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➵ For my AMAZING, TALENTED, FUNNY, CARING bby @donttellme-byebye!! Tomorrow is her birthday, and this is a pre-birthday present :) A much bigger and better scenario is soo to come, so look forward. This is just a drabble without any editing, so please forgive any errors. Enjoy~

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There’s a certain joy to be had in waking up from a nap with your head humming and your stomach happily hungry. Especially when the nap is actually an entire REM cycle and a completed assignment sits in front of you.

You stretch your arms while walking to the bathroom, praying for there to be no imprints of the desk on your cheek. Thankfully, you find only a faint mark of the textbook’s edge on your forehead.

You wash your face and brush. But that’s it. Everything else after having a proper breakfast. One for the first time in weeks, too.

But it’s evident you’ll have to shower and dress up, when you throw open the fridge in readiness to make some well-deserved mac and cheese only to find an egg, two tangerines and the crusts of a pizza long consumed.

As much as you’d rather order takeout and nap until it arrives, you make yourself trudge over to the bathroom yet again, and strip off last night’s clothes.

You notice the post-it on the wall only when you’re finally blow drying your hair. Only a felt marker heart is drawn on it. What is this boy up to? You pluck it, careful of not getting it soggy with your damp fingers. A smile remains on your face even when you grab your wallet and begin tying your shoelaces.

You find the next note under the bowl of keys beside the door. On it present are two hearts and an arrow pointing at the door. Where is this silly boy?

You grab the note and the keys and head out. You lock the door and stop in your tracks the moment you take one step down the stairs. Because you just stepped on the red ‘X’ taped to the first step, and you also noticed the single blue balloon tied to the stairs leading up. The smile widens into a grin.

Once you make it up a landing, you’re outright giggling. The rest of the way up to the terrace are balloons, slowly increasing in size. You’re practically gliding up the stairs at this point.

You take exactly one deep inhale before flinging the door open with enough force to crack the plaster.

Warm hands envelope your eyes before you can process anything at all.  Delicious tingles go along your back when a voice you know oh-so-well whispers into your ear, “Morning babe, happy birthday.”

It all comes crashing down in that one millisecond and you cover your mouth with a loud gasp. Of course. You swivel around in place, and Taehyung’s hands shift position to glide over your waist. You wrap your arms around his neck, and bring your head to rest on his chest. In this one moment, both of your heartbeats match up to universal precision. It’s genuinely instances like these which bring you the most bliss.

Taking your silence as a cue, Taehyung murmurs, making your entire head vibrate while doing so, “I noticed you were so busy for the past few weeks, so I thought you’d like it to be just us for today.” You can feel his smile as he presses his lips to your forehead. You can also feel the same smile replicating on your own lips.

With tender movements, he turns you to face the terrace again. The subtle morning sun acting as the backdrop, he’s laid out a picnic enough to feed an army. You can’t help your hands from quivering from joy.

You try your best to fight the tears off and manage to croak, “Thank you. Really. I…I really can’t. I forgot. I forgot about today, Tae. And you… I…” All you can do is laugh at this whole situation.

His hands wipe away the tears before you can even realize they were rolling down your cheeks. His hands remain cupped around your cheek. “I knew you’d forget, dweeb. What else am I here for though?

The grin doesn’t leave your lips the entire day, and neither does your gratitude. You don’t know how many times you’ll have to repeat your thanks to be satisfied. But again, you have all eternity to so.


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