byme: rskar


Rachel Skarsten

The link to the short film is here:

A short film “What Would You Do For Love” made for Mosaic LA, starring Rachel Skarsten and Aaron McManus, directed by Erwin McManus, shoot March 2013, aired on Mosaic gathering on 27th October 2013 (in other words: ripped from “Life in Color: The Intentional Ones” message by Erwin McManus on iTunes. For more information, visit

If you just want to look at the GIFS then please accompany it with this song:

I cannot describe how beautiful she is. 

So I was handing off a drink for a Rachel, and when I looked up it was RSkar. She hasn’t come in since that one time, so I assumed it was a one time thing. I was like ‘heeeey RSkaaar!’ And she’s like ’*sneeze. ‘oh heeey! I’m like allergic to something and I don’t know what it is!’ *sneeze. Then I asked how she was and she said she’s back in Toronto to film Reign and that she’s staying down the street so she’ll be in more often.