multigloria  asked:

I kind of really need your james and maggie childhood friends au because as a person who has experience being outed, i don't want to imagine maggie just going through this experience all by herself.

maggie rushing to james’ immediately after it happens, heartbroken and scared

james not asking her what happened until she was ready to talk about it, just holding her as the sobs tear through her body (much too small for the pain contained within it)

james’ mom letting maggie stay there until she was able to coordinate things with her aunt and move in officially

james defending maggie at school, getting into fights whenever he so much as heard someone cough a rude name into their elbows as she walked by

james reassuring maggie that he would never turn his back on her, because that’s what family is

everything you know about peter pettigrew is wrong
  • There is no way in hell you could convince me the marauders didn’t love and care for Peter his whole school period
  • Peter who would fall head first for the gorgeous Ravenclaw girl the year above them
  • and Remus, James and Sirius would keep him up at night, making plans of how they were gonna make her fall in love with Peter
  • Sirius pretending to be cornered by slytherin students and have Peter come to the rescue right when she walked by
  • James accidentally swallowing the wrong ingredient in potions so she could see peter save him with his vast knowledge of potions 
  • Remus convincing Peter in a very firm tone to just ask her out and to stop pretending to be someone he’s not 
  • Remus convincing the elfs in the kitchen to bring up butterbeer and homemade scones when heartbroken Peter refused to leave his bed
  • Sirius turning into a dog, curled up in the end of Peters bed for him to pet 
  • James who took tripple notes in class, his own notes, notes for Remus and notes for Peter
  • The Marauders didn’t think any less of Peter than each other
  • It wasn’t James and Sirius, the brothers, Remus, The saviour, and then Peter, the scared failiure
  • It was James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, the marauders
  • They were all equal
  • They were aware of each others strengths and weaknesses 
  • and they valued each other for that 
  • James and Sirius were cocky and loud, and they used that to back Peter up
  • Remus was clever and smart, and in the subjects that Peter had a hard time keeping up, he would get help
  • Peter wasn’t stupid, and he wasn’t lazy
  • He, just like James and Sirius, managed to turn himself into an animagus at age 15
  • He was a powerful wizard, and loved by his friends
  • which was why his betrayal hurt even deeper
  • Because they loved him like a brother

Because the only metaphor I can think of is one of an injured bird. A little bird that you found on your door step. You didn’t ask for her. You didn’t sit there staring at your sliding glass door thinking, hey, it would be great if some dumb little bird just flew right into that fucking thing and landed half dead on my front porch. But that’s exactly what happened. This fucking endearing dumb as fuck little bird flew right into that glass and landed smack in the middle of your life, wrecked and hopeless. So you did what any decent human being would do. You picked her up, put her in a box filled with tissue paper, watched her flap around all pathetic and fucking adorable. She ate out of the palm of your hand, stared at you with wide-eyed gratitude and made you feel like nothing short of a goddamn hero. But now what? She’s all better isn’t she? And she’s making these annoying screeching sounds and scratching at corners of her shrunken world in desperate confusion. She likes it here. She’s warm and safe and coddled. But somehow she knows she’s supposed to be out there, getting tangled in electric cables and falling out of trees. There’s a part of her that knows that if she’s not out there, shitting on the metaphoric windscreen of life, then she’s not really living at all. 


You were a present wrapped
So perfectly
I spied you for months
Waiting impatiently 
For my chance until
At long last I was granted
Permission to tear you open
And so I did and
For one glorious moment the
Silvery tissue fell to the
Floor and I held you
In my hands
I held you and you
Were exactly what I
For a moment
But come January 18th
You sit forgotten in
The corner of my room
There you sulk and smoke
Cheap cigarettes
One more broken thing
In my pile of broken things
And I wish I had just left you
I wish you had never 
Come undone.
I loved you more before I knew
What you were.