‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Trailer

zacharyquinto i never post paparazzi pics - but this one captures the joy of the amazing birthday morning family walk which lead to an incredible day full of gratitude and creativity and love. thanks for all the well wishes and celebration. i am thankful for such amazing fans and even more amazing friends. not to mention @milesmcmillan and noah and skunk… where it all begins and ends. thirty-nine never felt so good!!!


Finished my Saizo sketch! I know he’s not the most popular FE:if character but.. he’s.. my husband so.. too bad >_>

Will be a print for Fanime, AX, Otakon etc. Hope there are other saizo fans out there TuT

Don’t even get me started on the “you okay?” thing. The fact that Bellamy just got beat mercilessly by his own sister, the one person he probably thought would never grow to hate him that much. He literally thinks he’s a monster. Clarke KNEW that Bellamy had been on Pike’s side. She knew he wanted war. The last time she saw him he handcuffed her and she tasered him. And now Bellamy feels like he’s lost absolutely everyone…Gina, Kane, Octavia, all because of his mistakes. He thinks he’s trash. He let Octavia beat him, he lets ALIE say all the things that we know haunt him at night, he lets Niylah hit him. Because he truly thinks he deserves it…But Clarke shows up…and she’s asking him if he’s okay, and running to him at the sound of yelling, and she’s tending to his wounds and tenderly touching him. And she’s comforting him and telling him the same words that once comforted her “Maybe there are no good guys.” She’s effortlessly giving him forgiveness even when no one else can. Even when he can’t forgive himself. Clarke knows that they’re the same.