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jill... your "the characters futures" answer.. the isak and even one.. i'm gonna... fling myself into a wall.... isak... helping people with mental disorders.. name a wing at the hospital after isak's mom... i can't.... i'm .. leaving in tears... thank u byebyee

LOOK LINNEA. It has been my head canon for FOREVER that Isak ends up doing something greater than he possibly could have ever imagined when he was a scared, angry boy. And that good thing is helping people with mental disorders. And he will forever regret the time he spent avoiding his mom, so as a final homage to her and everything she unknowingly taught him about himself, he opens it up for her.

She might not live to see it, but somewhere in the wing, he has a picture with her, isak, and even hanging up.

lmao bye

Hey guys!

I forgot Alfred’s glasses again. Anyway, to put it short, this blog will not be continued. :’^) I originally wanted to end it at the end of summer, where Al and Art will share their first kiss with fireworks booming in the background. T__T I apologize to cut the blog short-

Why? Because I simply lost interest. The story is messy and all over the place, and I’m not receiving much response or asks. Since I make up the plot as I go, I kind of rely on those to continue _(’3/

I created this blog out of whim and depression. It was mainly as a getaway but I realized that it only became more problematic as the hate grew lmao Truth is I’m too lazy to deal with them anyway so it isn’t really a big deal but it is very annoying.

Of course, I’ll still continue with my other askblogs once I have more free time, just not this one aha. Thank you for the support everyone, I had fun while it lasted! :’D byebyee

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