all i have to say is i’m Tired of the fanwar shit. if you don’t like bts, don’t fucking talk about them. if you don’t like exo, don’t fucking talk about them. making comparisons and saying exo fans are “cheating” on exo and “revealing their true colors” by reblogging bts stuff is immature as fuck and i don’t think exo or bts would be very proud of you for doing those things. grow up and learn to accept that people like different things.

ask-nido-royalty  asked:

Oh yesterday was your b-day? Congratulations on making a full rotation around the ball of fire we call the sun

yeah it was! :P thank you, I look forward to speeding through the dark unknown vacuum of space for 365 more days with y’all


a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Two - Part 7

The Beginning - Chapter One

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That’s a lot of hand-holding.

Please enjoy!

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans and ErrorSans belongs to @loverofpiggies!

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