Interviewer: Do you have any fear in you at all? What you’re afraid of?

Justin: I’m just… I’m not afraid of anything, really. I’m just afraid of just missing out of my brother and sister’s life because they’re just babies and I’ve always wanted a little brother and sister and like not being with them all the time is hard because like, the other day I was with my sister and she, she’s so cute, she calls me Bieber; she’s like ‘Bieber! Bieber!’. So she didn’t know I was there, besause I got in really late and I was in bed, and she walks into the room and she sees me in there, and she runs back into my dad’s room and says 'Bieber’s sleeping? Bieber’s sleeping?’. It’s so funny.

Interviewer: Have you ever accidently send a DM, it is supposed to be direct, but you posted it publicly?

Justin: You mean, like trying to say what’s up to a girl and it’s like ‘what’s up baby?’ Oops, I just twittered that.

Interviewer: Yeah, haha.

Justin: No, never done, but I have seen that happen.