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Epic fan film of 2013's Tomb Raider. ’Croft’.

In which the fan version of the film accurately showcases that Lara will pretty much slaughter everyone for Sam.


The general idea is that women can be sexy, women can be hot, they can have their massive boobs bounce up and down, parade around in bikinis for your sexual enjoyment. The male audience can drool all over them, but the moment a female heroine iniciates, receprocates or otherwise has any other involvement outside her being a piece of alianated sex meat, things get awkward and undesirable. Admit it or not, but that’s the very essence of objetification. The idea that you can’t play a woman in an straight relationship […] is disturbing in its reduction of a female character to a mere ornament, to exist for no other reason than to rush a lot of blood to your dick but heaven forbid if she has anything to do with that dick. That’d be “gay”. - Jim Sterling (Jimquisition)

Girl gamer problems:

?We get comments like:
Get back to the kitchen
Are you a girl or a young boy, either way I’m gonna kill you
Why do you even own a PC/Xbox/PS3 
Ect ect

When people add me just because we are girls, I’m sorry what are you going to do… Fuck me through my console?

But tbh the best part of being a girl gamer is that you can kick ass really well because we use a lot of strategy and plan things, I’m not saying no guys do because I’m sure you do but, girl gamers kick ass nuff said