UGH OKAY SO I’m probably not going to write a fan account cuase it’ll be the same as everyone elses so I’m just going to highlight my fave parts of the concert so leggo 

  • Daehyun getting everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Himchan like three times 
  • Youngjae repeating “Happy Birthday Bro” to Himchan literally 10-15 times
  • Jongup break dancing/bboying during Spy(?)
  • Yongguks entire fan event experience, bless his cute little heart, bless the girl that got chose and curved yongguk on stage, BLESS HER DABBING.
  • Everytime Yongguk was up for his verse or just talking EVERYONE in the crowd lost their minds and screamed at the top of their lungs for him. 
  • Yongguk not being able to speak for a solid like 3 minutes at their final words cause the crowd was just losing it over him. 
  • Daehyun “be quiet, my time, calm down” 
  • The fact that no one was sitting in the entre crowd, everyone was up and dancing and enjoying themselves so much during the entire show, literally the ENTIRE SHOW. 
  • Everyone had either glowsticks or their light sticks and the crowd was just g l o w i n g 
  • someone throwing a snake hat at Jongup and him obviously wanting to wear it so bad but worried about his hair. 
  • Daehyun laughing at me when I screamed my love for him (Nope not over it, never will be) 
  • encoresencoresencores
  • Daehyun exposing his arms ;;;;
  • Zelo whispering “thank you Bro” in youngjaes ear 
  • Bar tender meme king Daehyun 
  • literally the show was a fucking life experience I will never forget 
  • me: oh wow i have so many ideas for what i can do on the easter long weekend like go to the beach or -
  • me: *remembers that star wars celebration is on the easter long weekend and hayden christensen and mark hamill will be there, interacting*
  • me: or giffing and crying

•Moriarty’s role and death has been made explicit
•The Redbeard incident has been completely uncovered.
•Sherlock is now considered “a good man”
•He remembered Lestrade’s name
•Mary had her last words
•Baker’s Street has been restored
•John and Sherlock have been living together happily and raising Rosie, while solving cases, for some time.
•There was no cliffhanger ending

There’s not going to be a season five

Jealous (Chanyeol) I hope you like your scenario!


The members, my boyfriend, and I are at a restaurant for our monthly dinner together.

I was seated in the middle of Chanyeol (my boyfriend) and Suho.

Suho and I are pretty close, we’ve known each other since little, he’s the one who introduced me to Chanyeol.

Right now, everyone was playing a game at the table. Yeah, I know, childish to be playing with our food. You can tell that to Baekhyun, he was the one who brought it up.
He said;
“Guys, let’s play a game. Feed the person next to you.” he suggested, picking up his spoon to try feeding it to Kyungsoo, who, in return, refuse to even turn to him. I started laughing as Baek turned to Chen who was next to him.

Chen took the spoon in his mouth before turning to Sehun. It went on from Sehun fed Xiumin, Xiumin fed Lay, Lay fed Suho. Suho turned to me with a grin before holding up the spoon full of fried rice to my face. I excitedly took it and turned to Chanyeol. My fork impaled the piece of cut steak in front of me, holding it up to Chanyeol.

His face showed a little something but he ate my steak and turned to feed Kai, and Kai fed Kyungsoo (who, not to my surprise, took it without question).

Baekhyun was sitting next to Kyungsoo with his mouth open but nothing came. Kyungsoo only kept eating his food.

The members laughed as Baek took some of Ksoo’s food and ate it himself, Ksoo nearly smacking his hand away.
The next day came and Suho called.

“Oppa?” I answered

“Hey dongsaeng-ah, the members want to go to the beach later, you and Chanyeol want to tag along?” he asked.

“One moment.” I said before covering the mic to the phone.

“CHANYEOLLIE!” I hollered. There was a thump heard before he came stumbling down the stairs.

“Yes, baby? Who’re you talking to?” he asked, walking up to me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Suho-oppa. He and the members want to know if you want to go to the beach later?” I passed on Junmyeon’s words. Chanyeol held a frown on his face but masked over it.

“Sure. We’ll meet you at the beach later, bye, hyung!” Chanyeol exclaimed, taking the phone from my hand and clicking ‘End call’.

“What was that for?” I looked at him. He smiled and shrugged.

“Nothing.” he replied, picking me up to go get breakfast.

When later arrived, I was getting dressed and so was Chanyeol. When I was done, I walked downstairs to see Chanyeol waiting with a towel draped over his shoulder. He took one look at me and shook his head.

“No, too much skin. Sorry, you’re going to have to change.” he stated with a stern gaze.

“Since when did my dad arrive?” I joked, not listening to him.

“Jagi, change. You’re almost naked. They’re going to stare at you. Only I can stare at you.” he begged.

“You’re practically half naked as well Chan. You don’t think I think about the girls that are going to stare at you? How about you go change?” I retorted, crossing my arms. He copied me, standing his ground.

“Baby!” he whined

“Chanyeol!” I mocked him. He pouted before succumbing.

“Fine. But I will fight whoever looks at you the wrong way.” he mumbled before we went out to his car.

Like he said, we ended up meeting the members at the beach. When I stepped out of the car, they all came up and embraced us. Well, me more than him.

“Hey hey! Hands off!” Chanyeol yelled, startling everyone. Baekhyun decided to be a little shit and wrap his arms around my stomach, resting his head on my shoulder and causing Chanyeol to glare at him.

“Baekhyun.” I warned. Baek let go, laughing before we walked to the beach. I made a move to take off the blouse that was covering my top but Chanyeol stopped me.

“No.” he mumbled.

“Chanyeol, please? Everyone else is enjoying themselves, please???” I begged him. He sighed before allowing me.

“Let’s go play!” I exclaimed, taking his hand before dragging him towards the water.

“Noooo! You go first.” he smiled innocently at me.

“You.” I replied. Without a warning, someone behind me picked me up before throwing me in the water. I came back up to see Suho laughing along side Chanyeol. I stood up and walked over to him before shoving him in as well.

Everyone started a water war. Sehun dragging Kai in. Baek tried to run and tackle Chen in but Chen ducked to the side, making Baek go face first in the water. I started laughing before someone went under me and picked me up on his shoulders.

I realized it was Suho. We had initiated a chicken fight. Baekhyun climbing onto Chanyeol and tring to fight me. Chanyeol didn’t look too amused but went along.

My stealth was better than Baekhyun’s and I shoved him off of Chanyeol’s shoulder.

“WE WON! SUHO WE WON.” I tapped Suho’s head with excitement. The two youngest were laughing.

“Hyung you were defeated by a girl.” Kai giggled.

We had a nice time at the beach before we went to our towels. I was walking next to Chanyeol who doesn’t look happy.

“Chanyeol? Are you okay?” I asked, latching my arm in his. He shook my arm off and kept walking towards the towel. I felt hurt by his actions but nonetheless followed hastily behind him. When I was close enough, I realized he was packing.

“Chanyeol, what’s wrong?” I demanded.

“Nothing’s wrong. Don’t worry about me. Go and hang out with Suho-hyung. You seem to have more fun with him.” he snarled, turning on his heels. It hit me that he felt jealous. A small smile appeared on my face.

“Are you…perhaps…jealous?” I asked, with a slight smirk. His cheeks tinted red.

“Why would I be jealous? I’m not jealous. I didn’t say I was jealous of you and Suho being cloes together. I’m going home.” he quickly said before walking to the car. All this time, Sehun was following us.

“Sehun-ah, can you tell the others we’re leaving early?” I asked of the maknae.

He gave me thumbs up before whispering;

“He gets jealous easily, it’ll work out soon. Fighting noona!” and ran off. I got into the car with Chanyeol and he drove us both home.

When we got inside, he turned to me with crossed arms.

“Explain yourself.” he demanded

“What do I have to say? I was just hanging out with my best friend and his friends and my boyfriend.” I, too, crossed my arms.

“Yeah, you hung out more with your best friend than me. How do you think that makes me feel? I feel like you want him more than me.” he asked, walking closer. I suddenly felt guilty.

“Listen Chanyeol, I’m sorry that I neglected you today, honestly. But there’s something you should know. I’m dating you. You have me, if I wanted Suho, I would’ve told you. I love you, Chanyeol. Yeah, you’re my boyfriend, but I can still hang out with my best friend.” I told him. He looked down at the floor. So I took this chance to go up and hug him, taking him by surprise.

“I’m sorry I got jealous. But please never neglect me again.” he mumbled.

“I won’t. I’ll give you all the attention I have.” I smiled. He grinned. For the remainder of the day, we sat on the couch and went through movies.


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