I’m so very DONE with this gif I miss having photoshop and alpacadouga can eat my entire Foot.

basically, its hard to have my name on a post that says “draw the goddamn background you coward” when i rarely practice backgrounds so. here’s some studies I did today. I didn’t spend that long on them, 15 min each i think.

but here are some places from the headspace! im tired of looking at this BYE

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Very random Polish words and expressions pt1

We actually say these things but they’re all very informal so you don’t want to talk like that in class for example. 

If you learn Polish you probably know the most common ways to greet someone: cześć=hellodzień dobry=good morning/ afternoondobry wieczór=good evening. Other popular ones are: 

  • hej/ hejka/ hejoszka = hey/ hi (hejoszka isn’t a word that exists, it’s totally made up but we use it sometimes)
  • siema, siemka = hiya/ howdy
  • If you want to ask a person ‘how do you do?’ normally you’d say ‘jak się miewasz?’, ‘jak się masz?’. Instead you can ask:
  • co tam?/ co tam u ciebie?= what’s up?/ how are you?
  • jak leci? = what’s up?/ how are things going?

When you need to excuse your friends because you need to leave already you’d say one of the following:

  • spadam/ lecę/ uciekam/ zbieram się = I push off/ I shove off

eventually: muszę spadać/ lecieć/ uciekać/ zbierać się=I got to go/ push off/ shove off

For goodbyes we say do widzenia=goodbyedo zobaczenia=see you or 

  • cześć=bye
  • do zobaczyska = see ya (same situation as with “hejoszka”, “zobaczyska” isn’t a word but it sounds fun so some people say it)
  • papapa = bye/ byebye (online it often works like “papapapapapa”, just type it as many times as you can) 
  • narazie/ nara = peace out
  • trzmaj się = take care
  • Instead of dziękuję=thank you, you can use the more informal version dzięki=thanks

After someone thanks you, you probably want to say you’re welcome=nie ma za co but you can also say:

  • nie ma problemu/ nie ma sprawy = no problem/ no worries

Other common words you can hear Polish people say:

  • dobra/ w porządku = alright/ right on!
  • okej = okay
  • spoko = cool, chill
  • super = super
  • luz, luzik = chill
  • ja cię kręcę/ ja nie mogę = holy moly
  • aha = depends on the context, usually it’s used as ‘I see’
  • no = yeah
  • ściema/ lipa/ pic na wodę (fotomontaż) = fake, baloney, nonsense 
  • o co chodzi/ o co cho/ o co kaman = what’s the matter?
  • nie ogarniam  = I don’t get it (nieogar = a person who doesn’t get sth…usually everything)
  • ogarnij się! = get it together!
  • nie kuman = I don’t get it
  • nie kminie = I don’t get it (rozkmina = a process of trying to understand sth or a very random thought)
  • cykać się, mieć cykora = to be afraid of something, to act cowardly
  • strzelić focha/ mieć focha/ fochać się/ fochnąć się = to have a sulk, to get the hump, to throw a tantrum (usually for no obvious reason)
  • daj spokój/ daj sobie (sometimes ‘se’) siana/ daj sobie spokój = leave it, drop it
  • wyluzuj, wrzuć na luz, wycziluj = chill out
  • odpierwiastkuj się = bug off (attention: this word is totally made up, it’s meant to be a joke, pierwiastek means square root so it translates into something like square root yourself!; some people might not get it but it’s used)

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can you do one where luke comes home from your and you're waitung in the airport and you see eachother and you run and hug and stuff? lol that just seems cute😂 thanks xx

You sat fidgeting with your fingers and meddling with your phone while you waited for Luke. His flight landed at 3AM, which meant that except for a few fans and some groggy travellers, the airport was deserted. Luke didnt know you were at the airport so you smiled when you read his text, “You’re probably asleep but I’ve landed. I can’t wait to see you. I love you!” You decided not to respond and sat, sipping on what was left of your coffee. 

Maybe 30 minutes later, there was some activity in front of you, and you looked up, watching the 10 girls getting excited. You stood up and walked away from the fans to allow Luke his space and stood closer to the car park. You slowly heard the commotion die down and watched the fans leaving and looked up, Ashton noticing you and grinning. The 3AM quiet meant that you could hear him calling out Luke’s name and after a few seconds of whining, Luke walked up to Ashton and looked in the direction he was pointing in.

“Y/N???” Luke yelled, dropping his bags and giggling, skipping over to you yelling “WHAT THE FUCK, BABE? YOU SAID YOU WERENT COMING!!!!” before reaching you and wrapping his arms around you, pressing your face into his chest, rocking you back and forth. “I can skip one day of class for my boyfriend whom I havent seen in half a year!” you said, looking up at him and standing on your toes, “Can I kiss you?” he asked, touching his forehead to yours, his cold nose rubbing yours, making you giggle a little. You nodded, cupping his face in your hands as he pressed his lips to yours, smiling midway through the kiss, wrapping his arms tighter around you.

“Cant. Breathe.” you said, giggling again and Luke loosened his grip but kissed you again, lingering on for a few more seconds before pulling away, “I’ve missed you so much” he whispered, pecking your nose. “I’ve missed you too, Lukey. Lets get home, yeah? I’ve already got everything ready for pancakes” you said, watching the sleep in his eyes get replaced with excitement, as he waved to the other 3 and they laughed, teasing him about how whipped he was for you.


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and here we have the heathers au that absolutely no one asked for :))

also known as me showing off my shit photoshop skills

anywayy @imessedup-bettertryitagain and i were talking about this and so i went and i did the thing. ive been meaning to do this since i started this blog but i guess talking abt it w someone got my ass moving 

so here’s the cast list 

chloe is heather chandler

sabrina is heather mcnamara

lila is heather duke

alya is martha 

marinette is veronica

chat is jd

and kim and alix are kurt and ram

anyway i also know like half of these suck ass but they’re mostly the side characters and also the heathers was off broadway so there are like no hq pictures but i tried my best bye


Do you wanna get creative?
Do you wanna get creative?




Do you wanna get creative?
Come on let’s go create!
You never have time for me anymore
Come out the door
and stop wasting time!
We used to send them running
but now we don’t
I wish you would just make time!
Do you wanna get creative?
It doesn’t have to be creative

Nows not the time paige

okay bye

Do you wanna get creative?
Or send them running through the halls?
I think some time is overdue
I’ve started talking to
The calendar on the wall
How you doin’ june?

It gets a little lonely,
With out you here,
I miss hearing you tock

Please, I know you’re in there
I wanna know where you’ve been
They say “You’re creative Paige, you’ll find a way”
but it’s not the same with out you here
We only have each other
For eternity
Why won’t you just make time?
Do you wanna get creative?

do you want to hunt a monster?
c’mon let’s go today
i never see you anymore, come out the door
it’s like you’re still awaaaaay
we used to be best buddies, and now we’re not
i wish you could tell me whyyy
do you want to hunt a monster?
it doesn’t have to be a monster
go away sammy

okay bye

do you want to hunt a monster?
or dangle hex bags in the hall?
i think some backup could be overdue
i’ve started talking to some demons ‘bout a caaall
it gets a little lonely
all these empty roads
just watching the hours tick bye
do you want to hunt a monster
it doesn’t have to be a monster
please, i know you’re in there
people have been asking where you’ve been
they say have courage
and i’m trying to
i’m right out here for you
just let me iiiiiiiiin
we only have each other
it’s just you and me
what are we gonna do
do you want to hunt a monster?

I don’t even know what happened.  I don’t watch SPN.  Someone has probably done this already, anyway.

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Do you wanna get off tumblr? 
Come on let’s go outside!
You’ve been giffing Frozen for a week.
We never speak.
I can tell that it’s a lie.

When I ask you to hang out 
And you tell me 
That you have a stomachache
Do you wanna get off tumblr? 
Oh would you please just get off tumblr 
(One more post, Anna!) 
Okay bye

Do you wanna get off tumblr?
I haven’t seen you in a year!
Just close your laptop and walk out the door. 
It will be like before 
If you’d please come out here! 
(I’ll cut the wifi!)

It must get really lonely 
In an empty room 
On your own with just a blog! 
Re-blog, re-blog re-blog re-blog

Elsa? I know you’re still in there.
You’re still the person I once knew.
I’m so done trying to get you outside,
But look on the bright side
I signed up too!

We only have each other
And this website too. 
Please teach me how to gif.

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people who use “oh only complex male characters exist!! that’s why I only ship m/m ships!!” are actually the worst bye

do you know how much women-driven media there IS these days

do you know how easy it is to find a single well-developed lady/relationship to care about

y'all would wax poetic about that hot dude with approximately five lines in a movie and ignore the protagonist or dismiss her as love interest so don’t even tell me your rejection of all ladies to ship is about anything other than misogyny, internalized or otherwise, ok ok