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GoT Challenge ♚ Where would you like to live in the ASoIaF/GoT universe?


“All the autumn flowers are in bloom just now, and there are groves and fountains, shady courtyards, marble colonnades. My lord father always keeps singers at court, sweeter ones than Butters here, and pipers and fiddlers and harpers as well. We have the best horses, and pleasure boats to sail along the Mander.”

Professor: Where did all this cold come from?
Me: Winter is coming.
(Professor cuts his eyes at me)
Professor: I am a knight of the summer
Me: The knights of summer have commited many treasonous acts.
Professor: Perhaps the North will be so kind as to show mercy.
Me: The North will never forget.
Other Kid: Northners, Southerners, no matter who you are, you will soon know who the Iron Throne rightfully belongs to. I will rule with my dragons by my side. I will take what is rightfully mine. With blood and fire I will take it!

(My history class everyone.)