All’s Fair Play - Trailer

Kalamatea Productions is so happy to announce the launch of ALL’S FAIR PLAY, our very first original comedy, inspired by Shakespearean elements. Coming June 21st! 

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In honor of World Book Night 2015, Book Riot and the Harry Potter Alliance ( thehpalliance ) invite you to support literacy, clear out your bookshelves, and meet fellow booknerds on April 23! Bring a book (or a whole bunch) to donate, swap favorites and stories with fellow participants, and help Accio Books reach this year’s goal of 60,000 books collected.

If you’re in the neighborhood, you can join us for a local event:

We’re still adding more, so keep an eye on for updates! And anyone can (and totally should) donate to Accio Books, more details at

Swinging: There’s probably a coupon for that.

No four little letters will evoke the most thunderous of glee quite like BYOB. 


And if you are in the lifestyle (aka a swinger) it means you can roll up into a club/party/event and not have to come out of pocket for ANYTHING else except the admission fee.

So, if the party costs $40 a couple, and you happen to have a bunch of booze just sitting around collecting dust in your liquor cabinet since New year’s Eve…guess what, bitch?

You’re gonna get fucked up. 

And maybe, if you play your cards right, you might meet another couple just as giddy about not having to shell out $12 a drink to get tipsy with and all four of you can find a cheap hotel to fuck in on Groupon.