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Hey your blog is amazing and I love your Dezel. Can you please recommend me some good blogs to follow?

holy lord thank you so much anon! I’m very happy about the fact that someone actually appreciates my muse & my blog like that just !!! thanks !! Now about good blogs well thennn— 

@deleau & @elysalark & @bloodflora & @nobilitca@etheruin & @fujuun & @ultimaxelementia & @axire & @aethear & @aoxre & @akumaclawed & @rosexus & @dragoncres & @ofabomination & @melphisxisylvia & @iudicicm & @shanachic & @indivisusimber & @chosenliar & @respxrk & @tersatellus & @willandchoices & @ruinosae & @zelotae & @oathuponthelionssword & @torrentbound & @normin & @floralaeto

basically everyone ??

Hello! I was tagged by my tumblr sista @007iri a.k.a Irina (you a hottie) for the selfie bias challenge (???) I struggled choosing photos and its been a minute since I posted my face on here. cringe but i decided that imma feel my oats and love myself. 

I tag uhhh anyone of my followers. and also @katyzeigler. miss you girl, hope you’re going well. :)

ps. i had a couple people ask if I have a snapchat so here is my username: anazbananaz

add me! ok byeee

Helluuuu. I’m leaving this afternoon until Saturday.

I won’t have Internet all the time, but I set up a queue just to try this again, and I’ll come from time to time, when I’m in some place my phone works and I can use my Internet data or when I’m at the place of my best friend’s grandmother (because she has wifi. good grandma.) BYEEE ♥


So before I draw anymore Voltron Kiddie Mini-Comics I wanted to nail down their looks…

I’m starting with my favorite dork: Lance. I definately imagine him as the problem child… Next I’ll probably do my precious Hunk.

still crying over this omg, I still can’t believe this is real 

*pay no mind to me literally drawing orihime’s hair to cover ichigo’s hands, because I CANNOT HAND* but anyway i hope that everyone is as happy as me for the ending - there’s still SO MUCH that i wish we got but this is enough ( ^ u ^  ) i want to draw everything, so many things, all the things 

also, i think that ichigo gradually started to show forehead … little by little, haha, or at least that’s what i’m going with ;D 


It was said, before she wed Steffon Baratheon, no one could make Lady Cassana laugh as happily as her second brother Lomas. And even after the lady had moved to Storm’s End and wedded the stormlord, her brother would visit as often as possible.  Tülin Özen as Cassana Estermont, Kadir Doğulu as Lomas Estermont

I love those suggestion blogs

Some make me feel okay for my insecurities and others fuel my self esteem like a fucking fire. Some just bring out sides of me that aren’t really accepted by society and some just make me think. I’d just like to take the time and read through them all and appreciate the time and effort put into them. So keep up the good work you guys ∠( ᐛ 」∠). @sadsuggestion @nightsuggestion @glorysuggestion @watercolorsuggestion @rejectedsuggestion @killingsuggestion @kinglysuggestions @shiversuggestion @sorrysuggestion @apologeticsuggestions @lostsuggestion @interestingsuggestion @emptythoughtsuggestion @friendlyremindersuggestions @alonesuggestions @vanitysuggestion @highwaysuggestion @affablesuggestion @thornsuggestion @godlikesuggestion @cold-heartedsuggestion @loathsomesuggestion @musingsuggestion @halfdeadsuggestion @narcissistic-suggestion @irregularsuggestion @quietsuggestion @diamondsuggestions @distortedsuggestion @cruelsuggestions @roseatesuggestion @fictionkinsuggestion @amiablesuggestion

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