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anonymous asked:

Any Phan blog recs?

Hi anon!

I’m sorry I answer a bit late I was almost finished and then tumblr fucked up and deleted everything >:( It’s late now and I am v tired so this now is just a short list. Again, I’m sorry.

My absolute faves (that I have on notifications):

@cappuccinohowell (a kind soul, beautiful moodboards, her blog is literally perf, deserves all the hugs)

@pseudophan (wine mum and gif maker, knows everything, v funny, idek i just love Nora)

@jilliancares (best phanfiction you’ll ever read, overall cool blog, also a great person)

@writerdan (amazing moodboards, also aesthetic stuff, so sweet)

@haleykinz (phanart and phanfiction, rants, loving and understanding)

@huilens (v cute phanart, a lovely bean that I care about a lot, on a sorta hiatus atm)

Other great general dnp blogs:

@lcssamazingphil, @nihilist-toothpaste, @cringe-attacks, @phansterdam, @fallinghowell, @arcticlester, @cafephan

More awesome phanart blogs:

@maddox-rider, @incaseyouart, @amiteeka, @gryphll, @planetarylester, @hlvnshk, @alinaispandi, @vivianadichiara, @ironicallester, @beeken, @psychicmoth, @michaelakindlova, @sunnyaalisse, @wavyfoxtrot

I’m sorry these are so few but I usually only check out a couple of blogs and that’s it.

I hope I helped you a bit with this :/ Anyways, thx for sending me an ask, everyone is welcome at any time to ask me something or just chat if you want to. Have a nice day (or rather night)!


Here ya go anon!

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