Salad (from a bag, you know I’m too lazy to chop my own lettuce), baby carrots, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, skewered turkey slices, Wheat Thins and cheese, a hard boiled egg, and mixed berries. I found the little silicone dressing bottle at Bed Bath and Beyond and it is surprisingly leak proof.

This was the first bento lunch I packed, in my Goodbyn Bynto. Turkey and cheese sandwiches on King’s Hawaiian Rolls, baby carrots, grape tomatoes skewered on toothpicks, sliced radishes and cucumbers (under the tomatoes), strawberries and blackberries, and peach segments. The peaches turn brown after slicing, but they still taste fine. If I wasn’t lazy, I might have mixed up some water, lemon juice, and a little sugar to make an acidified dip bath for the fruit slices to prevent browning. If I wasn’t lazy.