claire: you pushed him away on purpose
audrey: nathan would never have stopped trying to save me
claire: and you’re trying to protect him
audrey: yeah. lucy loved the colorado kid and it cost him everything


“I’m here. Maybe now you can explain why you have been so myterious.” He walks towards her slowly, measuring his pace and his words; it has been a few rough and terrible days, he doesn’t want to invade her space, to pressure her into anything.

“I thought… since our first date was interrupted, maybe we could start over." 

He isn’t able to hide the surprise. He had thought that after finding out about Lucy, and Duke’s father, kidnapped and everything else she had been forced through she’d want some space, would want some time; think and breath and let things fall into place. But he’s wrong; there she is, standing in front of him with a hopeful smile and shining eyes and looking beautiful and perfect and offering him something he has been dreaming of ever since the first moment he had laid eyes on her.

"Don’t look so surprised. Come on.” She nods towards the door, and pulls it open, revealing the inside; dim light and candles and soft music and a table set for two.

“This looks… this looks amazing." 

She giggles, a half shy half pleased laugh and he turns to fully face her. He stares at her then, a longing look that he has mastered in doing after a year of practice. 

"I’m happy we’re doing this,” she says, a tiny smile on her lips and remorseful look in her eyes for all the time they lost.

“Me too,” he replies.

He’s in love with her; hopelesly, insanely,  irrevocably, and he’s quite sure nothing else in the entire world will ever be able to make him feel the way she does.

This is really happening, he thinks. 

They are really happening. 

You know what’s the worst thing about this season? It isn’t Nathan & Audrey being apart, it isn’t the angst or the Duke/Audrey teasing, or the lies, or Nathan being with another woman. The worst thing about this show and this season is how unhappy Audrey is. She’s sad all the time, she’s scared all the time, she’s frowning all the time. Can anyone remember the last time she laughed? The only times she smiled this season was when she thought about the possibilities with Nathan (cookie and the theater date). She used to laugh at Nathan’s stupid jokes, to tease him, to flirt and bicker with Duke and have fun doing it. Now she can’t even look at Nathan in the eyes and all her scenes are so heavy and laden with all the burden she’s carrying.

And I hate it. She’s my favorite character and i miss the sassy Audrey, the smart mouth Audrey. The Audrey that laughed and cried when she got a surprise birthday party, the Audrey that made Duke strip and laughed just because she could, the Audrey that teased Nathan and his Maine accent, the Audrey that dressed up in Nathan’s gifts and laughed wearing that stupid fishing hat, the Audrey that mocked Nathan when he made a worewolf joke, the Audrey that teased him when he was having a thing with Jess and laughed when Jess brought them food. I really hope she will have a happy ending because I don’t know how anyone would be able to drag themselves out of rock bottom if there was no way up.