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ANYWAYS HERE WE ARE AGAIN AT 800. I’m so excited and grateful like?? 200 until I hit 1k?? That’s gonna be fuckin’ wild when it happens holy shit my dudes. BUT, seriously, thank you guys so much??? I’ve been roleplaying Trunks for over a year now, and I’ve been so confident, comfortable and content with a muse in my entire life, so I really plan to stick around for a whole lot longer on here. You’re all stuck with my gay ass.

To my girlfriend, I can’t even begin to list off all the reasons why I love you so much?? Some days I just sit and wonder how I managed to meet such a wonderfully amazing and incredible person like you. You’re so beautiful, strong, intelligent and admirable, I thank the universe every day for the fact I’m able to love you so.

To my best friend, how many years have we been at it for now? Five? Six? It feels like it’s been a century, honestly. Thank you for sticking by my side, whether it be over Skype, in our classes, during breaks, at conventions, or even at music festivals I’m always gonna wind up taking you to. You’re family to me, and you always will be. Never forget that.

To my friends, I love you all so much. I literally could not be blessed any more by you guys. You’re so kind and loving, always finding a way to make me feel so appreciated. ♥

To the people I haven’t interacted with, I look forward to speaking to you! I really do! Trust me when I say I don’t follow people for no reason. I’m here to talk always! Don’t be afraid to send a message to me, or an ask, or like my starter calls, or ANYTHING. I don’t bite, I swear. I’m here to give all the support in the world and I’ll never turn down anyone of you guys.

Alright, I’m done with the sappiness. Bottom list is alphabetized!

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❝ Excuse me but is that a dragon? ❞

It was an odd thing for the vampire to
do, nearly blurt out a question at a
complete stranger. But then again, it
was a weird thing for a person (was
this stranger a magician? He’d never
seen him at Watford) to tame a dragon
and act as if they were long time buddies.
The weirdest thing was that the dragon
was acting the same way. The only way
the situation would get weirder would
be if the human was actually a Normal.

Baz would stake himself in the heart
right there, with his wand. It was one
thing for the Mage’s reforms to let
pixies and other creatures into Watford,
but a Normal interacting with magic?
Crowley, no.

He would tell the Coven about the matter
later, probably, if it ended up being a threat
tot the World of Mages. And he would go
to Simon, his now part dragon boyfriend,
about it after the interaction with the
human. He needed emotional and moral
support. He might faint


Jack had caused a small snow
storm while everyone slept. He
had been planning it for a couple
of days. It was for the kids, but
also for Hiccup. He had been a
little of the stressed side recently,
or at least, Jack thought, so he
decided to try to get him to have
a little fun. After all, it was the
winter spirit’s center.

The kids were more than happy
to wake up do a bunch of snow
they could mess around in, and
some of the dragons seemed
okay with it. Especially the babies.

Jack had been hiding, a snowball
in his hands as he wanted for
the other to come outside. When
he did, the spirit grinned and
threw the snowball at Hiccup’s

❝ Good morning. ❞