 

Nick Sandell 

Austin Scoggin 

Michael Dean 

Daniel Peyer

Chase Ketron

Josh Burkard

Tanner Chidester 

Stephan Michaels 

Alex Valley 

Trevor Van Uden 

Ryan Sage 

Jeff Seid 

Brandon Flihan

Brett Maverick Lange

Elliot Robinson 

Derek Duszynski 

Alex Sewall

Dmitry Averyanov

Ryan Casey 

Brian Lewis 

Matthew Noszka

Byron Chandler

Ross Cook

Charlie Kennedy

Danny Walker 

Cameron McElroy

Cody Deal 

Honourable Mentions: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Murphy, Joseph Sayers, Hugo Matthew, Luke Holbrook, Zack Horton

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Why I ship Reylo and Like Kylo Ren


Okay consider this: Have you ever heard of the starwars character the Bendu? From Star wars Rebels? He is neither Light or Dark side, but in the middle. I’ve studied the lore (not deeply but enough) to know that there are separate paths for both jedi and the sith (the Ashla and the Bogan)… but there is also a path for the Bendu, the Gray.

What is important to understand about Ben/Kylo is that he’s been literally brain washed from his mother’s womb (as Quoted from the novel: Bloodline). Manipulated and lied to in many ways and I think the harshness of the Luke’s Jedi ways from what he learned from Obi-wan a war general who had a seat in the Jedi order, it’s that it’s too restrictive. Especially if you’re as emotionally vunerable as Ben Solo and Anakin for example is. 

And with toxic values such as this, and with such an authoritarian oppressive constrictive view forced onto people with too much passion or uncertainty. Is it any wonder that Kylo ren feels torn?

Turning Sith, seems to be his only option because it’s all he’s ever been told. It’s one or the other. He’s literally being torn apart. And killing his father, which he was told would set him free… has done the opposite. It’s made him feel more conflicted than he already was. He’s trapped; mentally and spiritually.

That is, until he meets Rey. And Rey is by no means Jedi material. She’s just as passionate and emotionally vulnerable. Too many lost attachments… isolated just as he is. 

Both kindred spirits that are both equally lost and I think the last Jedi is going to illustrate this perfectly. There is no more Jedi. Luke is right, it needs to end along with the Sith. Too many lives have been destroyed trying to kill each other instead of trying to understand the flow of the force. I believe, these two are the key to bring back balance. The first two Gray jedi; since Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger and many like them who have tried before.

I like these kinds of stories personally, because life isn’t black and white. It’s complex and whiney, harsh, terrifying but inside there’s light in everyone. Willing to come out. Kylo ren is very much like all those morally gray coded characters, in every sense of the matter. 

Whether you enjoy it or not, whether it entertains you…is irrelevent. These kinds of characters and stories are needed for children. To not judge a person by their cover, or condemn a person to death for their mistakes if they’re willing to make up for them. 

I could go on and on with how many literary comparisons with Kylo ren’s character I could make: 

Severus Snape, Heath cliff, Mr Darcy, The Count of Monty Christo, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Captain Jack Sparrow, etc. 

Look up the term Byronic Hero: 

Definition: Cooked up by the “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” Lord Byron, a Byronic hero is an antihero of the highest order. He (or she) is typically rebellious, arrogant, anti-social or in exile, and darkly, enticingly romantic.

(This. Is why I like him. I’m not saying you have to, I’m not saying everyone does. But I’m not going to stand here and be belittled for what it is perceived to be “Why are you shipping a hero with a villain are you into torture porn?”)

Neither Rey or Ben are Ashla or Bogan. They are bendu. It is the will of the force. (or could be… we shall see.) Part 2 of the conversation here:

Cooking with Nico, Byron, and Al

Al: Hand me the salt.

Nico: What?

Al: The salt. The fine white stuff over there.

Nico: Flavor crystals.

Al: Ok, chop the onions please *hands Nico onions*

Nico: Those are organic tear gas.

*Byron enters*

Al: King Byron, your brother doesn’t know a thing about cooking.

Byron: That’s ok. Where’s the Hansel and Gretel GPS?

Al: What!?!?

Byron: You know, the crumbly stuff they threw on the ground.

Al: Breadcrumbs *shakes head*

Nico: Here Al, I chopped up the garlic.

Al: That’s stinky vampire repellent.

al-skies  asked:

Fluffy morning time while MC is cooking with Byron please~ It's my dream to do it for my husband(one day) but I don't know how to cook..😭

“Hey dear, I smell burnt toast,” Byron entered the kitchen one morning to see his fiancée attempting to flip pancakes on the griddle while bacon sizzled in the one behind it.

“Oh sorry, yes-” she started, “I tried to make French toast, but I burnt it, so I’m making pancakes and bacon instead- you like those, right?”

“Of course,” he smiled and laid a kiss on her forehead.

“Oh shoot!” She huffed as a pancake crumbled into pieces, “I don’t think I’m doing this right,” she feverishly tried to put the sad breakfast food back together with the spatula. “I-err,”


“No, I was thinking we’d have maple syrup…”

“No, honey…”

“I mean we do have honey- is that what you like on your pancakes?” She was still preoccupied with the sorry pancake.

“No-!” Byron pointed, “Honey the bacon’s on fire!”

“Ack!” She shrieked. “Water! Get the water-!”

“No-!” Byron shouted. “No water!”

A moment later, Byron was finished emptying the contents of the fire extinguisher onto the stove and griddle while his fiancée aired out the kitchen.

“Ahh,” she said, “This is so bad.”

Byron wrapped his arm around her shoulder and laid a kiss on her temple. “How about- breakfast at the Pancake Palace?”

This Day in 1D History - October 6


  • the boys rock some looks near Covent Garden


  • Harry and Louis meet Lux 


  • Louis arrives at Radio 1


  • LiLo surf date, round two
  • sports bros 
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Sydney, Australia, feat. Louis smothering Liam with his ass (it’s FINE)


  • Zouis land in the UK 

Byron Cooke gets put through to Adam Lambert

What happens at the start of a phone interview with a music guest? Check out a typical “behind the scenes” scenario with Byron Cooke & Adam Lambert here.

jfc early porno soundtrack, this is one of the few reasons why I’m proud to be Australian

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