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“Do not do it. DO. NOT.”

“How come?”

“Aw, man! Your hair is your thoughts. The longer it is the smarter and more productive you become. I mean, your hair is like antenna that picks up the cosmic energy of the universe and channels it into here (points to temple). If you cut it all off you become like all the other short-haired simpletons just sitting around watching sit-coms and eating instant food.”

“Okay well…thanks for the advice.”

I forgot

It has been a very long time since I have updated this blog. I apologize for not making up-to-date posts about what I am up to. I have been so busy with work that I forgot to really keep tabs on my personal work and ventures.

My photography has been a little sluggish these days. However, I have been pushing myself to photograph and feel inspired by my surroundings. I forget that taking a stroll out in the world with my camera can be so therapeutic. At the start of February, my brother and I investigated some interesting spots to photograph in the East Village. I believe that this was during Super Bowl Sunday and the Saturday before that.

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I also had some great opportunities to shoot with my friend Andrew, a Brooklyn Vegan photographer, at the Williamsburg Music Hall and the Bowery Ballroom- two venues I have never been to before. And I got to photograph some recognizable musicians. Who would have thought I would one day have a chance to photograph Lemuria, one of my most favorite bands since I was 18 or see what used to be Cheeky’s Marissa Paternoste sing in her recent band, the Screaming Females? I remember seeing them for the first time and using my shoddy Canon PowerShot A410 (I still use it once in awhile). Those photos were not salvageable. At least you can see much better shots on my Flickr. Thank you, Andrew.

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Here is a link to that set

I was also introduced to artists like Darwin Deez, who I now listen to (should I consider it a guilty pleasure?) His tunes are very catchy.

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