bye i literally stopped everything i was doing to make this


❛ i need a reasonable paying job, something like $2,000 an hour. nothing too wild. ❜
❛ idc (i do care) ❜
❛ ‘are you taken?’ yes bitch, taken for granted ❜
❛ half of me is a hopeless romantic and the other half is, well, an asshole ❜
❛ you’re yelling? at ME? the one person who has never done anything wrong ever?????? ❜
❛ you will find your home, you will find your place. you will find your people. give it a little bit of time but it will happen. ❜
❛ in order lead a happy life i’m gonna have to disappoint my parents a bit. ❜
❛ any body else here not good at anything??? ❜
❛ you can’t force people to appreciate you. ❜
❛ *puts on baseball cap* i am the dad now… ❜
❛ i fake smart.. like i’m honestly a dumbass idk shit but i know how to seem like i do.. i’m smart-passing.. ❜
❛ every straight woman who ever called her platonic friend her ‘girlfriend’ owes me $50 ❜
❛ i am a professional at misreading tones and overreacting to problems that most likely don’t exist ❜
❛ honestly if i survive the next 3 years of my life, i will be impressed with myself ❜
❛ you can’t cure sadnesses with a shower but honestly there is no purer place to suffer ❜
❛ patiently waiting for a kind soul to come along and make everything a little softer, brighter. ❜
❛ honestly i don’t even play an active role in my life, shit just happens and i’m like oh this is what we’re doing now? ok ❜
❛ no offense but if i die and no one uses a ouija board to keep me updated on memes i will literally haunt you all ❜
❛ imma start charging people for hurting my feelings $3 an hour ❜
❛ i have finally reached the age of most young adult protagonists yet my life is still uneventful??? where is my cool story??? my cool talents??? @ universe i’m pissed ❜
❛ hello, police? i accidentally stepped on my cats foot and need to be arrested ❜
❛ *tries to watch 45 minute episode in 20 minutes ❜
❛ please don’t just come in my life, take my heart and leave. please don’t do that. ❜
❛ concept: me, 10 years from now, living in a pretty house with my love, sipping a hot cappuccino on a rainy autumn afternoon. our dog curls up next to me in the window bench while our cat snoozes on the bed. i’m financially stable and i’m never tired anymore. the bees are safe. ❜
❛ i can’t believe what walkie talkies are called ❜
❛ the gorilla could have died and been done with in like a week but none of you know how to be normal ❜
❛ me: *is bitter but is also right* ❜
❛ just saw a girl in high heels long boarding to class. godspeed, my queen. ❜
❛ i’ve never belonged anywhere, i’m always just in between ❜
❛ too young for unnecessary stress, i gotta live ❜
❛ i may not be beautiful but at least i know a lot of useless information ❜
❛ i’m like always sleepy. i feel like i should be used to this by now and stop complaining about being sleepy but i can’t. always, i’m sleepy. ❜
❛ lmao no offense… but what’s the point of being mean to people for no reason ❜
❛ drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious, and most importantly, drunk ❜
❛ “alcohol isn’t supposed to taste good” buddy watch me drink the fruitiest/sweetest shit i can find and enjoy it because i don’t hate myself enough to even begin to consider drinking like.. beer ❜
❛ tfw you’re already fully aware of the unnecessary self destructive bullshit you’re doing but you can’t bring yourself to do anything to stop it ❜
❛ hey sorry for not replying i didn’t want to ❜
❛ honestly how am i gonna make it in the world???? i get a little teary eyed any time someone compliments my personality ❜
❛ true bonding is when you and your friends are all angry about the same thing ❜
❛ *touches your hand and looks seriously into your eyes* i am a piece of shit ❜
❛ lets play ‘how rude can i be until you realize i don’t like you’ ❜
❛ i love drunk me but i don’t trust her ❜
❛ hate when i am wearing makeup and still look shitty like what else am i supposed to do? get enough sleep? eat right and exercise??? as if ❜
❛ i’m not on a high horse. i’m not even on a horse. i’m face down in a ditch on the road of life ❜
❛ i hate when people ask me what i would do in their situation because 9 times out of 10 i would literally never be in that situation in the first place ❜
❛ i barely remember the last 6 months honestly like am i even alive ❜
❛ you had me at ‘hello’ and lost me at ‘i think your friend is cute’ ❜
❛ i’m pretty sure by now ‘tired’ is just a part of my personality description ❜
❛ wow i really liked that song now i think i’ll listen to it another seventy times in a row ❜
❛ ‘shit it’s 2 a.m.’ i say every day at 2 a.m. as if i’m surprised ❜
❛ i’ve been stressed out since like the third day of second grade ❜
❛ telling other girls they look pretty is like cracking a glow stick full of positivity and female friendship ❜
❛ i want to be sun kissed and also people kissed ❜
❛ about me: glowing, eating peaches, drinking wine in lingerie, not texting your desperate ass back  ❜
❛ i highly recommend never having feelings ❜
❛ due to unfortunate circumstances, i am awake ❜
❛ i’m gonna solve mysteries so fucking good ❜
❛ what did people even wear in 2008 ❜
❛ i’ll just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  my way through life ❜
❛ you know what sucks? everything bye ❜
❛ me? overreacting? probably ❜
❛ people asking me what kind of music i like is such a stressful experience ❜
❛ honestly if i survive the next 3 years of my life i will be impressed with myself ❜
❛ if you listen carefully you can hear me whisper ‘shut the fuck up’ at least once every five minutes ❜
❛ any time you like a boy just know you played yourself. always keep that stored in your mind for later ❜
❛ hopeless romantic with trust issues and a sex drive out the roof ❜
❛ what i lack in personality i make up for in…….. nothing ❜
❛ me? cancelled ❜
❛ an app that tells you how raven something is ❜
❛ be with someone who will take care of you. not materialistically but takes care of your soul, your well being, your heart, and everything that’s you ❜
❛ i love the infinite multiverse theory because that means there’s a universe where i’ve pulled every single fire alarm i’ve ever seen ❜
❛ name a more iconic duo than the lengths i’ll go to both get attention and to avoid it… i’ll wait ❜
❛ i just want to be treated very gently and smell like vanilla and wear only matte dusty rose lipstick ❜
❛ 2017 is going to be a very healing year because it’s going to force us to accept that 2007 was ten years ago not three and i think that’s the root of our collective issues ❜
❛ i just wanna do cute things with you like crush the patriarchy, fight for gender equality, and help to destroy racism ❜
❛ i may not be that funny or athletic or good looking or smart or talented… i forgot where i was going with this ❜
❛ how is 2016 already almost over?? like this bitch came in, fucked us up, then left like she gave us a gift ❜
❛ supercalifragilisticextentialcrisis ❜
❛ stop breaking your own motherfucking heart ❜
❛ co-napping is a beautiful thing. knock out with me so i know it’s real ❜
❛ *on the verge of tears* ok not that i care, but ❜
❛ it’s not you…. it’s your zodiac sign ❜
❛ i want to be loved so bad it’s pathetic and embarrassing ❜
❛ my heart is filled with hate and swag ❜
❛ ‘i don’t care’ i say, caringly, as i care deeply ❜
❛ i highly recommend never having feelings ❜
❛ we all ugly to somebody, don’t trip ❜
❛ do i have a crush or am i just idolizing this person for being vaguely nice to me? ❜
❛ my parents were arguing today and my mom said that justin timberlake wouldn’t treat her like this ❜
❛ kissing is hella rad but no one is kissing me so that makes me hella sad ❜
❛ everyone’s having their mid-life crisis at like 19 ❜
❛ there are just people out there that are the embodiment of the sun like the things they say do light up the world and make you feel warm they are human sunshine ❜
❛ dermatologists HATE me… everyone hates me. i’m so alone ❜
❛ you know when you realize and you just… realize ❜
❛ a girl can respect herself and still take booty pics wtf y’all talkin about ❜
❛ i’m not badass i’m sadass i cry about everything ❜
❛ inspired by animal crossing, i’ve started doing this thing where i mail my best friends a framed picture of myself and then never speak to them again ❜
❛ i didn’t know double texting was such a big deal?? i have a lot to say ❜
❛ can someone please just be proud of me like fuck i’m trying ❜
❛ cosmo sex tip #367: when you’re in the mood, tell you partner ‘my spidey senses are tingling’ ❜

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Pairings: T’Challa x F!Reader, Tony x Science


hi can you write something that the reader is watching harry potter WITH tchalla in secret and EVERYONE finds out and ship it - and then tchalla confess his love for her in a harry potter way like “muggle in the streets but a wizard in the sheets” PLEASE, I LOVE YOU i know that is a little cliché BUT t'challa is everything to me meow 😻 BYE 😺 

Bucky has created a chatroom.

Bucky has invited Y/N.

Bucky: Tell Thor to hand over Mjolnir!

Sam has joined the chat.


Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: Lady Y/N, please save me from these men!

Bucky: GIVE IT


Thor: Absolutely not!

Bucky: Scared I might actually be worthy? Maybe I can lift Mjolnir. Since my hand is no longer organic, maybe the elevator rule applies to me.

Sam: Damn, I’ve never thought about that.

Thor: That is nonsense!

Sam: Can I have your cape now?

Thor: Why do you want it?!

Sam: it is warm, i am cold.

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mj’s wisdom teeth removal
  • one day, mj sits down in front of ned and peter at lunch and stares at them both until they look up from their respective sandwiches and at the girl in front of them
  • “now that i’ve got your attention…”
  • she tells them that she’s going to get her wisdom teeth removed this weekend and she’s going to need someone to take care of her since basically her whole family is away and she needs a place to crash at for the weekend
  • peter offers, since they’ve already had like 9827702382189 sleepovers and it would be no big deal
  • but because ned is a little shit and would love to see mj on drugs, he decides to make it a sleepover
  • mj doesn’t think much of it because she honestly doesn’t think she’s one of those people
  • you know, the kind of people who basically embarass themselves
  • and she also needs a ride to peter’s house from the dentist
  • and peter becomes her designated driver because why not
  • anyway
  • when peter picks her up, she looks like hell but in a totally adorable way
  • she literally does not give peter any trouble at all until they get into the car
  • like literally when they get into the car,
  • she kicks her feet up on the dash and she’s like, “man, i thought that nurse was never going to leave.”
  • peter looks a little startled but he expected this because, it is mj after all
  • and then before he can start the car,
  • “so, let’s talk. woman to man.”
  • peter gulps
  • “how are you so fit!!!!”
  • “what?”
  • she imitates his voice, “what do you mean, ‘what’? you have like literally washboard abs.”
  • her hand hovers over his abs
  • peter is very confused
  • “that’s right, parker. i’m on to you, you hot piece of ass.”
  • peter is very surprised
  • he starts the car and tries very hard to focus on the road and not on what mj had just said but then,
  • “can you do a hundred push ups?”
  • “yes.”
  • “woah!!! a thousand?”
  • “maybe.”
  • she punches his arm, “what! that’s so cool!!”
  • but then she lowers her voice, “i mean, ‘do ya even lift brah?’
  • oh god this has to be the weirdest day of peter’s life
  • then, she makes this big ruckus and forces him to pull up on the side of the road.
  • and he very exasperatedly, asks her, “what?”
  • she asks him to feel the material of her shirt (which is obviously cotton, duh) and asks him what material is it
  • but before he can answer, “do you think it’s girlfriend material?”
  • and then she has the cheesiest look on her face and it’s the cutest thing and peter literally can’t stop smiling oh mY GOD
  • it’s a downward spiral from there, though
  • “peter, do you smoke?”
  • “what? mj, no!”
  • “because you’re smoking hot.”
  • somewhere along the way, peter takes out his phone and starts recording, because god, he really wants mj to watch this
  • “if you were a transformer, you’d definitely be a hot-o-bot.”
  • “are you copper and telirium? because you are cute.”
  • at one point, she even takes over recording and starts vlogging at really weird angles
  • and then peter makes the mistake of turning up the radio
  • because
  • and she’s not fucking around because she literally waves her middle finger in front of his face
  • oh and then he also discovers during that car ride, that mj can rap like hell
  • she’s also got them moves
  • and then finally stereo hearts comes on
  • and by the time they reach his apartment building, it feels like he’s been on an emotional rollercoaster
  • she surprisingly coorporates when he gets her up the lift
  • but the moment she sees may when she walks into the apartment, she hugs may and she’s like “you’re so pretty.”
  • may laughs it off but then looks at peter like
  • “:-) ?????”
  • peter explains everything and then ned gets there
  • mj goes on the biggest rant about pineapples on pizza
  • then they have a 20 minute long profound and meaningful conversation about fried chicken
  • but then she cries a lot after that
  • because
  • it takes them an hour to console her
  • and they rewatch the footage of the whole recording once she falls asleep on the reclining chair
  • they both look at her with the biggest grins on their faces on sunday as they shove peter’s phone in her face and play all the videos
some reddie headcannons no one asked for

so sara and i were talking aaaaaannnddd… these happened. we apologize for nothing.

co-written with the lovely @turtleneckrichie !!!! go follow her right now you fools

hcs about Eddie’s journey with last names <3

  • Okay but hear me out
  • Richie and Eddie end up accidentally moving in together
  • Like Richie gets his own place ASAP bc this boy loves to be independent.
  • He’s so excited to have his own house but tbh he’s a slob!!!!
  • Eddie is always over bc “RICHIE U HAVENT DONE DISHES IN A MONTH”
  • “Eds it’s only been four days”
  • Eventually Eddie just ends up sleeping over? all the time? cause Richie is so bad at adulting?
  • Eds has a permanent parking spot in the driveway
  • Yeah Richie isn’t complaining bc that’s his boy
  • At first they aren’t together
  • But u can’t just… be pals when ur constantly cleanin house together
  • Trust me it takes a special kind of love to scrub toilets as a team
  • Yeah so all the losers kinda just accept that they’re together bc… they’re meant to be
  • K so like they go on dates but they don’t call them dates per say
  • “Just 2 bros hangin out at a fancy restaurant (three tables apart cause they’re NOT GAY)”
  • “Rich stop”
  • Eventually they accept it and Eds asks Richie out officially
  • Cause Richie is still in denial like he loves this boy? How did he not know? WOW HIS EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL okay seriously how did he not realize
  • Eddie is beyond happy bc like they have their own place? And they’re boyfriends?
  • Bc as soon as they start datin Eddie is like boy BYE and ditches his mom’s place!!!
  • (Richie is hella thankful for him getting away from his mom)
  • (And Eddie’s general attitude/vibes perk up so much bc he’s not!!! In a toxic environment anymore!!!)
  • Like, they make plans based on each other’s schedules bc they wanna hang out all! the! time!
  • “Sorry Stanley I’m hanging out with Eds on that day”
  • “Richie that day is THREE WEEKS AWAY”
  • Eddie high key always makes arrangements for things for the two of them
  • Like this boy is 100% the guy who uses “we” when answering questions
  • “Eddie, you wanna go to the movies with us?”
  • “We’d love to Mike!!!”
  • “I- okay. Yeah. Shoulda known.”
  • So it’s super late n they’re snuggling in bed, bein all lovey and stuff
  • And Eddie decides that he’s gonna stop using his last name
  • “Rich, I think I wanna change my last name.”
  • “To Tozier, I hope?”
  • “Why are you like this”
  • “Yeah but seriously if you wanna do that then go for it babe!!”
  • (Eddie lowkey already made an email account w/ Tozier as his last name just to try it. He liked it a lot indeed)
  • Richie is so supportive like Eds is pretty much completely in love w him at this point
  • Even when Eddie tried to take up scrapbooking.
  • “Literally no one likes scrapbooking why are you even doing this”
  • “Richie stop it, let me focus”
  • “Can I put glitter glue all over your face?”
  • “Richie no you’re an adult”
  • He most certainly signs his book (with glitter glue, at Richie’s request) as E.T. bc those are his initials now
  • And YES Richie makes so many jokes about it
  • “You know babe, your initials are E.T. now”
  • “Richie it’s three in the morning go to bed”
  • “RICHARD go to SLEEP”
  • Eventually Eddie’s driver’s license expires and it’s time for him to visit the DMV
  • Yes, he definitely signs his renewed license as Eddie Tozier
  • “Wait, Eds, have you had your name legally changed yet??”
  • “No?????”
  • “Then… isn’t that identity fraud??”
  • “Hey Tozier, why don’t you shut up and don’t get me arrested. Just say we’re married”
  • “Okay… Tozier (:< ” *HEART EYES INTENSIFY*
  • Eddie doesn’t mention it but suddenly everything in his life is Tozier Tozier Tozier!!!
  • He even orders his magazine subscriptions w/ Richie’s last name
  • “Babe did you subscribe to… Ryan Gosling Source Weekly??”
  • “You… used my name to get magazines of ur celeb crush…”
  • “Ya and I used ur credit card so watch out for that on the bill”
  • Richie is still whipped™
  • So he’s like “well what would Eds want for our one year anniversary?”
  • And he gets AN IDEA
  • He’s like “ok let’s change Eddie Spaghetti’s last name legally” bc he actually wants him to be a Tozier!!
  • So Rich does all that legal stuff just for his Eds to have his last name be Tozier!
  • And when their one year is comin up Richie just puts the certificate in a lil box w some cute blue wrapping paper and has Eddie open it
  • Eds is like on the brink of tears he loves his boy? So much?
  • Yeah and later on they go on a nice dinner date and surprise surprise!
  • Richie gets down on one knee and Eds immediately is shook
  • Cue confused and a lil bit sad Richie
  • “BAbe i’m literally proposing what ru doin”
  • Eds WHIPS a little box out of his pocket and shoves it in his face
  • Everyone in the restaurant is laughing. So. Hard.
  • Like the whole freaking wait staff is just like “christ these two, whatta mess”
  • So they’re a mess and Richie puts the ring away so Eds can propose bc HE WANTS TO SO BAD
  • “Richie Tozier, we may already have the same last name but like, I can’t get enough of you so please marry me.”
  • “Yes of course I’m gonna marry you, Eds! I won’t let a bod like yours get away so easily”
  • “Richie literally I just proposed can you just,, not for like,, one moment please and put on the ring”
  • Richie demands his Own Proposal bc he wants to say he was the one that proposed
  • “Just think of it Eds… when my aunt asks us who popped the question we can both say “i did” and not be lying! It’ll be the perfect way to confuse my family!”
  • “Richie we just.. Got engaged u don’t have to do it a second time”
  • Richie 100% does the whole friken… stands on a chair clinkin a glass
  • “We all just saw you guys get engaged….”
  • Eddie has never rolled his eyes harder
  • “Eddie Tozier… will u be my Eddie Tozier…. But like for reals now??”
  • Eddie is just that “I GUESS” meme
  • Yeah the whole restaurant claps, again
  • (Cause Richie demanded that they all clap for them again)
  • Eddie is blushin hardcore bc his boy is so extra?? How is he so lucky???
  • Richie makes a Big Show of putting the ring on him
  • He just somehow… does… like no one understands how bc it’s just a ring??
  • But like… he is so graceful abt it and its such a Soft gesture
  • Eddie feels like a fool bc he’s fumblin so much n almost drops his??
  • But Richie just smiles n says “You got this Tozier” <3

anonymous asked:

mhm as a depressed person i'd love to hear someone say that they dont understand me and make me feel like a fucking alien. he's SOOO sensitive for being ignorant right? how can you defend him even now, you really haven't changed from the past.

*warning, long*

you didn’t read the entire fanacct, that was the first half of the first sentence. it took op 2 pages to describe the entire encounter and 5 seconds for the translator to translate one sentence, maybe less for netizens who wanted something to fight about. obviously, more happened than what you and many people are aware of.

btw i don’t want to make this personal! but please don’t be condescending in my inbox when i’ve had severe depression for the past 7 years of my life. i’m a (small albeit active) donor to active mental health research and recognition charities and a very active participant in the fight to understand, fight against, and overcome mental illness so aside from this baekhyun situation, this message is inflammatory to me as a person :/ but i digress bc those two things aren’t related so dw about it too much. i’m here to talk about baekhyun’s “situation,” not my own feelings.

don’t you think op, who was clinically depressed, would have also been offended by his words, had that been all he said? damn if he stopped right there then i agree!! but she shared the fanaccount bc it touched her, comforted her, and made her feel a bit more cheerful in that moment.


netizens who berate him for breathing took like 10 of his words out of context. it was a forum issue that people shut down. imagine if i said “i hate baekhyun, he’s so wonderful and perfect in every single way.” two opposing ideas spliced in two make for very very different situations. imagine if a netizen took the first half, translated it, and made everyone think that i literally hate baekhyun? i’m not sensationalizing this situation at all, this is…exactly what happened,.

the international translator who did this was being ignorant of her mistake, and the NETIZENS she used as “”proof””” were picking apart everything for the sake of being mean (as usual.) also, it’s not her fault alone, but i admit she had quite a big hand in blowing it up. did anyone who was supposedly offended read the entire thing? besides…i wouldn’t coin netizens as the ultimate supervisors of sensitive comments regarding mental health if you look at their track record. i’d look at OP instead.

btw this was a fansign with a very limited amount of time allotted for each person so he said as much as he could while having very little time to sort through his words. but he was sincere and heartfelt.


“i don’t fully understand depression BUT i hope i can be a comfort to you. i HOPE you can find strength.” the misconstrued first half of the sentence is actually a really important clause. why?

if he omitted the first half of the sentence it would seem like he’s evading the real topic. he used it as a disclaimer. doesn’t the internet only listen to ppl who have personal experiences with things anyway?? lmao what changed?? he said, “i may not understand it but i want to listen and i want to understand this better. just because i don’t personally experience it does not mean i can’t try my best to be a source of comfort and happiness for you.” BTW we do this all the time in english to avoid sounding insensitive…think about it for a moment. yeah.

is it not a good thing for someone to not understand the feeling of or have depression? contrary to what the internet thinks, not everyone knows everything about everything. depression is an abstract concept that’s very difficult to describe if you’ve never had it. you and i should know that firsthand. what makes this GOOD is that he handled the convo elegantly. he tried his best to convey his more sincere thoughts and tried hard to be sensitive of her situation. in this world, we’re going to encounter things that we don’t understand and it’s important that we approach it intelligently and carefully, even if we stumble around our words. THAT’S what makes it a good thing. there are too many people who don’t understand and blow it off as a phase, or blow it off as depressed individuals being lazy or weak or whiney. he’s not one of them.

this is one sentence out of many. baekhyun didn’t judge her but responded the best he could to his understanding. its not about what you say, but how you say it. that’s the sign of a responsible person who DOESN’T pretend to know more than they do. that’s humility and sensitivity even if you’re unsure of something.

he was compassionate and attentive, but didn’t treat her like a nut case. he treated her like a person and a friend. he wanted her to have strength. according to op, WHO WAS ACTUALLY THERE to witness his body language and words, said, “we ended the fansign brightly and cheerfully.” op is clearly not offended and in fact, felt brighter!!! so the atmosphere was definitely a positive one. her words, not mine.

she shared it because it was a pleasant memory for her..who the hell are we to say anything otherwise? personal experience should only have to comfort whomever is involved. what’s non negotiable though, WHETHER OR NOT you’re comforted by what he said, is that he DIDN’T SAY “i dont understand why you have depression damn girl bye!” even though that’s what headlines are saying.

again!! regardless of this essay i just typed, what is 100% objective is that he DID NOT say ‘i dont understand why you have depression” and then end the conversation right there?? he used it as a DISCLAIMER. those are the real facts because we can both read. and you can read it in the original tweet lol. AND in the clarity posts op made. you do realize.. she feels really stressed and sad about the situation. that should tell you something right there!

here’s op’s clarification post. i’m not linking her handle (most people aren’t) bc she doesn’t want random people to tweet her or talk to her anymore. 

even op’s apologizing :/ and for what!

i don’t want to make it seem like i’m angry at you because i’m not. it’s not about you or me or even baekhyun, it’s about the fact that we need to look at the full picture before acting!

i hope that you look at this situation and future situations in a more responsible manner. rumors CAN get out of hand; what’s trending is not necessarily the truth. in fact, what’s trending is usually NOT the truth because people like drama and refuse to apologize for starting it. truth gets buried under drama, ALWAYS. baekhyun thinks he did something wrong because he’s under the impression that he shouldnt have said “i dont understand how depression works BUT…..” uh no, that’s usually what you want to say to dispel the idea that you think you know more than you actually do. that’s called being aware of your own situation. that’s a fact. that’s actually a fact. i’m not trying to be funny with the fax™, that’s an ACTUAL fact, like, if you were to ask the internet of depressed people or a therapist for advice, that’s what they would generally advise you say to someone with depression. so..this is an awkward situation now 🚶🏻

and the problem is, he didn’t actually offend anyone who read the entire story, that’s why it was a non issue to exo-l’s who saw the entire fanacct.

he approached the situation as responsibly as he could, provided he was given a couple minutes to speak eloquently about something he has not experienced. you can read every research paper in the world about depression but if you don’t have it.. you just don’t understand. but we don’t NEED OR WANT everyone to understand. we just need people to be compassionate and kind. we want them to be willing to listen. we want them to be positive for us so that we may have a role model to look up to.

all WE can do now…is to be responsible for how WE consume content and look at the full picture before acting.

7 years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook x reader - Part 1

Welcome to my first ever fanfic. Lmao not really sure what to say other than please enjoy. <3

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“Y/F/N?“ Upon hearing your name, you gazed up and made eye contact with your teacher.

 "Present.” Sighing after he had moved on from you, you quickly snapped your eyes towards the scrunched up paper sitting before you. You really had no interest in opening it as you knew the general message but with the burning stare at the back of your head, you gave in and slowly reached for it. Upon opening the note, you were greeted with the typical message you tend to receive at least once a week.

 'You’re still here? Wow what a stubborn bitch.‘ 

Whipping your head around to glare at the culprit, you found her simply smirking back at you. 

 Hye mi.

 She sat back satisfied with her daily deed done. Making people miserable is something she practically lived for, so you weren’t all too surprised. The sad thing was, you both were the best of friends back at the beginning of middle school and, as cliche as it sounds, it all changed when you reached high school. From the age of 12, cheesy promises to remain best friends were made and upon reaching the age of 16 it was all thrown away.


 To put it simply, Hye Mi was a bitch. A big one. She wasn’t always but when she began to value boys over friendship, something was bound to go wrong. 

And it did.

 It took no more than a week for her to drop you and develop the handy trait of bitch. She found new friends and apparently expanded her vocabulary as proven with the impressive handful of insults she directed at you and many other innocent students. Her main target was always you and it seemed like it would be for the rest of high school. She revelled in making your blood boil. 

 But you were not a weak girl, god no. Despite you being seemingly someone who is easy to pick on, you always stood your ground no matter who it was and that sometimes was your downfall, as your anger got you into bad situations every now and then.

“Right! It’s the end of the lesson, you are all dismissed. Don’t forget to bring in your slips of approval for the upcoming school trip. Jeon Jungkook, don’t you dare move from that spot!" 

 A groan escaped said boys lips as he slumped back into his seat. Jeon Jungkook. The schools 'bad boy’. The type to uselessly skip and sleep through lessons but manage to get the top grades in the class and linger outside in alleyways fighting with other school gangs or smoke with his friends.

 You roll your eyes at his pathetic attempt to sneak out of the class. Same routine almost everyday. Gathering your things and stuffing them into your bag, you stood from your seat and began making your way towards the door. Except a figure stood in your way.

 "Get out of my way Hye Mi.” She simply tilted her head whilst twisting a brunette lock of hair. Her brows furrowed whilst she looked you up and down and then proceeded to snicker.

 "I see you’re still planning to become a nun, what with your skirt hanging low.“ Her ditsy friends giggled at her cringe worthy insult, boosting her ego and pride. You glanced down at your skirt that rested a few centimetres above your knees.

 "Just because I don’t have my skirt riding up my ass like you doesn’t mean I’m going to become a nun. Plus, at least nuns have some self respect. You should learn from them.” A deep chuckle resonated from the back of the room and you noticed Hye Mi widen her eyes at the sound. Her cheeks began to burn crimson at the sound of Jungkooks laugh. You barged past her having said all you needed to and headed towards the lockers. Once you had finished up, you shut your locker and was greeted with an annoyingly familiar figure. 

 "Hey, Y/N.“ You let out a dramatic sigh. "Go away, Jin Soo. I don’t want to see you.” Another person you disliked was Jin Soo and what are the odds that he likes to make your life difficult too?

 "You know if you weren’t so bitchy we could have actually been friends.“ You scowled at the sentence. He can’t be serious.

 "Maybe I wouldn’t be so bitchy if you hadn’t taken it upon yourself to play with me and proceed to embarrass me In front of the whole school.” Back in 10th grade when you had lost Hye Mi, you seeked comfort and coincidentally Jin Soo came along. After stringing you along for a whole 2 months, he made a scene in the school lunch hall, yelling about how he 'didn’t appreciate the stalking’ and how he 'doesn’t want to come over when your parents were gone’. That gave everyone a reason to practically bully you for the next 2 years. 

“You can’t still be salty over that! It’s been 2 years, get over it. Such a stuck up b-" 

 "Bitch? Yeah, being a bitch is my life goal so I’m not worried over that. Bye, hope you have a crappy day.” Spinning around, you marched out of the school and down the street.

 At least it was Friday. 


 Your Saturday morning was spent shopping with your best friend, Areum. You met the same year you grew apart from Hye Mi and she was there to comfort you after the scene Jin Soo had caused. She was too kind to leave you in the secluded corner of the library, crying your eyes out. Ever since then you only grew closer. 

 "Jungkook was staring at you through the window when you left school.“ "And how do you know that?”

 "Well, considering the fact we normally go home together I was looking for you in your class.“ You smiled sheepishly at the memory of leaving Areum behind. 

"Sorry, I had the usuals on my case.”

 "Understandable. But seriously, I think Jungkook likes you. He’s always nearby, analysing everything your involved in. To be honest, it’s kind of creepy…“ She trailed off at the sharp look you directed at her. You were not going to have any of this. 

 "Listen, he’s 'analysing’ so he can find the perfect way to piss me off. He already gets on my nerves with his sarcastic comments. Please don’t turn this sleepover into a typical 'girls night’” Areum sighed and threw herself on your bed. 

 "What do you suggest we do then?“ Glancing at your phone, you made a mental note of the time. "Well we could go to the shops to prepare for a midnight snack slash movie time.” Areum’s eyes lit up at the sound of that and she whipped back up. 

 "You really mean it?“ Nodding your head, you grinned at her. "It’s only eleven and the shops are literally down the road. As long as we’re back in an hour midnight snack time is still on. Go get your jacket." 

 Areum was gone faster than you could say 'you got no jams’.


 The walk to the supermarket was a short one and gathering the snack was even shorter. However, the walk back… not so much. You and Areum had only made it halfway back to your house before you spotted the subject of your earlier discussion.

 He was leaning against the wall of an alleyway (what a surprise) with the rest of his friends. One of them, a mint haired coloured one who you were sure you heard some people call 'Suga’, was crouched down with a spray paint can in one hand and a face mask on. 

 Not sketchy at all. 

 He was in the midst of spelling out BTS or something when a low whistle was heard. "Well well, what are you two doing out so late at night?” Surprisingly, this did not come from Jungkook but rather the one many called Jimin. 

Everyone’s eyes suddenly turned to you and Areum. “Just keep walking Areum.” You sped up whilst Areum jogged to keep up. Just when you thought you had made it past them without any confrontation you heard Areum yelp. 

Turning around, you noticed someone had grabbed her wrist preventing her from moving further. The name 'Hoseok’ briefly came to mind. However, your anger had already made itself present and your confidence had surfaced.

 Marching right up to him, you grabbed his arm and all but ripped him off of Areum. He simply stared at you with an offended look. “We don’t have time for your bullshit. Bye.”

 As you turned around to leave, a heavy weight latched onto you, a chin making itself present on your shoulder. “You’re such a cutie when you’re mad. I like it." 

Turning your head, you were greeted with a boxy smile from Taehyung, a boy you shared classes with back in your fist year of high school. 

 "Get off me, Taehyung.” He simply pouted and shook his head whilst wrapping his arms around you tighter. “I don’t want to, I thought we were friends Y/N?" 

"Well you thought wrong. Get the fuck off her Tae.” Jungkook was evidently pissed off with how he spoke to Taehyung. “Fine.” He unlatched his arms from around you and took a couple of steps back, his grin coming back. 

You simply stared back at him and an awkward silence settled in. It was broken when the shaking of the spray can was heard and a heavy sigh.

 "Fuck, this is why I sleep instead of leave the house. To avoid awkward shit like this.“ Suga then continued his piece of 'art’ and you took that as your cue to leave, grabbing Areum on your way. 

 "Don’t I get a thank you from saving you from this idiot?” Jungkook called after you whilst Taehyung let out an offended 'hey!’. 

“Hey! Where’s my thank you?”

 "Maybe when you stop wearing your ass as a hat.“ You replied, speed walking down the street. If you had bothered to turn around you would have seen the satisfied smirk that made itself present on Jungkook’s face. 


I……. Actually kinda wish I didn’t wake up this morning so I wouldn’t have to see these replies.

@un-desir-able congrats on being the 100000th white woman I had to explain this too. Maybe tumblr had that confetti effect for a reason. 

1. When we say “white feminism” we’re not talk about a feminist who happens to be a white woman. We’re talking about a white woman who claims she’s a feminist, yet she excludes woc and trans women. If you’re a white woman and you include those groups within your feminism, then the term “white feminist” doesn’t apply to you. You’re just a….. regular feminist who fights for the rights of ALL women. It’s not that hard to understand. 

2. “I’m white as hell and I care about every single race and gender”, no you don’t. Because if you cared you would have read the post, understood, and moved tf on. Instead, you felt the need to put in your 2 cents as a tactic to cover your own ass and disregard everything I said. You don’t care about woc, you care about yourself and your own reputation as white woman. If you don’t wanna be associated with these white racists then…. don’t be a white racist. 

3. “Don’t ya’ll get that saying “white feminism” is the exact same as saying all black girls are ghetto??? Or that all Muslims are terrorist???” 

Haha ummm……. not even a little close……….. No. 

Please do not compare being called a “white feminist” to something poc are literally MURDERED over. Sis, you are not going to get killed by a police officer for being called a white feminist, you are not going to get killed by some crazy neo-nazi KKK freak for being called a “white feminist”. The least you will get is a little critique from a lady like me. Sit down, and stop comparing apples to oranges. 

A lot of white girls in my ask have been asking me “what can I do to be a good ally?” well, don’t be like this girl. 

Listen to us, let us educate you, don’t step on us in order to make yourself feel right, don’t make it about you. When a woc makes a post like this, you need to listen. But if you feel the need to put in your 2 cents, feel free. After all this is America and you can say whatever tf you want. But don’t be all surprised when a woc retaliates with some juicy ass receipts. 

Birds Make the Best Wingmen

When Stiles invites Derek over for dinner on their second date, it seems that Stiles’ pet parrot is determined to ruin his life. Then again, maybe birds actually make the best wingmen… 

aka: 3-in-the-morning-me read an unrelated text post on parrots and happened to be making sterek icons, and went hey, sterek plus parrots!

“Dude,” Scott sighs. “If it makes you this nervous, just don’t do it.”

“Excuse you?” Stiles scoffs. “Don’t go on my date with Derek? Is that what you just said? You’re not going to make me give you the speech on his eyes again, are you? Because I have it memorized, man, and-”

“No, no, no!” Scott says, waving his PS4 controller wildly. When his Titan gets shot, he mutters, “Worth it. I just meant that if you don’t want to have him over here, then don’t. Go out somewhere instead.”

“I can’t,” Stiles groans. “You know I can’t. He cooked me dinner for our first date, so I have to cook him dinner for our second.”

It’s only fair, really. The only problem is his and Scott’s apartment is a mess, his cooking skills are mostly limited to super healthy and not-date-worthy stuff for his dad, and—though Stiles doesn’t view it as much of a problem, considering the number of nights Allison has spent here—Scott’s being sexiled for the night. Technically Stiles told him he could stay in his room, if he wanted, considering the worst thing they’ll probably do tonight is kiss, but thankfully Scott was much more into the idea of making out with Allison than listening to Stiles potentially make out with Derek. 

“Look, it’s pretty clean in here for two college guys,” Scott reasons, for the tenth time today. Stiles is pretty sure it’s just because he doesn’t want to stop playing Destiny in favor of vacuuming. “I seriously doubt he’ll care if you order takeout, anyway. You just gotta chill. Right, Iago?”

“Right, Scott!” Iago squawks. “Right, Scott! Right, Scott!”

Scott had taught Stiles’ parrot to respond ‘right, Scott’ anytime he hears ‘right, Iago?’ two years ago, and still takes far too much pleasure in having a bird agree with him.

Stiles feels very little sympathy when Scott gets gunned down again as he beams over at the cage.

“Scott’s an overly-optimistic knucklehead who doesn’t understand the woes of us normal people who aren’t dating our first love five years later, right, Iago?” Stiles asks.

“Right, Scott!”

Close enough.

“Nice place,” Derek says, hanging his jacket on one of the hooks by the door. “And dinner smells great.”

“Ah, it’s nothing,” Stiles says, despite having slaved over the stove for three hours. “Lasagna. Here, c’mon, let’s sit down.”

Derek follows him to the living room, but when he sits down on the couch, Derek doesn’t join him. Instead, he walks over to Iago’s cage, peering in.

“You have a parrot?”

“Oh, yeah,” Stiles says, adjusting himself so he’s facing them. “His name’s Iago.”

“Does he talk?”

“Yeah, actually. It’s kinda awesome. He only understands about as much as a dog, probably, but if you say something enough times he’ll start to repeat it, and he understands a few basic things. Like, um- Iago, hello!”

“Hello!” Iago squawks.

Derek smiles–the amazing, warm one that makes his eyes crinkle—and Stiles never wants it to go away. And if that means playing with his bird instead of making small talk? Well, he’s not going to complain.

“Iago, this is Derek,” Stiles says, even though he won’t really get that one.

Unfortunately, he does seem to remember the word ‘Derek’.

“Derek is the best!”  

Stiles’ eyes practically bug out of his head, because that’s actually something he says all the time, and the last thing he needs is for Iago to start parroting everything he’s ever heard about Derek, because… no.

Derek glances over at Stiles, eyebrow raised.

“Just a trick we taught him,” Stiles explains, with a nervous laugh.  “If you say ‘this is someone’, he’ll say they’re the best.”

He stands and rushes over, grabbing the towel they use to cover Iago’s cage before Derek can get a chance to test that lie.

“Say bye, Iago,” Stiles says, draping the cloth over his cage.

“Bye! Bye!”

Crisis averted.


“He’s cute,” Derek says, as Stiles ushers him over to the couch. “He’s named after the bird in Aladdin, right?”

“Yeah, he’s great,” Stiles agrees. “And yep. How’d you know?”

Derek’s awesome, but something about his leather jacket and black Camaro doesn’t give off much of an I-watch-Disney-movies-in-my-spare-time vibe.

“I’ve got a lot of nieces and nephews,” Derek says. He smiles again at the thought, which is far too adorable. “I’ve seen every kids’ movie more times than I can count. Or would even want to count.”

“Aw, that’s cool. I’m an only child, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott and his girlfriend start planning-”

The ding of the oven cuts him off.

“Um, gimme one sec,” he says, patting Derek’s knee–don’t ask why, dear God, he has no idea why—and getting up to check on dinner. “Be right back.”

Stiles takes the pan out of the oven, setting it down on the countertop.

“Derek?” he calls.  

“It’s ready?” Derek calls back, at the same time Iago repeats, “Derek!”

“Iago, stop it!” Stiles orders, poking his head into the living room.

“Stop it!” he echoes. It’s another of his favorite things to say, unfortunately. “Derek! Stop it! Derek!”

“Sorry, Derek,” Stiles sighs. “He’s a jerk sometimes.”

“It’s fine,” Derek says, standing from the couch. “Not a problem.”

Before he reaches the kitchen, though, Iago interrupts again.

“Derek! Derek! Derek is so hot!”

Derek freezes. Stiles freezes. Iago, unfortunately, does not freeze.

“Derek is so hot!” he repeats, from underneath his towel. “Derek is so hot! Derek is so hot!”

Stiles’ cheeks are probably as red as Iago’s feathers.                  

“That another trick?” Derek asks, raising an eyebrow as the bird continues his ode to Derek’s hotness in the background.

“I- uh…”

“Or just one of the things he picked up by repetition?”


Stiles is going to die. He is actually, literally going to fall on the floor and have his heart stop beating from sheer embarrassment.

Or he would do that, except then Derek winks.

He fucking winks, then smirks, then walks back over to the birdcage, pulling the cover off.

“Derek is so hot!” Iago repeats vehemently upon its removal. “Derek is the best! Derek is so hot!”

“Stiles is so hot,” Derek tells him seriously.

Stiles gapes at him, but Derek doesn’t even look over.

Stiles is so hot,” he says again. “Stiles.”

“Stiles is so hot!” Iago agrees. “Derek is so hot! Stiles is so hot!”

“Smart bird,” Derek says, finally glancing over at Stiles.

He’s smiling again, and Stiles decides he very well may die, but perhaps not for the reason he thought.

When Scott gets home the next day and asks how the date with Derek went, only for Iago to squawk ‘Derek is so hot! Stiles is so hot!’, he flops down on the couch, muttering, “I take it back. I don’t even want to guess what that’s about.”

The Five Things You Know, and the One You Don’t

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2567

A/N:  back for round twoooo…..I feel like we all need some Bucky fluff right now

Originally posted by seabasschino

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anonymous asked:

alright, i gotta know just how embarrassed everyone is if MC catches them indulging in a little self-pleasure~



- omfg when you walk in, he’s so embarrassed!!!!
- his face is all red  and he’s try to pull his pants up and hE’S KNOCKING EVERYTHING OVER
- you’re just kinda standing there like “it’s totally normal for humans to do this??? It’s totally cool dude”
- but then you glance over at his phone and you figure out why he’s probably freaking out
- MC why are you surprised you’re his significant other???
- bruh now you’re extremely embarrassed
- you’re both these cute little blushing balls (sounds kinda dirty)
- you compose yourself though and say “why do you need to look at a picture of me when you have the real thing right here?”
- you give him a little wink before you saunter over to him
- you know how this ends ;;)))
- you and Jaehee have very clashing schedules, so you’re usually super lucky to have two weeks a night to yourselves???
- so it was kinda normal for her to indulge in a bit of self pleasure without u jaehee aint waiting for nobody on this sex train
- but when you come home because your boss gave the day off???
- oh god she’s so horrified
- you already knew she did this but to be caught in the middle of it???
- but nobody can stop Jaehee when she’s turned on
- so on the inside while she’s mortified, she looks so calm and collected on the outside
- “Oh, you’re finally home, MC, I’ve been waiting for you~”
- and oh my god you’re so embarrassed and you just start blushing right away
- She slips her shirt off and you just kEEP STARING
- You can’t move she’s too hot she’s gonna kill you
- You almost pass out, this is gonna be a very good night
- okay well we know how noble and overdramatic this boy is
- so when you catch him, he’s not only really embarrassed
- he is terribly disgusted with himself???
-It’s okay honey 626 will forgive u if u cut ur rat tail off
- and while he’s apologizing, you’re kinda thinking “wow he looks really good on his knees? It’s kinda hot???”
- “Hey Zen, take my pants off”
- “..what?”
- “If you’re going to apologize, I’d prefer you do it with your tongue”
- Dom MC gives me life ;;)))
- honestly this is no biggie for him
- like you walk in on him and he just stares at you expectantly
- “I’m not gonna stop, you can either join or leave”
- “I’d prefer if you got on your knees tho” wiNK WONK
- it’s a start to a very hot night tho ;)))
- he’s insanely embarrassed but he’s gonna try to be smooth like jumin
- he doesn’t want you to realize how embarrassed he actually is
- He gives you the Flynn Rider smolder
- “You’re going to help me, MC”
- you just kinda stare at him like ??? bruh you am tired u do nOT HAVE THE TIME
- “Nah I’m gonna leave bye”
- omfg you thought Yoosung was embarrassed??? Saeran’s reaction makes Yoosung look like a Daddy
- his whole face turns red
- he’s still trying to find himself sexually and he doesn’t want you to judge him???
- you just quietly put down the cookies you baked for him and say “Hey, it’s okay, I’m definitely not gonna judge, I do it too”
- you don’t want him to feel bad about it and you definitely don’t want him to feel pressured <3
- you totally don’t think about him later that night, nope, didn’t happen
- you would think that V of all people would be embarrassed, like he’d probably pull a Zen and get on in his knees for forgiveness
- but nah
- he’s much more smooth than you would think
- “would you like to join, MC?”
- you’re just stuttering and blushing and you trIP
- this anime boi picks u up princess style and carries u to ur bed

I just love you that much // Alex Ernst Smut

Pairing: Alex Ernst x Reader

Requested: yes “ Hello! Could you do an Alex Ernst imagine? Where the reader is really famous and Alex and her are dating. The reader is doing a show at the Staples center and Alex and the entire squad go watch because they love seeing her perform and all the girls are like talking about how good the reader is doing and stuff like that! Also could you add some major Alex fluff??💗 “ -unknown

Plot: You’re a famous singer, you’re dating Alex. You have everything you’ve ever wanted in you life. As you’re about to go and do your show in Staples center something happens …

Warning: swearing, fluff, kissing, sexy talk etc.

Word count: 1 918 (shorter than I expected)

Age: +15

A/N: I’m back again and posting as often as I can. I’m planning on doing a Q&A day every Thursday, posting at least one story every week and just being more active in here as my blog is literally growing everyday and I want to keep it that way. So follow me for more smuts, imagine oneshots etc Enjoy! xox

I do not own that picture! Also I just made up those song lyrics so there’s that.. :D xx

Sometimes I think, why me? What did I do to deserve this? All my success, all my friends, my family, my fans and of course me loving boyfriend. He’s really and angel. He’s always so supportive, protective, loving, sweet, sexy and so much more. I really love him.

We’ve been together for a year now and it has been nothing, but amazing. We met, when Liza started dating and my music career basically exploded. I’ve been friends with Liza since like we were maybe 10 or so. I moved here, to LA and I had no friends, but her so she introduced me to her friends and that’s how I met Alex.

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School trip

||Featuring pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil along with the classic daddy kink||

Dan had always known Phils weakness. When the cute pastel boy wore a fucking skirt and thong whenever he’d go to cheerleading.

Dan was rather small so of course the cheerleaders got to throw him in the air. And Phil made sure to get the seat where Dans skirt lifted just enough to see Dans ass.

But Phil was the absolute opposite of Dan. Most likely the reason they were enemies. But when Phil was on the field playing football and Dan just gave him a lust-filled gaze, he would lose his fucking mind.

Because Phil could get so hard for that boy so fast.

It didn’t help that at any time Phil could imagine Dan bending over for him, precum leaking from his swollen cock and his pretty pink asshole just begging for attention.

So when Principal Westwood told the opposites that they had won a trip to Tokyo because they had won a story competition. They were thrilled.

Until the pudgy man told them they didn’t have enough money for separate beds. Phil lost it.

“Are you fucking serious? I have to share a bed with a chick? Isn’t that against the rules?” He complained, gesturing to small Daniel.

“Oh don’t get me started, Lester! You think just because you’ve got tattoos and piercings you’re the king!” The brunet defended.

Mr.Westwood sighed. “Boys, if you don’t get along then we’re gonna have to cancel this trip for both of you.”

It was torture to the two. They had never been outside of their country so going to Tokyo was amazing. Dan decided to be the bigger person and just flat out left the stuffy office.

Phil bit his lip and walked out of the room, nervousness swallowing him as he climbed onto his motorcycle and drove home to pack.

The trip was tomorrow, that is.

Dan squealed.

He was going on a trip with Phil Lester. They guy who could literally take anyone’s V-card and they would give no fucks.

Dan decided to play tease with the poor boy, packing only skirts that didn’t even go down mid-thigh and dark colored thongs to contrast from the mostly colorful skirts.

Of course Dan wouldnt let Phil know that. So for the next day, a t-shirt, skinny white jeans (that clung to Dans ass), and a flowercrown would have to do.

Phils head was filled with Dan doing whatever and everything he could imagine.

It was spring and it’d be hot. And Phil just loved showing off his biceps. So to drive Dan just a little insaine. He only packed black skinny jeans (that showed off the large bulge in Phils pants) and tank tops of all varieties.

This was gonna be a fun week.

*                  *                *

This was gonna be an awful week for Dan Howell and Phil Lester.

Neither of them knew what the other had packed or what was up their sleeves.

Because Dan did something completely different from skirts the next day and Phil had dressed casually.

Something in Phil knew about Daniel. He knew that he’d try and tease him anyway he could. Break him, watch his pray for Dan to be riding his cock.

Phil shook his head and walked up to Dan, setting down his suitcase and wrapping his arms around the others waist.

“What’s up, Howell.” He asked, the words seemed to come from his so easily now, the word Howell rolled off his tongue from using it so much.

Dan detached Phils arms even though he wished they would move lower and rub his thighs, play with his cock, fuck him senseless right there in the god damn airport.

Dan dismissed the thoughts as he crossed his arms and looked up at him. “Phil. Glad to see you aren’t dancing around trying to fuck people now.”

Phil chuckled and fuck did it sound good to Dans ears. You see, Phils voice could go from ‘normal’ to unbelievably sexy in three seconds.

His voice was like a gods.

“Oh Daniel…” Phil whispered as he took a step towards Dan, leaning towards his ear and smirking. “I know you’re a slut, always wanting to ride on a cock, but I’ll have to ask you, please don’t get too horny on the flight, we can’t have sex while we’re up there.”

And with that he was gone, his suitcase was attached to his hand and he was waiting in line for the flight. Phil was right. He wanted a dick in him always. He was a virgin but he was not innocent. At all.

Dan took his things, walking onto the plane and quickly trying finding his seat. “Daniel.” I voice snapped, and he knew exactly who it belonged to.

He walked towards Phil, who was standing in first class and waited. “They got us first class seats, the only problem is that it’s a fucking single bed.” He whispered harshly.

Dan shrugged. “But Philly, that just means we have more room for tonight.” He commented, walking past Phil and jumping into the bed.

Phil shook his head, running his tongue over his lips. This was gonna be a long flight but it would be good.

Phil sat on the bed, pressing a button that put up walls, excluding them from the outside world.

“Fancy. I thought you’d have to ride me with everyone to see. But you wouldn’t mind that.” Phil mumbles, putting a hand on Dans thigh and rubbing lightly.

“Oh fuck off Phil.” He hissed, getting rid of the hand and pulling a blanket over his waist.

It was now night and Dan couldn’t stand it. Phil was awake and doing whatever entertained him.

Soon Dan fell asleep and Phil didn’t have anything to do except stare at Dans pretty ass (which he didn’t mind that much).

It was only thirty minutes since Dan felt asleep and he was whimpering. Phil looked over, furrowing his eyebrows and wondering what was going on.

His eyed widened when he had seen Dan ontop of his pillow, grinding his hips down into it as another whimper escaped.

“P-Philly… O-oh y-yeah…” he swore he heard Dan moan. Was… was Dan having a wet dream about him?

Yes. It was obvious. The grinding, the moaning, the whimpering. Phil didn’t know what to do, but he was loving every second of it.

He tore his eyes away from the boy but in the next second, Dan was on him, his arms hooked around Phils neck and his hips grinding into Phil.

“P-please d-daddy… n-ngh… i-I need y-your c-cock… p-please!” He begged. Phil sighed, he couldn’t wake up Dan and he couldn’t just leave him like this.

So Phil did what anyone would do.

He stuck his leg between Dans leg, pushing his thigh up into his erect cock and gripping onto his ass. “Such a pretty little whore. You want Daddy to fuck you into this matress? Right now infront of all these sleeping people?”

Dan the his head back and Phil could feel the small boys cock twitch. “You want Daddy to ram into you, destroying your pretty pink hole and having everyone watch you, moaning and withering under me as I mark you as mine.” He growls into Dans ear, smirking and caressing Dans ass.

Phil stopped all together after a few seconds and Dan practically died. “P-phil! P-please! I-I need y-you! I-I n-need to c-come, p-please d-daddy!”

Phil was determined to at least make Dan come into his pants. It would embarrass him and Phil could tease Dan all about it in the morning.

He climbed ontop of Dan, leaving soft kisses down his neck. “Tell daddy how much you want him. How much you want me to play with your cock.”

Dan cried out as Phil grinded his growing erection into him, and using one hand to reach up his shirt and play with one of his nipples.

“O-Oh g-god! P-phil i-im S-so close!” Dan begged, bucking his hips up desperately.

Phil stopped everything he was doing, leaning to Dans ear. “That isn’t my name, baby boy.” He growled, suddenly rubbing their erections together.

“D-daddy!” Dan moaned as he came, panting and shivering for a while while Phil kissed up Dans stomach. “I’ll punish you tomorrow for coming when I didn’t tell you you could. Twenty spanks from daddy, got it my whore?” Phil spoke harshly, climbing off Dan as he nodded frantically.

“Good.” He rolled into his side and pulled Dan close to him. “I can’t wait till you wake up…” Phil mumbles, pushing his leg between Dans thighs and rubbing painfully slow as he fell asleep.

* * *

||This is an old fic i wrote that’s literally the worst ever but… yeah. If you want a part two then i’ll write one?? Trust my my writing has improved since then ok|| ||also sorry it’s so short oki bye||
Fucking Idiot

Series: Dog Mom Life

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Cute Fluffness & Swearing

(you should know by now that I swear all the time in my imagines lol)

Word Count: 1,000

A/N: Sorry I posted this late but I love you all!! I really wanted to type something about his nose getting broken for a second time.

me working on future posts like v

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[Reader’s POV]

  Today you were walking Tessa out in town for a little while. You needed to be out and about since it was healthy for the baby. Of course people snapped pictures which made you uneasy without Tom. One man came close and Tessa barked at him to make him go away. She was protecting you and the baby.

   You had an hour before Tom’s flight would land so you thought this opportunity would be great. Harrison wasn’t responding to your messages since he told you to stay off of social media. His warning was it could harm the baby if I got stressed. Of course you wanted to look but you took Harrison’s word for it.

“Hey your Tom Holland’s wife right?” a teenager asks coming up to you and Tessa. Giving her a smile you nod.

“Can I please take a picture with you?I-I mean if you don’t mind, My friends will never believe me” She gushes pushing up her glasses. Freckles adorned her cheeks, your heart wanting your daughter to be sweet as this.

“Of course love get your phone out” She pulls her phone out of her bag while you tell Tessa to sit. She angles the camera so all of you are in the frame. Tessa’s tag was wagging and hitting your ankle.

“Thank you so much! You’re going to be a great mum, Tom is lucky to have you! Bye Tessa, tell Tom Roxy says Hi!” she waves before walking down the street. Her backpack bouncing as she ran towards the bus that pulled up to the curb.

“Alright Tess let’s go stop at the store real quick and pick something up yeah?” Tugging her leash a bit we head towards a grocery store. Thinking you wouldn’t get too much because you had to carry it all back.


[Tom’s POV]

“Mate how bad is it? Do you think she’s going to freak out?” I ask Harrison opening up the camera on my phone. Looking at my reflection I cringe at the sight. My gaze moving to Harrison with fear in my eyes.

“Dude it’s so bad, she’s going to flip her shit… you know it’s going to be worse since she has all those extra hormones thanks to the baby…” Harrison laugh before looking back at his phone. Rolling my eyes I feel a pain of guilt from lying to her.

   Recently she texted me asking if everything was okay because of what Harrison said to her. Yet in reality everything is not okay. My face is swollen, it’s bruised and sensitive to the touch. I couldn’t even cover it with makeup. I miserably failed at trying to cover it up and just gave up in general.

   I FaceTimed her before I broke my nose on set that day. We were wrapping up week two of Chaos Walking and I fucked up again. My fans gave me so much shit for it. Literally a walking meme,I saw so many memes about me. I still get teased about not saying croissant right. Quackson will forever be the meme of my existence.

“I told her not to check social media so she wouldn’t stress out because I’m not losing my goddaughter to you being careless on set Tom” Harrison remarks sending a quick glare to me. Harrison hasn’t looked at me like that before.

“You’re exaggerating, I couldn’t possibly cause that” I deny looking at Harrison as if he was insane. Me be the cause of my daughter’s death?

“It’s possible Tom, women who are pregnant and go through high amounts of stress can lead to a miscarriage.. I swear I’ve done more research than you mate” his tone laced with seriousness but teasing me. I couldn’t tell if he was more serious than teasing me.

“Shut it Harrison, I’m the father of this baby.. I’m supposed to know more here” I say pulling my phone out of my jacket pocket. Opening up my instagram and taking a scroll through. Another text message pops up on my notification bar.

Love of my LIFE:

Tom are you sure everything’s okay?


Yeah everything’s fine love, see you in a few hours.. Give Tess a kiss for me and I’ll see you tonight for dinner with the family since I’ll only be home for two days..

Love of my LIFE:

Met one of your fans today, Her name is Roxy and she says hi! I’ll make sure dinner is ready for everyone tonight. Love you xx


[Reader’s POV]

“C’mon love let’s head inside so we can get ready for everyone coming over..” Ushering Tessa to walk into the house. Carrying the bags inside the house and setting them down real quick. Standing back up straight you lock the door behind you.

   Leaning down to reach for the bags and groaning because you can’t reach them. Squatting down and grabbing the bags. Swearing underneath your breath because now you can’t stand back up.  Placing your hand on the door handle you manage to pull yourself up somehow.

   Tessa walks by tilting her head looking at you struggling. A laugh escapes your lips cause she looks so damn cute. Tom was normally the one to help you up but now that he’s been gone filming it’s been harder. You’ve had to adapt to doing things without him around.

“I wish you could be human sometimes” you sigh once you’re fully situated and not feeling off balance. You were currently three and a half months pregnant and luckily your bump wasn’t huge. Your mother had a huge bump but luckily so far you haven’t exploded.

    Time went by quicker than you thought as you made dinner in the kitchen. In between everything you set up the table with the essentials. Setting wine glasses out for Tom, Nikki, and Dom. You couldn’t wait to have alcohol again but that wouldn’t be for a while.

   Stirring the sauce in the pan and a separate sauce in case anyone had an allergy to mushrooms. You couldn’t remember which of the twins couldn’t have it so you just made two sauces. Paddy preferred marinara sauce but he called it “Red Sauce.” You never made Quinoa because Tom was sick of it ever since he could only eat that on a diet he had for a film.

    You were turning into a mom and were remembering what people liked and didn’t liked. Only reason is because you’ll have to do that when your daughter is born and as she grows up.  Your phone starts ringing making you come back to reality. Taking it off the charger you answer it bringing it up to your ear.

“Ello love, we just picked up Tom so we’ll be there in an hour okay? Traffic got crazy because of the fans knowing Tom was coming home”she explains through the the conversations going on in the background. You could hear Sam and Harry insulting each other and Paddy’s laughter.

“You two knock it off! Your mum is on the phone” Dom’s voice stern making the car go silent. Nikki thanks him for getting them to be quiet.

“That’s fine Nikki, I just have to finish the pasta and another dish so everything should be ready by then” your hands busy as the vegetables are being cut.

“I love you Darling! Ow Paddy stop!” you hear Tom’s voice in the background making you smile. Paddy is probably doing something and probably pinched Tom. Not thinking much of it you say I love you too before hanging up.

[Tom’s POV]

“Your face is fucked” Sam snickers pulling out his phone from his pocket. He takes a quick picture making me upset.

“Fuck you Sam, I’m already scared as it is..”

“Yeah scared of your pregnant wife” Harry’s laughter is joined by Sams. Rolling my eyes from their annoying comments.

“Tom did you not tell her about your nose?” Paddy asks re zipping his jacket up. Nodding my head Paddy’s eyes widen.

“But.. Tom lying isn’t nice” I was getting chastened by my youngest brother, great.

“If she swears at you I won’t be surprised” my mum turns in her seat to look back at me. Guilt growing in my chest, thanks everyone.

“Mum.. I was just trying not to freak her out” I defend myself huffing a breath out looking away from her gaze.

[Reader’s POV]

   Sighing in content when everything was done. Tessa was roaming around the kitchen looking for food that may have fallen. Heading up the stairs carefully towards our bedroom. I go to the closet to change my outfit since it had flour on it.

     You spilt flour on yourself when trying to make cookies for the boys but mainly Paddy. He loved the cookies you made and would come over sometimes to make them with you. The boys would come over to check on you and the baby when they could. His brothers have such a sweet side to them when they aren’t messing with Tom.

   Pulling another pair of maternity leggings on and grabbing a tank top out of the dresser after. Going to the closet you pick out a gray cardigan and slip it onto your arms. The fabric warming you up, the draft in the house made you chilled. Another reason why you missed Tom being home because he is so warm at night.

   Looking at yourself in the mirror and turning to the side. A smile on your face as you see your bump, it’s so damn cute. Heading out of the room you head back downstairs. Tessa following you everywhere you went. She was like your own personal guard dog when you were home alone.

   Tom’s voice comes from the foyer of the house. Reaching the last step with Tessa she jumps over to Tom. Nikki walking in with some flowers, a smile on her sweet face. Dom walks in waving at you before taking his jacket off. Looking back at Tom’s face you see his skin around his nose is bruised and swollen.

“Thomas what happened to your face?” You ask placing your hands on your hips. He slowly looks up from Tessa giving you a small smile. Sam and Harry coming in , their conversation ending.

“I uh.. Fuck. I broke my nose on set darling” Tom explains making panic flood through your system.

“You fucking idiot, that’s the second time you’ve done that.. You lied to me what the hell” annoyance in your tone but who are you kidding? You weren’t that surprised he broke it again.

“Fucking idiot” Sam and Harry say simultaneously making Tom groan. The boys laugh high fiving each other. Paddy stumbles in looking at everyone laughing at Tom. 

“Hey, what did I miss?” he asks, eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. Nikki ruffles his hair trying to stifle her laughter.

“Let’s just say Tom learned his lesson for lying” she explains leaning down and kissing Paddy’s head.

“Alright everyone go serve yourselves, food is in the kitchen.. Also Paddy I made some cookies for you” you smile over at him. He takes off towards the kitchen followed by Sam and Harry.

“Tom why did you lie to me?” you ask stepping down from the stairs. He stands up walking over to you once everyone is in the kitchen.

“I was embarrassed okay? I’m really sorry love.. Can you forgive me?” Tom’s eyes looked pained and you felt bad. Ugh these hormones flip on and off like a switch.

“I can forgive you, but you have to put an ice pack on that right now.. Don’t be stubborn or else” You point your finger at him sternly. Pecking him on the lips you then take him to the kitchen.

   Going into the kitchen you walk over to the fridge. Opening the freezer you grab a bag of peas out. Handing them to him he puts the bag on his nose wincing. Laughing at how silly he looked with the bag on his face. It was good to see him home even if it was just for a little while.

“I love you” a smile on your face as you looked at Tom. He takes his free hand grabbing one of yours.

“More than yesterday?” He asks with a cheeky grin. Rolling your eyes you nod.

“Yes Tom, more than yesterday” His smile always making your heart flutter. Your love for him grows more and more each day.

anonymous asked:

omg that deaging ask was AMAZING AND CUTE AS HECK. if you still wanna do that izuku, mirio, and kirishima would be.. cute ass kids.. heh

Yes! More kidlets! I had to do this one right away because writing fluff is good for my pre final psyche! (Also because Mirio). I hope you enjoy, and I’m happy you enjoyed the other one!

Order up!
Izuku Midoriya

🥦Oh crap. That was the only thing going through your head when the smoke cleared and all you saw was a green haired five year old. Specifically a five year old Izuku Midoriya that very close to tears. “I want my mommy!” Scratch that he was in tears, and you were instantly by his side to comfort the little boy.

🥦This wasn’t supposed to be dangerous. It was only a routine supervision for Sir Nighteye after all, nothing out of the ordinary. Though just your luck to run into a villain with a deaging quirk, and even better a double whammy when the villain hit Izuku with said quirk. You could feel a migraine coming on as Mirio tried his best to comfort the little boy by making goofy faces, but not even he could get the frightened child to calm down. You had tried to comfort him when he first started crying but he only settled down for a little bit until more heroes arrived on the scene scaring him once again.

🥦You all the sudden felt something grab onto your legs, and woe and behold it was Izuku. The poor thing had gotten tired of Mirio and decided to find comfort in you. He instantly pulled at your heartstrings with his cute little freckles, and teary eyes. So you lifted him up into your arms without a second thought, and you began to reassure him that everything was going to be ok.

🥦Once the pros were able to get a good report on the situation you were given the task of dropping little Izuku off at home. His mom was probably worried sick as no one could tell her what was going on as Nighteye, being the genius he is, never asked for emergency contacts. At least he wasn’t crying anymore, instead he was having a good time braiding your hair as he rambled on about all the cool heroes he got to meet. “Your really nice. Can you be my friend?” Well that was out of nowhere. Nonetheless you brushed a bit of hair out of his eyes and smiled “sure kid. I’ll be your friend.” Jesus he was a literal angel child!

🥦When you finally made it to the Midoriya residence the reunion of mother and son could only be described as one word, tearful. “Izuku my baby! Are you ok!” Inko liften her son into her arms making sure to check every crevice of him for injury (though she didn’t seem all that concerned with how young he looked). “Mommy! This nice hero helped me today!” He pointed at you with a huge smile on his face. If you didn’t already feel awkward, then you did now. Inko smiled warmly at you “Well then how about we tell the nice hero goodnight, and thank you before we head inside.” Izuku looked deep in thought before he leaned forward in his mom’s arms and planted a huge kiss to your lips. “Bye bye! Thank you nice hero!” The family waved goodbye with smiles on their faces before closing the door. You could only stand there, confusion written all over your face. Did you just get kissed by a five year old?

🥦You were awoken in the crack of dawn when your phone started ringing like crazy, and you being sleep deprived just answered it without caring to look at caller ID. “Hello?” A familiar frantic voice screeched through “oh my god! I am so sorry about last night! I have no idea what my child self was thinking! Please don’t think I’m weird!” Really? He had to do this so early? “Izuku it’s fine. Calm down.” Then total silence, and finally his voice came back up “it’s ok? You’re not mad?” “No I’m not mad.” Again a moment of awkward silence “t-then can I do it again? Now that I’m not five.”

With a side of!
Mirio Togata

🥐You were awoken at five in the morning when someone began knocking feverishly on your door, and they didn’t seem like stopping anytime soon so you really had no choice but to answer. “Hello?” You were surprised to see that it was Sir Nighteye, but before you could even exchange pleasantries he dumped a blonde child into your arms saying that it was your problem now before going on his way as fast as he came. You were confused until you took a closer look at the little guy, and there was no way you could mistake those facial features. This was a five year old Mirio Togata.

🥐“Excuse me. Do you know when I can get back to my daddy? He needs me really bad after all.” After sitting in shock, and unintentionally scaring the little boy you had finally decided to make breakfast for the two of you. That’s when he popped that question. “I know you probably miss him, but I don’t really know how to contact him. I can ask the man who brought you here tomorrow about it if you’d like?” His face turned into its signature smile as he began to kick his legs back and forth. “Ok! Daddy needs me after all since he’s been lonely after mommy died!” Wait, what? Now that you thought about it Mirio never talked about his mom, only his dad. You didn’t push any further.

🥐You had no idea what Mirio ran on, but oh god you needed it! This kid was literally on a 24/7 sugar high without any sugar! One second he’s jumping on the couch, the next he’s spinning in circles for no reason, and before you could even grab him he gets distracted by your pet fish only to forget about them in a second and move on to something new! It didn’t help that he would just phase right through you if you tried to catch him, and the little speedy Gonzales just seemed to find this whole thing to be a game! Laughing and chanting out “catch me if you can!” While you were just trying to get his clothes back on! You officially had a new respect for Mirios father.

🥐Screw tomorrow you were getting this kid home today! There was no way you could put this kid down for bed anyway with how he was acting already! You had to make a temporary child leash as Mirio was as ADD as he was adorable, and he was very adorable. The little boy then trotted right up to you and handed you a flower with the biggest grin you have ever seen. You can’t stay mad at that face. “Thank you Mirio. It’s really pretty.” You took it and made sure to tuck it into your hair so that he would know how much you appreciated it. “I like you! You remind me of my mom!” He decided to then grab right onto your leg and bury his face into it, and he didn’t look like he was going to let go anytime soon. Though you didn’t mind, if you made him this happy then there was no way you were going to ruin that.

🥐“M-Mirio!” The poor man looked so shocked at the sight of his teenage son who was now not so teenage. Though it didn’t last long as Mirio practically threw himself at his father with the cry of “daddy!”, as usual Mirio was not reading the atmosphere. The father held his son close as he began to thank you profusely, but You were just happy to see the little family back together. After waving goodbye you left them be, and headed on your way back home.

🥐Once again You were woken up by knocking. Could people just not leave you alone? Though this time when You opened the door you were met with a now grown up Mirio, and for once he looked pretty nervous. “Hey uh can I talk to you? About yesterday?” You nodded and let him inside “thanks.” Then there was silence. So after a bit you decided to say something “do I really remind you of your mother?” He instantly tensed up but tried to force a smile nonetheless “y-yeah I guess. I don’t really remember her, but from what my dad has told me I can safely say you two would of been good friends” was he blushing? He all the sudden popped up laughing like his usual maniac self, shoving two pieces of paper in your face. “Anyway! I got tickets! For a concert next Saturday! You wanna go?” Despite the smile you could see how nervous he was. You could only chuckle, he was never gonna change. “Sure why not.” (Little did you know Nighteye was silently congratulating himself for his plan working so well)

And for dessert!
Eijirou Kirishima!

🌭You did not know how to deal with crying children. Especially ones that keep hurting themselves with their own quirks, and therefore making them cry harder. Well that was your situation as you tried your best to pacify the little black haired, red eyed little boy in your arms. It really wasn’t working though.

🌭Fatgum had the two of you investigate an off the radar lab, And I’m sure you can guess what had happened next. One strange concoction, plus a teenage boy had created a scared five year old child. Tamaki had tried his best to calm the kid down while you apprehended the scientist, but he retreated into a corner to brood when Kirishima called his quirk “scary”. So it looked like it was up to you to take care of the tiny bean.

🌭Tiny bean was not a happy bean. Definitely a total 180 from his usual warrior male persona, and instead was a quiet insecure baby. Seriously he was so small you did not believe him when he said he was five! Though on your way back to your place your little change had finally spoken up a bit “are you royalty? Like in the fairy tales?” Uh what? “No. Why do you ask?” He looked pretty dejected “cause you look like the princes/princesses in my books.” You knew he wasn’t trying to compliment you, but you blushed nonetheless.

🌭Things were pretty awkward once you got back. Kirishima was too shy to say anything, and you too awkward to know how to start a conversation. Both of you completely lost. So you thought until the little boy spotted his favorite here on one of your shelves. “Woah!!! Crimson Riot! He’s so cool! That’s why he’s my favorite!” He bounced up and down in excitement as he looked at your piece of merch. Finally, a conversation starter! “You want to see what else I have?” He instantly began nodding. All shyness seemingly gone.

🌭Once the two of you had finished dinner Kiri had begged for you to read him fairytales. It was kind of strange as you never saw him as a fairytale sort of person, but you obliged anyway. “And they all lived happily ever after.” The little guy was fast asleep as he clung to your arm, smile still present. You couldn’t help but smile at such a sweet scene. You bent down slightly to kiss his little head, and with that you got ready for bed yourself. Dreaming about if you and Kirishima had your own little ones.

🌭Your dreams were interrupted by a very familiar scream. Looks like Kirishima was awake. He was pulling the blankets close to him as he blushed furiously at the scene. “Oh god man I’m really sorry, I was like cuddling your arm and everything.” His blush only deepened when he seemed to remember last night “oh god. I called you royalty and then fawned over you like a dork! You probably see me as some weirdo now!” He really over thought things sometimes. You only took a strand of red hair and felt it between your fingers. “Is this really not your natural color?”

No Strings Attached- Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 12,357

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Both Receiving), Stiles’ large dick, Stiles being a fucking idiot, Clumsy Stiles, Sappy Sex, Sappy moments, just generally really romantic and fluffy sex

Notes: So like, this was for @fillthevoid-stilinski‘s writing challenge and I really hope I didn’t disappoint Em with this because I didn’t wanna do something cliche considering the prompt was “What Happened to the no strings attached concept?” If y’all hate it, I’m sorry :’) I’m really scared of how this came out…

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A POT introduced me to his family...

 Soooo gather round the campfire, children, I have a terrible tale to tell and I’m sure there’s a moral at the end somewhere.

In two weeks I’m leaving the country. I was going to do a separate life update post but now this happened and the story kind of overshadows the update.

So because I’m cutting all ties to my life here, I’m down to like a couple of POTs that will still talk to me after I kind of fucked them all over. The one that was any kind of steady income was Nice Guy.

I’m calling him that because he legitimately was a NICE fucking guy. I met him off of WYP, as it’s the only site I still use and he was kind of creepy/ugly when I met him and really socially awkward. I could tell why he needed to be on WYP, basically. We went on three dates whilst I was still in the city and then he actually drove to my area (or what he thought was my area bc I never give my real address) to have a date with me here.

I could just hit Nice Guy up and be like ‘can you send me XXX amount please’ and I was careful not to make the amounts too high- he got really upset if he couldn’t pay. One time I asked him for just £200 and he called me up crying actual tears like ‘I just don’t have it right now, but I really like you’. I knew he could actually afford it as he had a great job, but being the big softie I am I felt really bad for him so I told him not to worry about it and that we could go out casually and talk if he needed to. We didn’t have sex, but we had ‘heated’ Skype calls shall we say. He never pestered me for sex, but I had no intention of giving it to him- especially as I was leaving the country so soon and didn’t need his money. (By the way, I never told him I was leaving).

So, I’m in London for the last time til I leave, staying with my friend, I tell him I’m in the area and he’s like: “Do you want to go to the Savoy?” And my Achilles heel consists of five star London hotels and tiny cucumber sandwiches, so I said yes. You can probably already see where this is going.

So, I put a nice dress on, beat my face, mentally prepare myself for a few hours of his company, and head off to the Savoy. I met him at Victoria and we walked down together, just talking and catching up and EVERYTHING SEEMED ALL FINE AND DANDY. THEN!!

We go in, put up our coats, and I say: “Do you want to go up to the bar first?” It was lunchtime and I was ready for my lunchtime Dom Perignon (just kidding, I’m a basic Sauvignon bitch). And he was like: “We already have a table.” Now. When he said ‘we’, children, what I THOUGHT he meant was ‘you and me’ and what in fact he meant, as I learned thirty seconds later, was him and a bunch of people I’d never seen before in my life.

We walked down into the centre of the room and there was a table next to the piano with about six people sitting around it. I was looking around as he was walking towards it because of course, that couldn’t be our table.

He stopped me in front of the table and just said: “This is makeitrainsugar.” (Not giving you my hoe name) and I was like

Originally posted by realitytvgifs


 I was giving him ‘this is not okay’ looks the whole time but he just fucking wouldn’t look at my face. I perched next to this lady who said: “I’m Nice Guy’s stepmother.” I shook her hand, trying to think of ways to leave without making a scene.

 The other two guys around the table were Nice Guy’s brothers and there was one lady who was his sister and the other two women were the wives of the brothers, but they were just like a fucking blur to me as I sat there. I was just sitting there as the tea came, wondering what I had done to deserve this.

 Nice Guy’s brother was like: “So I heard you met on a website.” And Nice Guy was quickly like, “Yeah, yeah, we did.” And I’m just glaring at him like yeah and it was WYP not fucking match dot com this is not part of the deal.

 The WHOLE ENTIRE MEAL they were ragging on Nice Guy like ‘when are you going to get a better job?’, ‘why don’t you move to a nicer apartment?’ and Nice Guy was just nodding and trying to joke and it was just sad like I can see why he’s so self-deprecating all the time. Not that that’s an excuse to ambush me.

 His brother was like ‘your girlfriend’s too pretty for you.’ Then he looked me In The Eye and said “you need a real man.”


 I was just laughing awkwardly the whole time and just regretting all past decisions as they talked about how much of a failure Nice Guy was. 

 And then, AND THEN, when the bill came they said they’d split it between all of us. No. No, I don’t split bills. I’m not out with my friends, I’m on a POT date.

 I looked at Nice Guy like ‘hello?’ but he was just avoiding my eyes so I said: “Sorry, I didn’t bring my purse. Honestly, I thought it would just be me and Nice Guy.” Like hint hint, dumbass.

 And Nice Guy STILL didn’t offer to pay, his brother, the real man one, was like: “I’ll get your end. You can pay me back.” With like the nastiest look on his face, like your girlfriend/wife is sitting literally next to you, asshole.

 I get up whilst the bill is being paid, because I’m at my limit, I went to the bathroom and I text him to tell me when his family is gone so we can talk.

 I wait for like ten minutes and he says they’re gone, I go out and Real Man brother, his wife and Nice Guy’s mother are still there, that lying sack of shit. So I straight up ask Nice Guy if I can talk to him for a minute and he has the audacity to look flustered like he didn’t already know that’s what I wanted.

 We walk up to the foyer and I say: “Is there something you want to explain?” And you know what this goddamn man says to me? He presses against my ear and says: “That was so fucking hot.”

 Like THAT’S what you have to say, you limp dicked fuck stain??? After putting me through this and all you can do is try and fetishize it?

 I said: “How exactly was that hot?” And he says: “I was thinking about fucking you the whole time.”

 I’m just staring at him, thinking that a douchebag ghost has possessed him because this was NOT his personality before.

 I simply said: “We’re done.” I couldn’t scratch his face because CCTV and security.  And I walked out and he didn’t even try to follow me. But he did call me an hour later, apologising, saying that it was his way of saying he loved me. Boy bye.

 Anyway, so I suppose I can add this to the long list of ‘experiences’ that I’ve had. The moral of the story is, no matter how nice a Nice Guy seems, if they’re on fucking WYP or any sugaring site. There is always. Something. Wrong. With. Them. Remember that, ladies.

Eyes on Him | Johnny

Warnings: Public Fingering, hint at a threesome

Word Count: 745

Genre: Smut, Drabble

A/N: Big shoutout to @toojungwoo she went off about Johnny finger fucking u in the van with NCT 127 and I literally couldn’t keep it between us so I wrote it real quick enjoy!!!! I also wrote in exactly who is in the van so haechan wasn’t there bc that made me uncomfy ok bye

       How he managed to sneak his hand up your skirt, you’re not sure. How he got away with plunging them inside of you without getting caught was a mystery. You’re not even sure what he’s playing at or why he thought fingering you in the backseat of a van was a good idea, but you’re struggling to hide your sounds from the few other men in the vehicle. Being upset with him over his careless behavior is proving to be impossible too. His thumb pressing into your clit to rub harsh circles on the bundle of nerves has you seconds from coming undone. With the way the pads of his fingers maintain a relentless rhythm on your g-spot you’re not sure you’ll be able to stay quiet, he can sense it too.

“You gonna cum, baby girl?” Johnny exhales in your ear when you clench around his digits. “I hope you can stay quiet for me, wouldn’t want the boys to hear how good daddy makes you feel now would we?” His voice is barely loud enough for even you to hear. His forehead resting on your temple as he watches your face scrunch up, hellbent on being silent.

One strong pump of his fingers has you choking on the thick air around you, fighting back a scream. You can see the smug smile on his lips from the corner of your eye, he’s absolutely loving watching you fall apart in the presence of his friends. Paranoid, your eyes scan over every boy in the van to make sure no one notices your heavy breathing or your hips grinding into your boyfriend’s hand. Taeil, Doyoung, Yuta, and Jaehyun are completely clueless. Taeyong however, is anything but. When your eyes land on him one row up, he’s looking right back at you. His eyes dropping to Johnny’s hand disappearing beneath your skirt. You panic, grabbing Johnny’s wrist attempting to pull him away, but he won’t allow it. Johnny’s eyes rise to Taeyong’s face as well, grinning at his shocked expression. John doesn’t let up, in fact he works harder to push you over the cliff. Desperate to make you cum while Taeyong watches the entire thing unfold. He won’t look away, he can’t. You’re about to collapse, the entire situation doing everything to make his fingers inside your throbbing heat feel that much more intense. The patterns being rubbed on your swollen clit getting intricate and repetitive, exactly what he knows will make you scream. You close your eyes, leaning into Johnny’s shoulder when you feel the first rush of your orgasm before he stops all together. Your tense shoulders fall slack, relaxing into him when he denies your climax.

“Eyes on him while you cum, or I’ll stop again,” John commands, rendering you speechless as his motions deep inside you continue. You look back up at Taeyong who’s eyes still haven’t left your face and you suck your bottom lip between your teeth to bite back the sob on the tip of your tongue. Every single sensation heightened under Taeyong’s unfaltering stare.

Within seconds you’re back at the base of your orgasm, climbing to the peak. Johnny whispers his praise into your ear as he feels you clench once again, knowing that you’re cumming. You stay silent as your orgasm rips through you, but your body gives it all away. Taeyong watches you closely as your hips rock into Johnny’s hand, his eyes traveling to your mouth where you’re biting down on your lip and nearly drawing blood. The most intense orgasm you’ve ever felt jerking through you as your nails dig into John’s arm. You can see Taeyong’s jaw clenching and when you’re coming down your eyes glance to the incredibly obvious bulge beneath his black jeans.

“That’s my girl, you did so well,” John mumbles in your hair, nuzzling into you.

Sighing as you nearly turn to dust after the earth shattering orgasm, “holy shit” is all you can manage. John chuckles and Taeyong’s slips curve up into a smile before he turns forward to pull out his phone. You feel your boyfriend’s phone vibrate in his pocket and he reaches down to check the notification.

It’s a text from Taeyong that reads, “That was so fucking hot, plans tonight?” You can’t help but smile, shamefully turned on by the idea of getting to have both of them at once. You look up at Johnny through your lashes and nod, silently begging for him to say yes.

  • major: nutritional science 
  • minor: kinesiology 
  • sports: football, assistant swim coach 
  • clubs: brazilian jiu jitsu club, he plays in a rock band on campus 
  • seungcheol is like the most fit person on all of campus. like he follows a strict diet of specific grains and vegetables and lean meat and is the one person up at 5 am doing a jog three times around campus
  • he always has his duffel bag over his shoulder and a towel around his neck. wears sweatpants in the winter and basketball shorts in the summer to class almost exclusively 
  • all the student athletes adore him, especially the freshman’s who see him as a sports god and he’s like. their dad. like he’s not a mean jock who ignores them he’s like actually really helpful and plays casually with them when they’re not at practice and probably goes around ruffling their hair like they’re his sons and it’s adorable
  • is one of the star football players on the team, and would have been a star swimmer too if he had the time but instead he just comes every now and then to help out the coach. 
  • when people first meet him they’re like “oh they stereotypical ‘got-into-college-on-a-sports-scholarship-douche” but the moment seungcheol smiles and makes the corniest father joke they’ve ever heard everyones automatically like what no . we take it back. this person is buff and intimidating on the outside but a soft tart meme on the inside
  • seungcheol: “hell yeah i cried when we won nationals last year, what you think im not going to admit i cried? let me tell you i didn’t cry- i sobbed - the entire han river came flowing out of my eyes-”
  • and you hate to admit it but you kind of pre-judged him too. see you meet seungcheol in your core biology class and you’re paired up with him in a group lab. almost immediately seungcheol introduces himself to everyone first and is all smiles and sweet and the two girls who are in your group also start fawning over his biceps while the other guy is just like asking seungcheol a bunch of questions about trying out for the football team and you’re sitting there with your notebook like: “guys. the lab?”
  • and seungcheol grins your way and you kinda like awkwardly look down because already you’re annoyed that they’re not doing their work and you’re like this guy probably only knows things about football im gonna have to do all the work
  • and it irks you and basically seungcheol rubs you the wrong way until class is over and you’re walking out into the hall, taking your phone out to complain to your friend through text
  • when you feel a hand on your shoulder and you turn around to see seungcheol and he’s like “hey, i know we aren’t friends or anything like that, but you seemed a little angry. im sorry we got off track, but i have some ideas for the lab - do you think i can send them to you?”
  • and you’re taken back because honestly you didn’t think he’d put any effort into this but you’re still cautious and you’re like “ok, by the way what’s your major?” and seungcheol’s like “nutritional science! minor in kinesiology because i want to specialize in physical therapy and athletic dieting after college.” and you’re looking at him like………..
  • ok i might have misjudged him when i thought he was only good for his body
  • (which by the way, you decide is worth fawning over like those girls in your group. like honestly you let yourself look at him and he’s handsome, but he’s also lean and strong and the veins in his hands are distracting and ok what no we’re getting OFF topic)
  • but you also like hand him your phone and you’re like “here, put in your contact.” and seungcheol’s happy smile turns into a kind of little smirk and you’re like ………… and seungcheol looks up and he’s like “were you about to tell your friend about me?” and you’re like “wha-”
  • but then you see your screen and it’s still on the message to your friend and all you managed to write was “there’s this guy in my group from the football team and like he’s hot but-” and you’re like 
  • and seungcheol is looking at you with his bottom lip between his teeth and you grab your phone back and you’re like
  • “we can talk about the lab next class. bye.”
  • and you RUN out of there and seungcheol is left standing in the dust but honestly he’s like
  • grinning to himself like; “this……is going to be interesting.”
  • and it is interesting. very interesting. as in you cannot make eye contact the next lab because the tEXT you got from mr. choi seungcheol was “oh here’s my list of ideas for the lab also thanks for calling me hot, i like a person that’s straightforward (;”
  • and you had stared at that winky face like what the hell does this mean
  • and seungcheol the second you sat down across from him in class leaned his head onto his hand and gave you a little smile 
  • and you just. like you are just OFFENDED
  • because he needs to stop. you need to get work done and like literally you hadn’t liked him when you first saw him but now you couldnt help but kind of maybe who knows….be interested in him a little more just a tinsy bit…..
  • but yeah you try to focus on the lab and engage your other partners, but again the girls are giggling over seungcheol’s fitted shirt and the boy’s ranting about how he’s see seungcheol score touchdowns at the last game
  • all the while seungcheol keeps looking only at you and you’re just like “…..i need to drop this bio lab and do chem instead or something…..”
  • but aside from seungcheol being flirty???? and basically never letting you live down the fact that you called him hot,,,,he’s incredibly intelligent and his ideas for the labs are good
  • and you and him are the only two actually doing the work and like you catch onto this and so does he
  • so like as the week passes you get a text from him and it’s like; “i think it’s up to us to save this lab. the other three don’t even know they’re in a bio class i think.”
  • and you wanna be like “yeah, because they think it’s seungcheol 101″ but you don’t wanna be Petty and you’re like “well, it’s the not the first time ive done all the work, but at least we have each other.”
  • and after sending it you’re like
  • ………….did i just write “at least we have eaCH OTHER” aM I OUT OF MY MIND
  • but seungcheol has already read the text and replies like “that, we do (;” and you’re like FriCK HIM AND HIs DUMB WINK EMOJI GOD
  • but also as the second week passes and you and seungcheol manage to start actually writing up everything for the lab seungcheol’s like 
  • “hey, we probably won’t have enough time if we only work while we’re in lab. come see me after practice tomorrow so we can go to the library?”
  • and honestly you wanna think of an excuse because goddammit he makes your heart race and you just don’t know if he’s playing around and it scares you but also this lab is like 50% of your grade and you want to finish and not pull like three all nighters so you agree
  • and you’re like “shouldn’t we invite the rest-”
  • and seungcheol’s like “do you really think that’ll help?” and you’re like rip you’re right
  • so the next day you don’t want to admit it but you actually plan a cuter outfit to wear to the library and you get there early with all your materials and as you’re sitting there you’re like
  • oh my god do i like seungcheol i put this cute outfit on for a boy who literally only wears sweats outside of football practice
  • but again, you’re too quick to judge, because all of a sudden there’s a guitar case set down on the table beside you and you look over to see seungcheol standing there
  • but this time the sweats are gone and instead there’s ripped up grey jeans, a flannel tied around his waist, and a acid-washed muscle t-shirt 
  • his ears, you notice, are pierced and the shirt’s dip is big enough for you to see a tattoo peek out from under 
  • and first of all you’re frozen
  • and second of all you’re speechless
  • and seungcheol’s like “sorry if we don’t get much done, i gotta be out by 8 to make it to the show at 9 otherwise the guys will kill me.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,, “they guys?” and seungcheol’s like “yeah, my band. they’re always on my ass about being late because of practice or class.”
  • and you’re like ….. “holy shit you’re in a band.” and he laughs into his hand like “yeah!! isn’t it obvious you know i thought the guitar and the jeans would give it away.”
  • and you’re like askhldfjgoefmrg WHAT i thought he was only into sports and like nutrition or something but here he is in front of you with a tattoo and a guitar and you’re like
  • “… it a rock band?” and seungcheol sits down next to you like “yeah, of course!”
  • and ok remember how you were like ‘wow do i really like him or is this just a fleeting thing’ WELL NOW You REALLY Are SURE YOU LIKE HIM because guitarist in a band whose physically fit as hell and smart….he’s the whole package aND THEN SOME
  • but you’re like @ yourself like ok ok ok chill we need to focus on the lab. the lab. don’t look at his tattoo, ok you’re looking at his tattoo, chill calm dow-
  • and seungcheol is scribbling something down and he’s talking but you’re like so distracted until finally seungcheol’s like
  • “hey, you’ve been working really hard on this with me and so you should come to the show tonight and relax.” and you’re like ,,,,the show? as in ,,,,,your bands show?????
  • and seungcheol grins like “yeah! it’s sold out but ill just take you through the back with me!” and you’re like “um i have class in the mor-” but seungcheol ruffles your hair and is like “c’mon live a little!”
  • and you’re like arent you the one whose like eat right and have a good sleep schedule??? and seungcheol laughs like yeah, but also sometimes you need to let go and do something fun
  • and that’s how you end up being pulled by the wrist by seungcheol into the loud backstage of a packed venue in central seoul and seungcheol introduces you to all these guys and girls full of tattoos and piercing who are all like “seungcheol, this one’s cute - look like a keeper!!!” and you’re like ????? are they talking about me??? and seungcheol just winks at you and you’re like STOP wiTH THE winks gOD
  • but yeah you can’t help but just see seungcheol in this whole new light and he’s just like,,,,he’s just so amazing and full of surprises and gosh he look so handsome tuning his guitar and right before he sets out onto the stage he leans in close to you and murmurs “is it ok if you give me something for goodluck?”
  • and your heartbeat quickens and you try to swallow the lump in your throat and you’re like “w-what-?” and seungcheol kisses the side of your lips so gently that you barely feel it but you do see the smirk he gives you before running out to start the show
  • and you’re left there, touching your skin and watching as seungcheol jumps around, swinging his guitar and screaming along with the fans to the lyrics
  • and ……..oh god this is all really happening
  • the show ends and seungcheol, sweaty but so so so so so happy joins you again
  • and before he can even ask; “how was it?” you reach up and throw your hands around his neck and pull im into a long, deep kiss
  • his bandmates break out into a hollering cheer and when you pull back you’re like 
  • and seungcheol searches your eyes until his smile lights up like a million sun rays and he wraps his arms around your waist and hoists you up so he can kiss you again and spin you
  • and ok it’s just the most spontaneous, best decision you’ve ever made
  • seungcheol gets someone to give you two a lift back to campus and he walks with you to your dorm and kisses you again until you’re breathless and he presses his forehead to yours and is like “see you in lab.”
  • and wow from that moment on you’re in bliss. you’re in LOVe
  • you come into your first class just giggling like an idiot all your friends are like ??????? until you’re like “guys. i made out with seungcheol from the football team.” and theY ALL LOSE IT
  • lab comes around and like you’re the first person from your group there so you take a seat where you usually are and one of the girls sits beside you until you hear a voice and it’s obviously seungcheol and he like taps the girls shoulder and is like
  • “hi, is it ok if i sit next to my baby?” and you’re like DID HE JUST and the girl looks between you two like “wh-wai-what-wait-what????” and seungcheol thanks her when she moves, still with her mouth hanging open and he just leans in to kiss you softly and ask how the lab is going
  • and you’re like “baby?” and he’s like “yes?” and you’re like “no i mean-” BUT TOO LATE CLASS STARTED HEHE
  • you learn super quickly that seungcheol loves to let people know about the two of you
  • like you leave lab and promise to see him the next morning for coffee and as you’re walking to another building like 6 people stop you to ask if you’re really dating seungcheol
  • and you’re like jesus news travels fast but honestly it’s just seungcheol got super giddy and told the whole damn football team. and swim team. and tennis team. and lacrosse team. and YOU see where im going w/this
  • you see him in the morning as promised to get coffee and seungcheol literally keeps you in a hug the whole time and he pulls you into his lap and you’re like oh my god we’re in front of people and he’s like ???so
  • one of your guy friends comes over to ask if you did the homework for another class and you feel seungcheol’s grip on your waist tighten and you’re like oh my god reaLLY
  • but it’s cute
  • anyway you guys have on lab left and finally you finish and like just after sending the e-mail to the teacher with the finished lab seungcheol is like
  • “you know, ive liked you since before we had bio together.” and you’re like “???? wait seriously???” and he’s like “yeah. i remember you from orientation when you got put into my group. you didn’t even look at me once, you kept nervously playing with your hands and reading over the college handbook. it was cute.”
  • and you’re like asdfhoadfsgef and you hit seungcheol playfully but he just catches your hand and gives it a kiss
  • and you’re like “seungcheol, i never thought id say this but im sorry. i want to apologize for misjudging you the first time we met.” and he just shrugs and is like “it’s fine. but you should make it up to me.” and you’re like ??how and he’s like “come to my show again this weekend. i love it when you’re by my side to support me.” and you hide your face in his neck like DONT say that but also ofc ill come
  • and it becomes a regular thing, you showing up to his shows and to his football games to cheer him on
  • the football team all starts referring to you as parent number two since seungcheol is parent number one and it’s adorable you bought snacks for the whole team once and they attacked you in hugs and seungcheol was pulling them off like “NO!!! you can only look you CANNOT TOUCH!!! NEW RULE!!!!”
  • they’re like “dAD come ONN” and seungcheol pulls you against him like “be grateful but be grateful from far away.”
  • he gets jealous way too easily, but you always just kiss him and reassure him it’s fine - you’re his
  • and it’s cute like he tries teaching you to play guitar when you guys are just hanging out on the quad
  • he like puts his hand over yours, guides your fingers with his own 
  • you wear one of seungcheol’s big shirts with his band logo to sleep because it’s comfy and reminds you of him
  • seungcheol tries to get you hype about exercising and once takes you jogging with him around the school at like 6 am and you’re dead 5 min in and seungcheol is like ok ok and just piggybacks you for the rest of his time and you’re like how are you human and he’s like a good diet and exercise 
  • seungcheol getting super passionate about his classes and what he’s learned when he’s talking to you and you love watching him be so engaged, like you can see the love in his eyes for sports and for helping people
  • he’s just a cute angel person who is SWOLE and is in a BAND 
  • the tattoo you find out is actually a tribute to his mom and you’re like THATS THE ……MOST CONSIDERATE cUTESt THING EVER
  • and seungcheol is like SHuSH i have to hide the tattoo from the football coach he doesn’t know and you’re like hehe still a tattoo for your mom seungcheol that’s adorable…..
  • jeonghan whose seungcheol’s best friend is just like “how do you put up with him?” and you’re like “what do you mean?” and jeonghan’s like “how do you put up with someone that flirts with you EVEN though you’re dating him?” and you’re like “what he does no-”
  • but then you look up and seungcheol sends a cheesy wink your way and you’re like “jeonghan, i really don’t know how i put up with it.”
  • you’re seungcheol’s sweet, soft s/o but when he’s playing football you get fired up and you’re like “CRUSH THEM BABY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!”  LOL seungcheol teases you for it but he loves it
  • seungcheol: “remember when you called me hot-” you: “stop living in the past seungcheol or i will purposely untune your guitar. seungcheol: “im sorry and i love you.” 

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