Okay, let’s see ...
  • Went outside about a half hour ago and saw Patrol Cat. I haven’t seen him since sometime last year. He didn’t recognize me, so he walked back into his house.
  • I have my second femural artery bypass surgery next Thursday. I will be offline for a week or so.
  • Because I will have been in hospital 4 times this year, my job decided to fire me – after 21 years of service.
  • As of the beginning of October, I will be without a job and healthcare.
  • The A/C died Monday. Hopefully a fix-it crew will be by tomorrow. Today it was in the high 90s, not including heat index. A/C repair will cost $700.

No…. This is why you should treat people like PEOPLE. 🙄 I’m not calling this person out because I believe their intentions were sincere but I can’t begin to tell you how many random ass piece of shit people who I’m acquaintances with hit me up like I owe them something for acknowledging me now. People who used to talk shit about me, or never looked my way now all of a sudden want to be my friend lol. Females too! People who used to bully me in middle school who done fell off the map or switched places with ME now want to ask me for advice. People who used to spit at me or make fun of me as I ate my food, talk shit about me to my friends, never invite me places cause I was the big girl, Fuck YOU! I owe you nothing. Karma is a BITCH! Treat people with kindness always cause you never know if you’ll be in their place one day.