Dean vs. Closets

So, Dean vs. Closets. I want to list a few instances Dean has interacted with a closet, reacted to the concept of closets or whatever. Because, as you may know – or not, no judgment here ;) – “being in the closet” or “being closeted” is an euphemism for being queer but not out to the public. And guess who that could fit to? I don’t know. Certainly not me. *throws rainbow confetti everywhere* 

This isn’t to say that closets just mean that you’re irrevocably queer – we also see a lot of shots with closets where the people are hiding an uncomfortable truth. An example with Dean are in 02x20 when the knowledge that this is just a dream hides in a closet, represented by the Djinn’s victims he sees here. But it’s still worthwhile to think about.

So, let’s get this show on the road. GIFs are mine. If you find any other references, let me know or just reblog and add.

1) 05x15 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

I know he was in there with Bobby, but I still love the shot of him - and only him in this particular frame - closing the door. He’s also the one who turns the light on while Bobby doesn’t think this is a particularly good hiding spot but Dean seems to think otherwise. 

2) 05x16 Dark Side Of The Moon

Where would YOU expect a road that leads you through your heaven to the Garden? Of course, Dean thinks, it’s in a closet. Because this is where he spent all his life, amirite? And this is apparently ‘the most normal thing’. You go, Dean. 

3) 07x14 Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie

There’s a monster in the closet. It drives anyone crazy. Need I say more?

4) 08x03 Heartache

Dean is so good at being in closets, he finds a way to get even deeper into the closet. Very good, Dean. Now if you could find the way in… the other… direction… 

5) 08x12 As Time Goes By

Henry falls out of the closet, Dean is basically in exact the same position; they even stand up at the same time in the same way. Now if only Dean could fall out of the closet, too…

6) 09x05 Dog Dean Afternoon

No GIF for this one, but: A cowboy hat, leather pants. The dude’s a total closet case. Who else do we know who’s into cowboy stuff and a total closet case? WHO??

7) 09x16 Blade Runners

Again no GIF and this technically isn’t Dean, but I still find it hilarious that Dean kept Crowley ‘locked in the closet’. They certainly resolved that issue early in Season 10. 

8) 10x06 Ask Jeeves

Wow, you can have sexual relationships while in a closet? Ones that are kind of forbidden? Wow. I mean… wow. Good for you Dean to find out.

9) 11x02 Form and Void

Crowley really hates you still being in the closet, Dean. 

Bonus 1) 06x01 Exile On Main Street

Do I look out to you? No Dean, you don’t. You really don’t.

Bonus 2) 12x23 All Along The Watchtower

Again, no GIF because I only have German subtitles for Season 12, but: an alternative universe? Something like Narnia? I’m like, 99% sure that Dean already was in Narnia because he was so deep in the closet that he discovered the entrance. He knows what he’s talking about, folks. 

Bonus 3) Cockles

This is just hilarious, so here, have at it.

(One last thing: interestingly enough, in the first season Sam was the one frequently associated with closets – opening and closing them, talking about the monster in the closet. In 01x14, he even is in a closet and uses his special powers to get out of it. After that, the closet associations get dropped rapidly (with the exception of 04x14, where Sam is in a closet again in an episode which heavily foreshadows him being consumed by his powers) which is why I think that Sam’s relationship with closets isn’t associated with queerness but rather with his powers (Sam’s powers and Dean’s queerness have also been paralleled heavily in the first season). But anyway, this isn’t about Sam but about Dean, I just thought it was interesting anyway.)