i am so sad

u know what i hate? how zayn said he ended up kissing liam and it was just a joke… he swore on it… and i believed that fake ho like maybe it was just a small peck while they were being goofs probably… and then liam.. liam was like no lmao zayn asked me to cmon then leaned forward and kissed me and i just wanna know why zayn did me like this

  • Winds:Good-bye marching band. Good-bye field. Good-bye uniforms. Good-bye turf turds. Good-bye band bus. Good-bye late night sing-alongs. Good-bye the only thing keeping me occupied.
  • Colorguard/Percussion:What's the indoor show? Are the costumes cool? When are auditions? When do we get results? Who wants to place bets on which World Class groups will make finals? Who going to bring Frozen to watch on the way to Dayton?