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Hi everybody! It’s been a while since I did a follow forever and I reached 2k a while so I decided to do this one. I want thank everybody who were present in my life this year, I didn’t have that much time to spend here but every moment was important to make my day a little bright and to help me through hard days tthat are common in ours lives. I know that i don’t talk that much but all of you are important to me, because you are a part of my life. I wanna wish you all a wonderful 2017, only good things in your lifes, happiness, and a lot of football, even if your name is not on this. I love you all!!

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oh shit i reached 600 followers thanks you guys so much
i’ve been on this site for 5 years now and i don’t think i’ve ever did one of these, so i just wanted to make a follow forever because i really appreciate all of you guys

first of all a special shout out to my one and only @radiotiet, ik hou van jou jwz ntb 5ever samen 420blazeit BAE <3<3<3<3

other very special mentions are @symphonyresounding @thekingsbuccaneer @matshhoog  👌 👌 👌

bolded are my favorite blogs, whether right now or some time in these past 5 years, i included all of you(i think)

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@25thomas  @acidkatze  @aeroplaneovrthesea  @alexhamiltcn  @alexiwobi  @alltimelords  @amathemas @ameliaapond  @archbald  @ashagrxyjoy  @astriides  @azkabanished  @baederwiel  @barnesbeesandbutts @beholdthebedlam  @biglywolf  @bjthekick  @blaiseit420  @btwnrageandserenity  @buffongianluigi @bulbaslr  @byern-munich  @catalunyas  @cechh  @charmingbucky  @connnorkenway  @cqptbarnes @crouseey  @cuddlybitch  @cullensbuttwiggle  @damnrollins  @desolationrow24  @doctopus @doctoroffuturepast  @dontyouforgetaboutm  @doriantrevelyan

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@echosong  @eyesoffelina  @farenris  @fc-baes  @fc-muller @fcthomasshole @flower-punk-princess @fraud-monet  @freldn @freyas  @get-in-my-tardis @giantsuicidalteddybear  @ginevrarweaslye @gliitterbug  @granitixhaka @guillamsgirl  @haleythekilljoy  @hctrbellerin  @humanityishowlingatthemoon @ianto-inthetardis  @imagineightion  @immersudkurve @impalala  @inquisitordorkfucker  @izzybee25 @jonssnark  @jordnhenderson  @kat-the-phoenix  @kelba  @kylosvader

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@tardis-on-enterprise  @tazzypenguin  @teamredmayne  @thelinuxdemon @thenyoustoleme-and-istoleyou  @theportabledoor  @theqwibqwib  @theselovereyes  @theswahn @thingsareterrifyingbutamazing @thoumasmuller  @tonysttrk  @trauma-llama  @trebaelyan  @tylerl-hoechlin  @uglish  @undeadnerds  @velsevul666  @voldevolts @weveoutfoxedthefox  @wibbly-timecat  @wickdprince  @wildphoenixofthe80s  @wolfgangbogdnnow  @wolfgangrs  @wolvenwitcher  @yamisora  



Here it is my first Follow Forever (i’m so nervous) 💕

Tumblr is such a great place. Love you so much my lovely followers.Your posts always make my day happier. I appreciate your thoughts and amazing sense of humour. Thank you yay 👏

Now here are 100 superb blogs ✨  you guys are awsm keep going !

(Bolded ones are my favs wohoo)

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@awesomeandhungry   @arsiabsen  @arlyt24 @albarndowski @andreeacr7 
@allmadridthings @alwayscasillas @balenaldos @boomxhakalaka @bemzema  @bavariangirl-fcb @betchesmine @byern-munich @benihowedes @butterfliesmademehappyagain @becausefutbo1 @blueeyedravenclaw @crismyhoney @crismesaddict @cuteinhos @calumchambers @cutiejamesr @detroitdetroit  @eruditemonk @forever-a-madridista @football-girl15

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@garethbae11 @holgerbadstubitch @halamadrid-miasanmia @hummxlz  @halamadridynadamasx @hellograce2513 @halamadrid-ynadamas
@indie-isco  @ikercasillove @isco-ist @iscohoe @im-actually-oh-myfanfiction @keynavas @kings-ofeurope @kimmch 
@kevin–its-a-trapp @kloppos-eyes

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@lukaamodric @lahmz @lucas-vzqz @lawendowski @marchisio-s @marsisonfire  @marshthemallows @mrtslv @magisco-alarcon @mullerous @madridistaspn @mannschaftmadridista @mnlnr @miasanmadridista @manuwallneuer @mylovelymorata @mesut-and-waffles @myherogarethbale @miasanffc @meslut @madridixta  @mia-san-champions @marcelitovieira @madridized @madridonly @miesut @nachofernandez (Hey Bri💕)  @nutella-bayern

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@ozilreal @philip-lahmmm @palanquita @penaldoforever @potatonicloss  @ryangiggs-11 @realmadrid-11 @realmadrid-ismo @rmafangirl @reyesdelmundo @reddevil-darmian @rwalmadrid @realfeatmadrid @rexlmadrid @real-germadrid @realmadridforever1431 @sarahmadridista  @szalaiadam  @satansfavouritegirl @snummels  @super-manu-neuer @sampers

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