everything you know about peter pettigrew is wrong
  • There is no way in hell you could convince me the marauders didn’t love and care for Peter his whole school period
  • Peter who would fall head first for the gorgeous Ravenclaw girl the year above them
  • and Remus, James and Sirius would keep him up at night, making plans of how they were gonna make her fall in love with Peter
  • Sirius pretending to be cornered by slytherin students and have Peter come to the rescue right when she walked by
  • James accidentally swallowing the wrong ingredient in potions so she could see peter save him with his vast knowledge of potions 
  • Remus convincing Peter in a very firm tone to just ask her out and to stop pretending to be someone he’s not 
  • Remus convincing the elfs in the kitchen to bring up butterbeer and homemade scones when heartbroken Peter refused to leave his bed
  • Sirius turning into a dog, curled up in the end of Peters bed for him to pet 
  • James who took tripple notes in class, his own notes, notes for Remus and notes for Peter
  • The Marauders didn’t think any less of Peter than each other
  • It wasn’t James and Sirius, the brothers, Remus, The saviour, and then Peter, the scared failiure
  • It was James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, the marauders
  • They were all equal
  • They were aware of each others strengths and weaknesses 
  • and they valued each other for that 
  • James and Sirius were cocky and loud, and they used that to back Peter up
  • Remus was clever and smart, and in the subjects that Peter had a hard time keeping up, he would get help
  • Peter wasn’t stupid, and he wasn’t lazy
  • He, just like James and Sirius, managed to turn himself into an animagus at age 15
  • He was a powerful wizard, and loved by his friends
  • which was why his betrayal hurt even deeper
  • Because they loved him like a brother
Troy to public: Film our cops - City Ordinance Would Make It ILLEGAL For An Officer to Interfere With Someone Filming Police Activity

City police officers would face a fine and jail time if they to stop people from legally photographing or filming them under an ordinance created by the City Council's Public Safety Committee.

CouncilmanRobert Doherty, the committee chairman, said the law would be drafted and presented in the months ahead.

The proposed ordinance arises from two police brutality lawsuits filed against the city in U.S. District Court byJames FaheyandBrian Houle.

“No longer will we have citizens brutally attacked for photographing or witnessing police activity, such as happened with Mr. Foley and allegedly, Mr. Houle,” Doherty said in a statement at the committee meeting Wednesday.

“The administration and police leadership are now on notice that any citizen is authorized and encouraged to witness, photograph and attest to police conduct at any time they choose without interference,” Doherty said.

“To assure this right is advanced with enthusiasm in a clear, enforced policy, I will seek to enact an ordinance to affect this in Troy,” Doherty continued.

The city settled its lawsuit with Foley for $90,000. Houle’s $3 million lawsuit against the city is stilling pending.

An attempt to resolve Houle’s lawsuit in February through mediation was unsuccessful, according to federal court records.

This will be a HUGE step in the right direction and is the first ordinance of its kind in the US.