‘The Minotaur’ from Michael Ramstead ( @michaelramstead ) for his solo show 'Bygone’ - opening in 15 minutes with Michael on hand until 9PM

Opening Reception:
Sat., May 24th 6-9PM

On view May 24th - June 14th in our project room and also on our site at

6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Tues. - Sat. Noon to 6PM

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Ben Sklar for The New York Times

Art Matters | Grandmaster Sachs

With his handcrafted, fully functioning boom boxes, the artist Tom Sachs celebrates a bygone analog era, and reflects on what’s been lost now that all the world’s new music can reside in our pockets.

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Bygone is a thrice-per-year, self-published conglomeration of projects I’ve been working on but haven’t had a place to gather it all together. Bygone is that place! AND ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE FORLORN FUNNIES STORE.

What’s inside? Some of the contents will be from upcoming projects, projects that fell through the cracks, discussions of various processes, and interviews with nonexistent people. There will be scripts, short stories, gags, enlarged arms, and links to secret things you otherwise won’t get to see. Probably there’s a fart joke in there somewhere. Maybe a philosopher or two.

Each issue will be 64 pages, perfect bound, full color. You can pick them up for $15 each or buy a year’s subscription for $40 (SAVINGS!). Head to the store to pre-order now! Issue 1 will be out in September, making its debut at SPX.

Every copy will be signed and doodled in, so think about what fake name you want written in there (so your mom doesn’t know it’s you’re into weird shit).

Bygone will be published in VERY small print runs, and once each issue is out of print, it’s gone. Sorry. Need a hug?

So pre-order, subscribe, but do it now. Before that other guy gets it. Herman. What’s his deal anyway?


Thank you for your Stick of The Week guesses!

A couple of you got the scale right, realising that is quite a large object. Another couple were right in thinking that it is a holder of some kind.

It is not for holding a cup or candle, but instead a live human baby! This object is an old Scottish baby walker or ‘baby runner’!

The bottom of the vertical section of wood was slotted into the floor of the house and the top into the roof beam. The baby was placed inside the hinged hoop section, which is secured closed with a metal catch. The baby could then walk, supported by the hoop as much as it liked, but only in circles! The benefit of this is that it could be kept safe from the fire and any other items hazardous to babies in the home!  

The date of our baby walker is unknown, but these were known to be used in the 17th Century.

These were often built in as part of the house. Due to this, not many survive as they would have been destroyed along with the houses themselves. 

Hats Off to Modern Milliners

For many, the word “milliner” evokes figures from a bygone era - antiquated artisans whose skill sets were passed down to them from earlier generations, and whose numbers have dwindled in recent decades. Today, their creations can come to define a person or look, like that vintage Vivianne Westwood hat has done for Pharrell Williams, or those Stephen Jones Millinery masterpieces have done for the Thom Browne runway. 

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Croatian Home (Hrvatski Dom) Erected 1939 No. 5, East Reeb Avenue, #Columbus #Ohio

This is the final shot of the Croatian House series (for now). This vantage point reveals the barren concrete across the street from it’s entrance. Reeb Avenue intersects with Parsons Avenue, a main North/South artery, in the distance. The block building is the rear of what used to be a bank with a magnificent facade on the front and arched windows along the side (now bricked over). A dollar store is seem just slightly across the way.