Mike: Hey, how are you feeing about the LSATs? I was really happy with all the prep we did yesterday. I’m really excited for you.
Rachel: You’re excited for me? Why do you even care?

 I know Mike had an agenda when he went there to meet her, but he had Rachel’s best interests in mind. When he cheated for other people they were just that: people. Nameless and faceless because he didn’t know them. They were people he didn’t care about, they were people that could have their lives ruined if they were caught, and that’s something he didn’t want for Rachel, even if it meant her finally getting what she wanted so much.

I think this is when we really get a good insight into Rachel, though. Why is it so hard to believe he’s helping her out of goodness? Not because he’s expecting something from her or because he has second intentions, but because he just cares, because he simply likes her, because he wants the best for her, because he knows she wants to become a laywer and not be a “paralegal forever”, because he’s putting a lot of effort into this friendship and she’s too afraid to open up and accept it. I know she wants to be perfect because of her dad, but not willing to let Mike in isn’t because of her daddy issues, makes me think some guy(s) used her badly and now she can’t see any kindness towards her as a selfless act.

Of course I may be completely wrong too.