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I’m a different singer now, There was a lot of coming to terms with that. It’s been one of the obstacles in my life I’ve just had to learn to live with. It’s a very personal thing, It needed to be really pure and my own story and my own emotional journey.- Shania Twain. 

liam is literally doing a collab with migos nobody fucking touch me i can’t even go all caps i’m this 👌 close to screaming too many connections between them to think that collab ain’t coming i!!!! am!!!! a!!!! hype!!!! bitch!!!!

Whatever you do, don’t think about Louis waking up to light streaming his room- annoyed at first because Harry left the shades up again- but then he’s hit with the smell of fresh flowers and bacon all at once.

A song is playing, loud enough where Louis can hear it but he’s unfamiliar with it. It’s Ed voice though. This must be one he wants Harry’s opinion on for the new album.

“How would you feel
If I told you I love you
It’s just something that I want to do
Taking my time
Spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you”

Louis tiptoes out to the kitchen to see Harry (whose back is turned to him at the moment) swaying along to the song as he cooks breakfast. He doesn’t know the words yet but he hums along, deep and rumbling, and Louis is cemented to the floor with how much he loves this man.

Harry turns and catches sight of Louis standing there staring like an idiot, but the smile that lights up his face is blinding, the dimples making Louis’ breath catch in his throat, and suddenly he’s eighteen again, and the man in front of him is still that sixteen year old boy that made his that made his heart stop dead in his chest.

“How would you feel
If I told you I love you
It’s just something that I want to do
Taking my time
Spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you”


I just wish you would have consulted with me first!
Well, I didn’t!
I could’ve made calls.
I wanted to take care of it myself.

Neighbour Part Two | Jimin, You

Part One | Part Two | Part Three 

Part Two of my Father!Jimin AU! I hope you like it! :)

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If I know what love is, it is because of you.

Every day after that was a new adventure, how was your body going to react when he smiled at you this time? Was it going to go into overdrive again and prevent your fingers from working? Or were you going to lose your breath and have a heart attack?

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This man has me under that robotic thumb and I am okay with that.

This man was literally an asshat the whole movie but if he continues to say baby in the southern accent that is thicker than sausage gravy IDGAF what he does. 

   He could be like “Bye baby I’m off to work at that horrible factory where we grow little mutant babies and neglect the fuck out of em so that they can be used as weapons never getting the slightest chance at a normal life.” and then I’d kiss him on the cheek and say “Okay baby I love you, have fun, do good.” as he walked out the door. 

170305 - Twitter - Youngjae & Himchan

@BAP_Youngjae: 뭐해요 다들??

What is everyone doing??

@BAP_Youngjae: 다들 각자 할 것들 하며 바쁘게 지내고 있네요 ㅎㅎ

Everyone is busily living doing their own things hehe

@BAP_Youngjae: 나도 우리 베이비들 생각하고 만날 날을 기대하며 지내고 있어요😊

I’m also getting by while thinking of our BABYs and anticipating the day we meet😊

@BAP_Youngjae: 밥은 다들 챙겨 먹었어요?

Has everyone eaten?

@BAP_Youngjae: 맛있는 저녁 드신 분들은 행복한 밤 마무리 잘하고! 아직 못 드신 분들은 얼른 들어가서 맛있는 저녁 식사 해요! 살을 빼고 있는 분들은 하아…. 오늘까지만 드세요. 허락해줄게요. 읭?

Those who had a delicious dinner(,) have a happy night! Those who still have not eaten quickly go back and have a delicious dinner! Those on a diet sigh…. Have your last dinner today. I’ll give you the permission to. Eh?

@BAP_Youngjae:믿고 먹어요. 지금 먹으면 살 안찜🤘🏻

Trust me and eat. If you eat now you won’t gain weight🤘🏻

(in reply to youngjae) @BAP_Himchan : @BAP_Youngjae 맛있는건, 고칼로리

(In reply to Youngjae) Yummy food are high in calories

(in reply to himchan) @BAP_Youngjae@BAP_Himchan ㅎㅎ그럼요

(In reply to Himchan) Hehe of course

@BAP_Youngjae: 사실 셀카를 올리고 싶은데 마땅한 게 없네요 ㅠㅠ 조만간 올릴게요. ㅎㅎ 그럼 난 다시 일하러 안녕!

Actually I wanted to upload a selca but there’s no suitable one ㅠㅠ I’ll upload it in a while. Hehe then I’ll be off to work again(,) bye!

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