reasons why the TouRabu fandom is crying rn (RIP wallet)


just some nendos, nendo petites, & scaled figures nbg. don’t forget the samurai chopsticks, gatchas, & game prizes. Who knows maybe we’ll even get a make up line in the near future


[fame flash light – give it to me.

so like. model yoongi au tho (or wave making rapper CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE OK) and jungkook photographer tho…you know the one! wherein jungkook and yoongi knew each other in childhood but circumstances separated them young and they said they’d meet again but they have no idea it will be THIS time. they probably had the biggest mutual crush on each other back in the day…actually they probably still…do. 

yoongi: what? 
jungkook: nothing uhm… 
yoongi: /glances away
jungkook: /takes like 9 photos
yoongi: …
jungkook: /coughs awkwardly/ sO um how..are…have you…been?