(( OOC: So this is my first try at doing a video thread. *sweats profusely* Enjoy my feeble attempt at a British accent which was made much more believable thanks to extensive accent tutoring from @lizziebennetinjapan (THANKS AGAIN DEARIE!).

The rest of the story will be told as a regular gif-thread, I just wanted to mess around with this first half and see what everyone thought. :P lol. ))   

Party Planning -

ISFP - Remember to B.Y.O.V.

INTP - Bring your own vodka?

ENTP - Bring your own vagina?

ENFJ - I think he meant B.Y.O.B. like bring your own beer.

ISFP - No, B.Y.O.V. Bring your own vibes.

INTP - I’d rather you all bring your own vodka.

ENTP - I’m a little bit low on funds so I can only bring my own vagina and maybe one 6 pack.

ISFP - And you vibes?

ENTP - Bro, my aura is fucking golden. You can’t handle my vibes.  

ISFP - Niiiiice. 


“Cherry Pepsi” - Saint Pepsi

Getting some serious Fred Falke vibes off of this song. 

And the entire album is only a DOLLAR.