For The 100, Lexa’s death was particularly astonishing, as the series has grown a reputation for placing characters in deadly scenarios in which they miraculously survive – often thanks to the main character, Clarke Griffin’s, unqualified medical abilities. So why then, does one of the strongest characters of the series, see her demise in a stray bullet, left to bleed out while medical miracle-worker Clarke just watches?

A particularly cruel facet of the Lexa controversy is not simply the death of the character, but the treatment that the LGBT+ community received from the writers and show runner Jason Rothenberg. The creators went to great lengths to ensure her unexpected death: conversing with fans across panels, twitter and message boards, and coaxing them into a false sense of security as they consistently attempted to convince fans that Lexa would not die, and to ‘have hope’ for their favourite couple. Such baiting proved profitable and exceptionally strategic on the show’s part, as Rothenberg was cleared for his fourth season just before the insensitive death written for Lexa prompted a severe ratings drop.