How Bad Can I Be? // The Lorax  - Multilanguage


All of these songs were edited so they have the same timing, also the same volume, thoughthatlastonedidn’tturnoutsowell.

(*) Instrumental


These are all the versions of the song I could find on youtube.




And these are the ones I could find on tumblr.



Download Movie

Well, since I had to download the movie in different languages to do this, why not tell you guys where I got them?


Now, most of them are torrents. If you don’t know what a “torrent” is, It’s basically a program to download stuff faster, you can download it [here]. 

That’s all.

Ps. If a link isn’t working or if I’m missing something (I’m sure I am, I know I am), please [let me know]

Update 22/03/13:

  • Not working links were fixed
  • (*) More links were added thanks to the wonderful tumblr user ScarFan93!

Update 20/08/13:

  • Youtube & Tumblr sections have been updated