The Pirate Bay unveils web browser that bypasses government, ISP censorship

The Pirate Bay is working hard to help out citizens in the United Kingdom who might soon have their favorite porn sites taken away. The infamous file-sharing site has announced that it has created a new web browser that will bypass governments’ and ISPs’ attempts at censoring content on the web. The Pirate Bay describes its new PirateBrowser as a “simple one-click browser that circumvents censorship and blockades and makes the site instantly available and accessible” and comes with “no bundled ad-ware, toolbars or other crap, just a Pre-configured Firefox browser.”PCMag notes that the browser doesn’t offer anonymous browsing, however, so you shouldn’t use it if you’re trying to surf the web without risk of being identified by government censors or surveillance agencies. Source: The Tech Gets

George MacKay, probably my favourite (truly beautiful inside and out) person to photograph. we worked together on How I Live Now and For Those in Peril. these portraits are from my personal archive (, taken not long ago. 

go see George in Duane Hopkins’ film Bypass in cinemas now and in Ah, Wilderness! at the Young Vic.

          Remember that weight loss will not make a depression go away. It will definitely help, it will boost yourself esteem and you will physically be healthy, BUT the most important part of your journey is learning to love yourself! Self-love requires courage. Have the strength to be who you want to be in this world. BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE! 

“You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you” -dodinsky

Gastric Bypass Diet - The First 90 Days

Gastric Bypass Diet – The First 90 Days

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A gastric bypass diet is a specially designed eating plan to properly help a gastric bypass patient avoid surgery complications and make the transition back to solid foods. The first 3 months after the stomach staple operation will be the toughest to get through due to drastic physical and emotional changes. Many patients have a hard time dealing with the change in eating habits,…

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