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Is there ever someone in your life that you are just blown away by how they have stuck by you for so long??? And they are just so beautiful and you’re like wow you’re just beautiful. Not in the stupid YA teen book way like ‘they were so beautiful it put x to shame blah blah blah’. No. I mean in the way were they were so beautiful they reminded you of the stars. The galaxies. The finest of melodies. The most beautiful pieces of art. You looked at them and you just are blown away by how beautiful they are. Achingly beautiful. And then you realize you have them and they are here in your life. What did you ever do to have someone that you compare to the mysteriousness of space, the finest of art, and the most angelic of songs in your life? It must have been something damn good.

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yuuri: "i relish being your husband" victor: "and i salsa your face"

“Bye, Yuuri! Olive you!”

The food puns have been going on for weeks – they won’t seem to end.

But Yuuri doesn’t break. He refuses to be the first to snap. “Okay, grab an umbrella. It’s sprinkling out.”

“I donut think it still is,” Victor answers with ease, and there’s a glint of mischief in his eyes that makes Yuuri’s stomach churn. A challenge. He’s presenting a challenge. “Cheerio!”

And then he’s gone.


“I’m eggcited for the competition,” Yuuri says on a plane a week later.

Victor doesn’t understand at first. Yuuri gives him a look, and then he blinks, surprised. “Oh. You’ll do amaizing.”

Not a pun. Ha.

He clears his throat, lowers his voice as though breaking character. “Maize. Like corn. Maize?”


“I hope I do amaizing too. It’s kind of a big dill.”

Victor snorts at that, and Yuuri laughs, too, resting his head on his shoulder. “Who started this again?” Victor asks.

“Ah, ah, you didn’t use a pun,” Yuuri teases, and Victor just kisses his hair, his eye-roll not visible, but obvious. “I think you started it.”

“Always putting the blame on me, Yuuri. But it takes two to mango.”

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raphael: i swear if that kid ruins one more jacket…

also raphael: you need a suit here that’s my wardrobe pick whatever you want


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Bucky barged into your room to see you drenched in blood with a bullet in your abdomen.He ran next to you and knelt. “Stay with me Y/N You can’t leave me!” You cupped his face, your arms felt heavy but you wanted to say your last good bye. “Bucky…I’m pregnant.” His face froze and turned white. “I-I was going to tell you t-this m-morning-” He hushed you up by kissing you. “I l-love you Bucky. And I know you ate the last doughnut.”