bye now

dear people on my dash who are reblogging those guilt tripping posts

stop it

I’m fully aware of what is going on (how can I not be when I’ve seen so many posts about it in the last few hours?)

but I hope you realize that not everyone on Tumblr either lives in the US or that some people are on here to have fun and get away from real life or having to be involved in this and just need a break?

like holy fucking shit, do not fucking guilt trip people who blacklist this or unfollow if you post too much about this without at least tagging them or all that jazz

I just can’t continue with doing this post

tl;dr I’m aware of what is going on in Missouri and it sucks what happened, but do not fucking guilt trip people who either don’t constantly blog about it like you do or if they need to blacklist it for their mental health.

my favorite part about the ranger’s apprentice series is this:


at one point Halt is talking about why he even wanted Will apprenticed to him in the first place

and he says he started watching when Will stole some pies from Master Chubbs and then fessed up when he was caught

and then Horace asked why he was even in the kitchens in the first place
 (and accuses him of wanting to steal the pies himself)

and then Halt refuses to admit any more

but yeah he was totally going to steal the pies. and then he noticed Will. so if one or the other of them hadn’t decided to try and steal Master Chubbs’ pies, Araluen probably would have been overrun by Wargals or something

it’s like that bad oyster thing with the Temujai

funny how something as small as good pies can change the course of history

anonymous asked:

you look like you have fetal alcohol syndrome. youre ugly.

 u know whats really ugly?? sending anon hate to a gorgeous girl bc ur insecure 

hi friends! this is my first ever follow forever. okay so I know that some people like bold mutuals etc… but I’m not doing that, I love you all basically AND I love all of your blogs. they are wonderful. (I know that I am a the 1975 blog but some of these aren’t the 1975 because amazing people)

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